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  1. After todays performance for AEK I dont want to see bakakis in NT for a while.. unless he picks it up.
  2. All jokes aside this is embarrassing for greek soccer... you guys need more quality in your endekada...
  3. Mantalos only bright spot for AEK. Olympiakos will mop the floor with this team lol
  4. So far bakakis is garbage.... for me. Horrible ball control.
  5. You might be right I feel were looking to play him and fortounis in same line but si far not working...maybe Pelosi van sub on for fortounis if hes off..
  6. Why cant we play this: Mitro Pelkas lazaros Fortounis Kourbelis Zeca Lyko Manolas papa Toro? Barkas
  7. I'm almost thinking we should experiment with 4-3-3 again...we have wing players now in donis lazaros so why not
  8. Guys Finland beat Hungary are saying greece is worse of a team? Again tactically we were passing the ball around half we had no strategy to our style of play looked like a free for all...that's where skibbe comes in...this is one of the most talented NT sides I've seen in long time so I'm not sure what is the problem....
  9. Cant blame Donis zero service and he was playing in traffic not his game hes all about speed. The hungarians were smart defended well and shot the ball very good from outside the area. Greece always struggles to play teams that put numbers back due to the fact they dont play small passes but.always look for long passes which were very predictable and easy to intercept. Wouldn't hurt if we ran some drills to test there keeper from range or get some counter attacking movement when they get push up. Toro not playing for oly so not sure why hes guaranteed a spot. Bouchlakis is also very average pl
  10. Are you kidding me? Its estonia we dont need to pause anything...
  11. The fact Skibbe will play tsiolis instead of Lazaros shows how corrupt this is... we played horrible and won which is more ok against a good team and Estonia is horrible. Mantolas should be subed off for lazaros and mitro for donis.
  12. Lucescu is a defeatist. He talked up Benfica being strong team in interview etc not owing fact that PAOK players made bad judgement calls (two penalties and goalie error)Lucescu also didn't play more conservative counter attacking style after going up 1-0 big mistake. Benfica is not European powerhouse and I would not be surprised to see them out first round of group stage.
  13. I don't remember the 10 but lets see. It could have been just bad take.
  14. Fortounis should not take penalties. Guy has a constant nervous demeanor hes not that guy...Maybe lazaros should take
  15. Even if they did start those players Burnrley is a very average side
  16. I hope pre season friendlies is not a sign of things ot come. Lost 4-0 to PSV today.... not good at all
  17. Exactly teams that will give this team a test and show where our weakness are.... mind you most teams give us a hard time nowadays..
  18. Lost to AEK at home..... whose fault is it? I would like to make the coach the whipping boy lol
  19. Ok. I see his resume still nothing to talk about but results count so lets see what he does and how long he lasts. I hoping for the best and want to be surprised.
  20. Basically this guy has no experience lol Hopefully he pans out
  21. Can someone explain to me why Ansarifard never gets the start? He can score goals and our last league match scored two off the bench.... Fortounis is playing scared last couple months the guy is shaky not impressed at all ...
  22. This has nothing to do with Lemonis we dont have a team. Marinakis is content with mediocrity so thats what we get. Let's focus on acadamies and stop signing fluff.
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