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  1. Fortounis has to be more aggressive.. guy is afraid of his own shadow. He does okay with good ball here and there and I do still think he is one of talents on team, but he is mentally soft..
  2. Ref cost us game... goes to show VAR can still be manipulated...favouritism
  3. I'm saying we have to be be better to compete in CL. That's reality. Maybe transfers or change of tactics
  4. The score line does not highlight how badly we got out played. We had zero shots on target and they had 11. Team not good enough for CL.. fortounis should be in midfield and soudani up front...we really needed Hassan and el erabi. Sa made score respectable for us.
  5. For me the 5 sub rule has changed game no fluid play. Man city was too good today and we couldn't adapt to high pressing. Martins needs to figure out line up..
  6. Slovenia pounded Moldova..makes us look bad and that puts some perspective into our bad play..
  7. Bakasetas and Mandolas would not start at olympiakos either cant compare AEK or that Turkish team whose name escapes me. Anyways getting results is good but fortounis talent cant be ignored .His weakness is he is very soft and has to be more aggressive mentally and physically
  8. Philosophy has to be effective. So far its not although some of our failed qualifications shows.some promise like vs Finland and match playing time a factor too but performance was crap.
  9. Fortounis being benched hard to understand no playmakers out there. Limnios needs to play on defense and he can make his runs where he can. So far not fan of Bakasetas dont see what the hype is I would have played bouchalakis. Masouras and tsioles like to see them on wing. Played mediocre whole game and subs should have come sooner Slovenia sucks..
  10. El Arabi was not offside there was wolves defender with leg out he was one.. should have gone to OT. The ref was biased even VARbis not bulletproof. Camara goal was clean. Nonsense!
  11. Wolves played so mediocre how did we lose this game..couldn't finish and looked like league being over didnt help. Sad.
  12. For me Foutonis although still not 100% has to start. I found maybe it was my imagination that valbenua didnt pass ball to him much it was weird chemistry.
  13. if Meriah gets benched we will not cop any goals haha. One serious note he is good player but he needs to stop careless mistakes. I think at home we got this game just have be be careful of counter attack.
  14. For me Meriah is a liability...makes mistakes in big games so his on the ball skills and play dont pay off..
  15. Exactly, looks like he has confidence issue which is a shame as when he is in form I think he is one of our best players.
  16. Hopefully its because he lights up practice not that his agent lights up shcips wallet lol. Anyways results are what counts as long as he starts to get wins he can call whoever he wants.
  17. In Van Ships media conferences he he stated Bakasetas played well... what game was he watching? Anyways getting masouras back and getting donis and mantdolas more time we will see big difference. What's deal with Pelkas?
  18. Masouras not playing joke, bakakis and Bakasetas joke play koutris. Donis should have started and mantolas. Even pelkas is not bad option. Fetfa would be helpful in creating chances... something always stinks with call ups seems like corruption doesnt make sense. Limnios was great.
  19. I don't get why Koutris doesn't get call up.
  20. Why was Valbueba on bench? And why didnt Podence start? Also Meriah makes too many mistakes in defense I would give him a rest..
  21. The fact he did this means he actually has control of this team not EPO so good sign, Obviously I want our two best center backs to play but if they have an attitude problem better give new blood a chance.. we lost to Armenia and copped 3 goals so I'm not worried we should try new players.
  22. But you would think winning means more money for them...
  23. In his interview van Schip is bang on, he knows what he is talking about at least verbally.
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