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  1. Slovenia deserved the point. They played a smart game knowing that they a great keeper and that Greece has limited talent on the offensive side. Good teams would smoke Slovenia by 3 goals or more. Greece has a ways to go.
  2. Yes, because you have to be able to hit the net from inside the box. Great set up there but to no avail. Greece has to send all the men up for the last 10 minutes. A tie means nothing.
  3. Greece are too inconsistent on attack. They have one good play then can't make an easy pass on the next time around. You need to keep the pressure on to break through here. Still 20 minutes left.
  4. Slovenia are playing back and have decided that Greece don't have the skill up front to beat them. It's up to Greece to prove them wrong. Have to be careful for the counter punch.
  5. The ghosts of losing to the Faroe Islands must still be a haunting this team. No way should Greece be looking up to teams like Belarus, Northern Mac, Israel and the rest. Here are the goals from the Austria game. https://highlightsfootball.net/video/austria-vs-greece-highlights/
  6. I agree with you completely on this. The Canadian government could get rid of a large expense (bureaucracy -EI and Welfare admins) and give money to the people who will spend it in the economy while not reducing incentive to work like welfare does. It won't happen though. Why? You can't get kickbacks from average individuals who need the funds while you can get kickbacks from large corporations who use tax havens. Air Canada is now on the list for getting government funds. My bet is that it's a done deal.
  7. Greece could get smoked in this game based on the results of the previous game where Italy dashed to a 3-0 and then coasted while on the road. At home they (Italy) will put in subs who may want to score in front of the home crowd and run up the score. I do, however, think it's a real plus that none of the regular veterans are there this weekend for Greece. The young players have nothing to lose and they have a chance to showcase themselves for the future. I hope they play well no matter what the final score and they continue that play against BHG.
  8. So with Greece officially out of the running we can now look to see how the coach does over the balance of the remaining games. Does he give new guys a chance? Does he allow his team to be creative or play defensive? Does he have an overall plan to get the team to where they should be? Losing to Armenia at home, tie with Liechenstein, losing to Faroe islands and generally being slapped around by any team with quality is not where this team needs to be. Sometimes you have to rebuild the foundation and Greece, it appears, is at this point.
  9. This is probably true. On a more realistic front I always suggested that England would do better if they didn't pick the Rooneys of the world and instead take the slightly lower players who don't make the millions but really want to shine on the international stage. It's the same reason weak teams sometimes do well as they give it their all. I said during the Finnish game that the big back three should call it quits (or not be invited back). If you want to change the culture of this team then you go with a clean slate and go with youth who don't think GREEK futbol. Ever game
  10. This comment says it all. This team can't put together 3 passes in close quarters. Some players have trouble controlling passes even when nobody is around them. I see balls bouncing off guys legs 5 yards away from them. I saw times when players had team members wide open for a short pass and didn't have the vision to see them. Other times I see the big three on defense pass the ball back to the keeper as they couldn't handle basis pressure from the FINNS!! Gut this team. No player over 25 should be playing the rest of these qualification matches. Give all the o
  11. Manolas, Sokratis and Toro. If Greece loses this match, maybe it's time to replace the back group. So tired of seeing these guys pass it back to the keeper. They are supposed to be good players. They don't play that inspired and get beat a fair bit. They can't be confused with the back line of the 2004 team.
  12. Finland have a lot more skill and give a much better effort, hence the result thus far. Greece need to sub in some guys who can create some offense. Doesn't matter if you lose 1-0 or 9-0. The team needs to take some chances.
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