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Clubs from Russia are suspended for next years CL, EL and ECL. One guy on the site of kassies has a excelsheet that refreshes every day and was already assuming the Russian clubs won’t participate.  

If we score that missing 6 points in 5 matches (or the other contenders losing some) we will be in pot 1 if we survive the qualifiers. The draw for Q2 ECL btw  is probably on June 14 or 15: 



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Guys, we suck at penalties.

Schwab missed our third penalty in a row after Akpom against Besiktas and Pelkas against Krasnodar. 

And this is the 12th miss in 26  attempts.....

You just have to convert those “gifts” if you want to make life for us fans easier.

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Don't know if you follow UEFA-rulings but with the new system there is also a new rebalancing model for the spots to fill in CL if CL- and EL-champions are qualified through the league already. 

As it is we are the lucky ones right now. A lot of ifs and it is just February. 

On the kassiesa.net site there is more info including a almost every day updated spreadsheet.

To make it easier for you debelides, here is the spreadsheet:


Open the tab rebalancing Ranking 24/25.

The tab CL seeding 24/25 shows us in pot 3.


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