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  • 1 month later...

Another European season for PAOK ended today. Today's game was PAOK's 200th game in European competitions. Our record in Europe si as follows:

SEASONS PLAYED:   39  (out of 65)
GAMES PLAYED:      200
GAMES WON:             72
GAMES TIED:              57
GAMES LOST:             71
GOALS FOR:              268

We played in all 6 European competitions . The statistics are as follows:


GAMES PLAYED:        22
GAMES WON:               5
GAMES TIED:                8
GAMES LOST:               9
GOALS FOR:                31
GOALS AGAINST:        37


GAMES PLAYED:          6
GAMES WON:               1
GAMES TIED:                1
GAMES LOST:               4
GOALS FOR:                  5
GOALS AGAINST:        12


GAMES PLAYED:         18
GAMES WON:               8
GAMES TIED:                5
GAMES LOST:               5
GOALS FOR:                24
GOALS AGAINST:        23


GAMES PLAYED:          6
GAMES WON:               2
GAMES TIED:                0
GAMES LOST:               4
GOALS FOR:                  5
GOALS AGAINST:        17


GAMES PLAYED:          62
GAMES WON:               22
GAMES TIED:                17
GAMES LOST:               23
GOALS FOR:                  90
GOALS AGAINST:         86


GAMES PLAYED:          86
GAMES WON:               34
GAMES TIED:                27
GAMES LOST:               25
GOALS FOR:                 114
GOALS AGAINST:          85


20 - Athanasiadis
14 - Salpiggidis
11 - Mak
 9 - Giasoumis
 8 - Vieirinha
6 - Frantzeskos
5 - Dimopoulos C.


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How the hell does PAOK play Tiki Taka sometimes to score goals yet  they fail to score on counter attacks that should be 100 percent goals? The F***up what Paok does in those situations are school level. Two defenders manage to block an attack of 5 players? Why? Because someone decides to pass to a player through them rather then, to the empty one.

These situations are what cost us the Europa league, alongside with the drunk defence. Our attackers don't get enough balls either. Colak is he really an attacker? Perhaps he should be experimented and put into another position.

Edited by Nilaul
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Let's try to be optimistic. We will win the championship and play in CL qualifying round 1.

We will enter the next year's draws with 20.000 points. That should be enough to be seeded in the early rounds of the Conference League and maybe even in the first round of CL.

Only 5 years ago we had 40.880 points which steadily eroded to today's 20.000:


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Carefull, Chris! The figures are a trap. Till the 16/17 season you also got 20% of the country coëfficiënt. And those days not only PAOK and the gavro but also other clubs collected some points as they weren't eliminated in the qualifiers like last seasons

So we had 9,160 that 16/17 season. From 17/18 the 20% were cut leaving 8,000 for the same 16/17 season. 

You better compare the position. The conclusion: our highest position was after the 17/18 season: #49.

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Player and Coach statistics in Europe

Players with most European appearances

Player App
Greece Dimitris Salpingidis 60
Greece Stefanos Athanasiadis 53
Greece Dimitris Pelkas 39
Spain José Crespo 38
Cape Verde Fernando Varela
Brazil Lino 34
Greece Giorgos Koudas 33
Greece Panagiotis Glykos
Portugal Vieirinha 31
Brazil Leo Matos 30
Greece Alexandros Tziolis 29

Top-scoring players in European competitions

Player Goals
Greece Stefanos Athanasiadis 20
Greece Dimitris Salpingidis 14
Slovakia Róbert Mak 11
Cyprus Yiasoumis Yiasoumi 9
Greece Stavros Sarafis 8
Portugal Vieirinha
Serbia Aleksandar Prijović
Greece Dimitris Pelkas
Greece Kostas Frantzeskos 6
Greece Christos Dimopoulos 5
Greece Spiros Marangos
Greece Pantelis Konstantinidis
Greece Christos Tzolis

Coaches with most European appearances

Coach App
Greece Angelos Anastasiadis 27
Romania Răzvan Lucescu 14
Greece Dušan Bajević 12
Romania László Bölöni
Netherlands Huub Stevens
Croatia Igor Tudor
Serbia Vladimir Ivić
England Les Shannon 10
Portugal Abel Ferreira
West Germany Heinz Höher 6
Greece Pavlos Dermitzakis
Greece Makis Chavos
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Appearances current squad:

Crespo 38

Varela 38

Biseswar 24

El Kaddouri 22

Paschalakis 17

Jaba 13

Giannoulis 12

Swiderski 12

Zivkovic Z. 9

Schwab 9

Zivkovic A. 9

Tzolis 9

Ingason 8

Esiti 8

Douglas Aug 8

Rodrigo 7

Murg 6

Colak 6

Michailidis 5

Wagué 5

Tsingaras 4

Lyratzis 2

Koutsias 1

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  • 2 months later...

Things are slowly shaping up for the upcoming European season. As things stand and assuming PAOK does not self destruct by finishing 5th in the Superleague, we will start the European campaign in the 2nd Qualifying Round of Conference League.

Early indication on possible opponents can be seen in the following spreadsheet:


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So weird to me that all of Greece's teams start on the second qualifying round. I guess I expected our lowest-ranked one to go in earlier, the highest later, etc.

I agree that we should be able to go deep in this competition. There are a few teams in pot 3 that can take points off the bigger fish, though. Looking at Rapid Vienna and Midtjylland specifically. I'd say any of the pot 2 teams can beat any of the pot 1 ones save for Napoli, though.

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If we don't take the competition seriously we will fail. Just noted that Slovan Bratislava will also play in the competition and we all remember what happened last time we played them.

Don't think we will reach quartefinals, but qualifying from the group stage should be a realistic goal. Also don't forget we will start the competition the first part of July, so if the team is not ready teams such as Ostersud can do some damage.

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I don't think this new Conference League is going to be as easy competition as everyone thinks. You are still going to have teams from top European leagues. They might not be the top teams from those leagues, but still strong teams. There will teams similar to Granada that we faced last season, and we could not even score in the two games we played them.

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I never said it would be easy, but the way some of us talked at the beginning of the year we were considering making GS of Champions League. It’s our mindset that needs to change, the teams mindset. If we want to be a “big” team, we can’t be happy with just a group stage appearance in the third tier of European soccer. At some point the team has to over achieve. We got embarrassed this year, need a strong showing in Europe next season

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