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  1. Half the names on the team are new to me. How do some of you even still follow this team i tip my hat off to you.
  2. J1078 my point was that these clowns that are on the field now were being called to replace the KK combo. Now you see why a two guys in their late 30's were playing close to 90 minute games in 2012 and 14
  3. Greece tied Liechenstien at home. This is probably as low as it gets. I remember the days on here years back when people would complain about guys like Katsouranis. Well you got what you wanted look at you now.
  4. Just accept we have no talented players. Stop blaming coaches , stop making lineups etc accept reality
  5. I have come to accept that the NFL is not a sport but 'sports entertainment' with scripts and stories etc etc. I have witnessed enough the past 5 superbowls to come to this conclusion. From Peyton beating Carolina and riding off in the sunset, to throwing it on 2nd and goal on the 1 yard line to being on the 22 yard line to make a 2 possession game and somehow not running 3 times and getting pushed out of field goal range. And this last one where the leagues 2nd ranked offense gets held to 3 points !!! Oh i forgot brother vs brother and the blackout . This is WWE basically
  6. Northern Macedonia is almost official. FYROM have accepted and it looks the Greece will also.
  7. Best case scenario for this crappy squad would be ... A. Poland/Swiss B. Austria/Iceland/Bosnia C. Bulgaria/Israel/Norway No i wouldnt want FYROM at this moment in time. Thats all we need right now with all going on. If they beat us it would be like them winning the world cup. To think they can also get a France Germany Serbia scenario is funny. I would say avoid Germany/Sweden at all cost from Pot B and Serbia, Slovakia from Pot C
  8. Israeli 2nd divsion cool story bro. Anyway might as well make it educational , what does Hapoel mean , i notice a lot teams start with this and also Maccabi ?? anybody have an idea?
  9. Can everyone just accept there is no talent . Stop blaming coaches and who they start or sit. Stop asking for no namers to come in and save the day for you. We have 2 talented players they play for Arsenal and Roma unfortunately they are defenders. Our next somewhat talented player had his peak and is going down (Mitroglou). Thats where it ends
  10. So if what you say is true, teams like Georgia Luxembourg Kosovo and FYROM will battle it out with the winner going to the Euro. This is absolute madness.
  11. I dont want to go off topic on the other thread Finland vs Greece. But someone mentioned that the winners of A, B , C and D get a spot at the EURO??? AM i reading this correctly. So as the standings are right now Georgia, Luxembourg , Kosovo and my dear god FYROM not FYROM have a chance to go to the Euros ????? IF this is so then UEFA has lost the plot . Also we should just sabotage our games and go in group D then it will be easy to get in. Tell me this is not the case , i have no idea how this Nations Bs works.
  12. It is well known we are back in the dark ages. This was clear after Brazil 2014. No coach is going to make these duds get you anywhere. Until a Karagounis type player emerges with a few other half decent players just forget about it.
  13. The notion that because a village had a slavic name therefore the people were Slavs is laughable. This is what Lithoxou and Nakratzas write and that is why they are amateurs who cant be taken seriously. If this is the case i can name 3 villages just off the top of my head Aetos Florina , Mesimeri Edessas and Episkopi Naousas which all had slavic speakers and these names did not change meaning this is what they were called during the Ottoman empire . There were villages with Slavic names that had Greek speakers, Vlach speakers. Villages with Greek names with Slavic speakers.Villages with Turkish names with Greek speakers and Slavic speakers. etc etc Nakratzas writes about a village near Kastoria which was Kumanichovo and he states that the original settlers were Kumans!! Armenohori in Florina were Armenians!! Because of the names of these villages the people must have been.. Lithoksou and Nakratzas = Amateurs on the subject of Macedonia.
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