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  1. Well not able to watch the game, I followed ESPN description Greece not creating chances it appeared. In the end, this was a missed opportunity for the team and couldn't rise to the moment offensively Yes this was a road game in front of a hostile crowd but deserving teams find a way to create chances and then finish The 5 goals the previous game but nothing now. Hard to believe
  2. Any highlight links for those who couldn't get the game. Great result Was it all Greece or was Kasak really off in their game
  3. Greece needs to find a way to finish plays better. They are keeping the ball longer than in the past which is good but THE FINISH still needs work. Even that second goal was a bit lucky as it deflected off a Georgian foot. Still a good play to take advantage of a give-a-way. On to Sweden.
  4. Georgian coach played for a tie IMO the whole game. He was probably just trying to save his job. Don't feel sorry for Georgia - unlike what the commentator stated. Good win Sweden - Greece game is now huge.
  5. Good win There is still a chance. Otto was in the stands. He has a presence.
  6. Sweden with two subs in the last 5 minutes. Trying to do the Kosovo comeback Time to dig in and finish this one.
  7. Greece still need to push forward. 10 plus minutes left. The VAR time will be added on. Can't sit back but play smart.
  8. Why didn't he just one time that shot. Well inside the box but instead he gave the defender a chance to get over.
  9. Greece have to get another goal. They have the chance to make a statement game. Almost got a 2nd. Sweden are going to open up soon. take advantage of it.
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