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9 minutes ago, Bananas said:

Couldn’t ask for a better draw really.  Also a chance to inflict some pain on Gent for selling us Esiti. ?

Geia sou re Bananas, good to see you posting you need to pop in more often file! 

As for the draw I think it's comparable to the Midtjylland draw, not the best or the worst. It is doable for sure and man jumping ahead but imagine what it would mean to the club to make the quarter finals of European Competition, even if it's the third tier comp (let's be honest that's about where Greek clubs deserve to be atm)   


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Something needs to be done with those fans. I really doubt that they even pay for a ticket to get in. 

At the beginning of the game they hung up a banner at Gate 5 in support of the people that murdered the Aris fan. During the game the banner was moved to Gate 4. During all this time the security did not do anything to remove the banner. At the end of the game they opened the game and some of those fans got unto the field and allegedly stealing things from the Midtylland's bench. I am pretty sure there will be a serious punishment from UEFA.

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We have a pre-season friendlies history with the Belgian team:

Also we have played KAA Gent on several occasions during our pre-season training Holland:

2017: PAOK - KAA Gent  0:2
2018: PAOK - KAA Gent U23  5:0  (Mauricio, Lambrou, Pelkas, Mystakidis, Limnios)
2018: PAOK - KAA Gent  1:1  (Jaba)

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Trying to get a ticket for the game but I think it will be quite tough. Their stadium has a capacity of just 20,000. Considering we only get 5% and all the fan clubs in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland will want to go, I think it will be difficult to find one.

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Draw for quarterfinals and semifinals tomorrow at 16:00 EET.

Take your pick:

Bodo Glimpt
Olympique Marseille
PSV Eindhoven
Leicester City
Feyenoord Rotterdam
Slavia Prague
AS Roma

I would like Slavia Prague and Krmencik.


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Bodo or Slavia Prague obviously.  The Dutch we are 80% eliminated or maybe 100% actually.  The others, yeah we'll just be there for the ride.  But hey we made it this far and anything more is a bonus.

Speaking of bonuses, keep that sweet prize money rolling in.

Found this really good website with a detailed breakup of prize money for each of the UEFA competitions and it also includes total prize money per club.


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Absolutely for a Greek club, over 7 million Euros in revenue is a fantastic outcome. 

In terms of the draw I vote Slavia Prague, not only do they appear to be one of the more 'beatable' opponents on paper but considering they also had two players sent off today they will be coming into the first leg a touch weaker. 

Anyway every team left has made it to a quarter final so it will be tricky regardless. Bodo-Glimpt battered Roma 6-1 in the group stage and have taken out Celtic comfortably and now AZ en route to the this stage. No easy draw just amazing to be here!

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4 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

I want Slavia because

- we owe them something from 2002
- we will see Krmencik at Toumba again
- we can lock in the 15 spot for Greece in the rankings

Just putting it out there but if the situation in Ukraine doesn't sort itself out it's possible Russia will be removed any everyone below will move up 1 ranking.

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