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  1. Honestly, I just think the team needs to get healthy and might as well give this coach the remainder of this wasted qualification campaign.
  2. It wasn't our tournament but at same time I have doubts that there will ever be a tourney where Greece would have been set up for an easier path to Gold.... especially with Serbia losing today. This one hurts.
  3. We play the czechs. They have 29 right now but if they lose by 8 to Greece... they also would take the subtraction to their differential as well wouldn't they?
  4. I don't get the 13 or more if it is based on point differential. Greece would be at 14 right now and Czechs at 29. Greece wins by 8 then Greece would be at 22 and Czechs at 21. Am I missing something?
  5. Honestly I don't think the coaching has been bad. They are holding the USA defensively quite well and the 3 point shots the team is missing are wide open looks. Whats really a tragedy is this tournement was set up for them to medal and they are doing everything in their power to blow it.
  6. Probably just my pessimism but I think we are really downplaying how broke EPO is. They will hire a coach that they can afford and my guess is it will be a coach that probably would look under qualified for a League 1 team in England or a lower level team in Greece.
  7. Honestly, this could be the most inept organization of all time.
  8. Years from now we will be asking ourselves which team was worse... the team that lost to the Faroe Islands or this team that got hammered by Armenia.
  9. Not arguing that has a ton to do with it but also last time I was in Greece I had to buy tickets for the Estonia game the day of with no options to buy online.... I mean its only 2019, who sells tickets online?
  10. Good for Armenia. They came to perform and lack that deer in headlights look that all of Greeces players have. They also are still attacking and taking nothing for granted. I want to know why Manolas isn't playing. Every single person in EPO should be let go not only for the product on the field but for the continual decline of attendance. At this rate, they could probably sell more tickets playing matches in New York.
  11. If were going to play random people in random positions then I would rather see Ninis and Fetfatzidis just for nostalgia factor of what could have been if EPO and poor management hadn't stunted their careers.
  12. Do we know what caused the fight between Toro and the coach? I mean if the fight was over these tactics or playing Torosidis out of position then I wouldn't blame him. Toro has been a great member of the NT and I am sure it wasn't just out of nowhere that this falling out occurred.
  13. Honestly I couldn't tell what they were playing or attempting to play today as their shape was a complete disaster. At times I saw 5 on the line and others I saw 3 with wing back play and even a few times with 4 at the back. You're absolutely right about not having the players for 5 at the back but I would argue we don't have the players for any standard formation as we are clearly lacking a true striker at the moment and a right back (not a lot of confidence in the left back situation either). There has to be at least one true right back in Greece. Even Santos and Rehhagel at times would play a player a level below in their true positions over just plugging and playing a player out of position (Zaradoukas and Platsiakas come to mind).
  14. Its almost embarrasing how the Greek super league recruits and develops players. Olympiakos signs Valbuena and potentially Vermaelen. Maybe that helps them win the Greek league but its not going to do anything when it comes to making some noise in Europe or developing young players. Paoks in the same situation but its not going to change until clubs can be profitable and hooliganism is destroyed. The rest of the World are 20 years ahead of Greece in football in not only tactics but marketability of the game altogether. I get countries like England, Germany, France and Italy being ahead of Greece but there is no reason Greece can't and shouldn't emulate Portugals league and business model.
  15. Anastasiadis is what he is. I blame myself for believing he was an upgrade to Skibbe when their resumes were so similar. Unless they really open the wallet, which is most likely empty.... there isn't an established coach willing to take this job with the talent around. The only way this changes is with a 5-6 year project and national player requirements to the club teams in Greece.
  16. Samaris has had some great passes the past two games. The only issue is that they were to the other team.
  17. I think its obvious, but by playing Zeca at RB.... he can't play CDM, which he is Greeces best option there. I thought Skibe playing Maniatis at RB against Croatia was bad but this may have surpassed it.
  18. I wouldn't blame Manolas or Sokratis if they decided to walk away after this one. I almost would hate to see them get an injury playing for this team.
  19. You could mate elephants in the space this defense is giving the Italians
  20. I don't expect miracles with the talent pool that currently exists but I do expect professional footballers at this level to at least be able to perform a throw in without a violation.
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