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Euro 2020 Group J - Greece Vs. Italy (8 June 2019, Olympic Stadium, Athens)

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I don't expect miracles with the talent pool that currently exists but I do expect professional footballers at this level to at least be able to perform a throw in without a violation. 

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That statement is usually one way, they don't usually reciprocate the same thoughts with 'una razza una faccia".. It's more like we are the best forget about the rest. Hopefully Ethniki can play above

That line is a fuk'n joke just like this coach. Bakashitas is so f'n garbage I never wanna see that mf anywhere near the team again. Samaris needs to be sat down for a bit. If you have zeca out there,

Limnios, Greek champion = ignored Lamprou = 8 goalds, 10 assists in the Netherlands = ignored   Instead we see guys like Kolovos, Bakasetas, Masouras...

Pla fortounis in midfield and find a way to include pelkas they are our talent. Kolouris is a must dont get it...also koutris should play even tsimikas get a call up.. this is a joke 

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Bro not goalies fault. We have three world class cb's and we're playing like s%$#!. Anastasiadis said my players will leave everything out on the pitch! a*****a!!!

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Well Greece had a take-a-way a few minutes ago and the player could have walked in to about the top of the box and let go the shot but instead he passes the ball to a player who is clearly offside. You have to have your mind in the game and not just hope for things.

It's one thing to be beaten by a better team but at least be alert during the game. 



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