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26 minutes ago, Molon Lave said:

No Turkish clubs are playing in UEFA this year except Istanbul Basaksheir (automatic entry to CL GS). 

They have Sivasspor too. Also direct GS (EL).

As both are pot 4 teams no much points will be collected. But who knows, today about 8 seeded teams were eliminated.

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As others have mentioned our poor runs in recent years have cost us and until we get a steady run for a few seasons we can't expect CL football.

Some nasty teams in Pot 1, half of them are CL quality.  Pot 2 the only plus is we'll avoid Leicester.  Pot 2 and 3 are of similar quality.  I think Zeus will throw a Dutch team at us.  I'd prefer Glasgow, just so we can take points from Scotland who are above us.  Then again everyone is above us these days.  Pot 4 I'd like to avoid French teams.

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3 hours ago, Dutch Eagle said:

btw, Cluj and Zorya must be swapped. Same coëfficiënt but Cluj earned more last year.

Zorya is above Cluj because the Ukraine is above Romania in the country coefficient. I believe that is tie breaking criteria. Same applies to PAOK who has the same coefficient as Qarabag but our country's coefficient is higher than Azerbaijan.

The UEFA site lists Zorya above Cluj: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/0261-106341da6bb8-749195e9c76b-1000--europa-league-group-stage-draw-all-you-need-to-know/?iv=true

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3 hours ago, Sotiri90 said:

So boys I don't understand this europa conference league starting next year, so does that mean only one team gets to go to champions league play-offs/europa play gs and the rest can only possibly go to conference?

It's a new competition below Europa League.  So now we have 3 competitions :-

* Champions League

* Europa League

* Conference League (terrible name by the way).

The current system where 3rd place from Champions League Group Stages goes to the Europa League Knock Out stages will become obsolete.  So, once you're in one of these 3 competitions, that's it.  You'll need to finish 1st or 2nd in your group to proceed further.  Otherwise, you're done in Europe for that year.

Because Greece is ranked 18th in Europe, they will only have 4 teams next season.  One in Champions League and three in Conference League.  At least that's my understanding of it.

You would think we would pick up more points in the Conference League so in time we should move up the rankings.  Not sure where we need to reach to in order to get Europa League allocations.

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I believe the golden spot is 15, where you get 2 spots in the Champions league, one in the Europa and 2 in the Conference league. 


15. Κύπρος           27.000      1/4
16. Σερβία           24.250 1/4
17. Ελβετία           23.475 1/4
18. Ελλάδα            23.400  3/5
19. Κροατία           22.275 2/5
20. Τσέχια            21.600 3/5

So looking at the rankings, it's not impossible to get to 15 this year given the countries above us only have one representative left, which would give Greece 2 spots in the Champions League for season 22-23. Obviously need all 3 Greek teams to do well and hopefully advance beyond the group stage as to collect max points. 

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6 minutes ago, BostonThanatos said:

I'm seeing a lot of chatter on FB and IG about we should pass easily....I'm not sure what they know that I don't but this is NOT a slam dunk group for us, not even close.  Im not very confident in us advancing.

The thing is I don’t think PSV will run away with the group. The top three teams should be close with points with each other

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Tricky draw IMO. Simply must pick up 6 points against Omonia but they won't be easy matches. If you get 6 from those games you give yourself a fighting chance. Granada although not a big traditional team in Europe will still be tough. 

@Bananas read it here https://www.sport24.gr/football/vathmologia-uefa-paremeine-sti-17i-thesi-i-ellada.9004961.html

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