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Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2021


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I played on yahoo as well ages ago. Was fun for a while but I don't feel this sport lends itself well to fantasy. The types of stats just make it feel a little too one-dimensional to me.

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3 hours ago, Nea Bafra said:

I will likely put my team in and then never change it again.

This is what usually happens.

While picking the players we seem to think we have an eye for the game that others don't. "Research" for picking players usually consists of checking who had the most points last season, choosing the most expensive summer transfers or Googling 'best fantasy football picks'. Of course your budget is limited and during the first round of picks you have usually gone twice over-budget after just 8 players. This is where you need to be creative - you will scour the board to find one or two 'dark horses' who we feel are under the radar and will provide us with a load of points. At least that is what you think they are. These 'gems' (as we call them) will be chosen on our own accord and are a testament to our foresight and genius.

By week 2 or 3 it quickly becomes clear that your selections are duds and any chances you initially thought you had of winning are now gone along with your motivation to continue monitoring your team. Some think they can turn it around and a few do succeed. However the majority are baffled as to how this could happen and tell ourselves that next season will be ours. FPL is a war and we have merely lost one battle.

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Ultras gotta wake up.  It’s not the 1990’s or 2000’s when players like Rivaldo, Silva, Giovanni, guys that were still top class came to Greece while still in their prime.  Our league is now not even 10th choice for most players.  If they can’t sign for a team in England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France then they will look at Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Turkey and then if they aren’t interested in China, Saudi Arabia they will consider Greece.  You get my meaning.

The gulf in money has become extreme and our league as well as others are suffering for it.  The clock can’t be unwound.  The teams in the Greek league have to adapt … somehow and make the best of it.

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@Bananas exactly.  It's what I've been saying for years.  People need to realize that most players, especially younger talented ones, don't want to come to Greece.  Any player worth signing most definitely has other offers from teams in better leagues.  And like you mentioned, there's A LOT of better leagues than ours.  We can't even count on our Academies for long term either.  Any decent player gets bought up.  From the look of things, Greece's soccer is going to spiral into some dark times.  No Champions League spot is going to change Olympiakos' ability to make quality signings in the near future.  It also lessens the exposure for selling players.  I think in the near future we'll be seeing teams with majority Greek players, which isn't a bad thing, but the quality is going to continue to decline.

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13 hours ago, PAOKSYD said:

Gate 4 pissed with PAOK too.... a lot of people not happy in Thessa. . 

People saying Ivan pocketing funds..


It's his team (owns 87% of the shares). He can do whatever he wants. He has been throwing money at the team for almost 9 years now. We should be happy that he is still keeping the team alive and competitive without going into bankruptcy.

Gate 4 should worry about supporting the team by attending the games. Instead they are boycotting the games for reason's beyond the control of PAE PAOK.

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1 hour ago, Blackhawk said:

Now that Oliveira is injured the Prijovic rumors are flying again. Stay away from him!

Agreed. Oliviera will most likely be out until January. That’s half the season. I’d be fine getting someone on loan. Bring back Akpom. He seemed to love it here and worked hard every game.

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17 hours ago, PAOKSYD said:

The days keep on passing and no signs of new players...

Lucescou said we needed 4 players before the sale of Tziolos...

Surely we will sign a Left Back, Left Whinger, Attacking Mid and now a striker? 


Wtf are we waiting for? This is absurd! 

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3 hours ago, Blackhawk said:

Depends on the Rijeka games and their outcomes.

I would never understand this concept. Cool so if we don’t make Europe we don’t wanna get better… wtf is that? Not saying that’s your thinking. 

Listen, I genuinely feel that if we run out the team we have right now for the duration of the league, we don’t finish higher than 4th.

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