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Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2021


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Some other rumors...

Mihaj - some "foreign team" wants him on a loan. Would be a shame to lose him when I think he's probably better than either of our "starters" but I don't think he's destined to stay.

Ninua - Anorthosis still interested in him

Warda - also linked with Cyprus (as already noted)

Lamprou - NFC Volos, probably a loan


Transfermarkt lists Bradonjic as being on the senior team, which we already know is out of date. Take him + those four above out of the list, and we're at around 27 players. Perhaps we'll see Kagawa, Lyratzis, Tsiggaras and Esiti go too (especially since Mitra is about to be announced and we might be grabbing another AM).


I think that judging by Augusto wearing the #8 jersey last game, that Lucescu is planning to keep him

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I agree.

Also the obvious fact that there is no cooperation between the 'A' and the 'B' team makes this set up kind of useless. For starters the coaches of the two teams can't stand each other. How can they cooperate for the good of the club and the players? 

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Don’t know how credible the sources are but did read on various sites regarding us looking at Serbian midfielder Adem Ljajic from Besiktas.

Solid dekari but also hearing he doesn’t want to come to Greece.

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Guy was too young to have wasted away his career in Turkey. Perhaps he wants to get another deal over in Italy again. I'm sure he could find a club.

I found the "1.5mm euro" offer to be the most suspicious part of this rumor, myself. Seems very low.

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In all likelihood we wont make any more signings. The behind the scenes work that would need to happen between qualification and now would be beyond most well organised front office staff let alone the shambles that is our club. I hope I am wrong btw

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