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  1. Only in Greece can a team play this unprepared. The crosses were horrid and there was no ability to control possestion. Best thing the greek super league can do is develop grass roots players because its obvious spending money on transfers not happening.... I dont think were even gonna win the league with thus team as is....
  2. Bue bye victor.... Super embarrasing they loomed likesecond division team.
  3. This team looks like there not match fit...bad passes no energy unprofessional
  4. I dont rate ideye they should have subbed him off in tight gmaes he doesnt play well. Pulido would have been better as he can play the spaniah one two and make space. Fourtounis played ok no help really.
  5. When albania and wales are winning games in the euros what can we say about greece? They did not play like professionals or have heart during past qualifiers. Look at Croatia small country national league sucks but they have excellent youth system and kids get scouted young which is why there league has nothing to show but NT does. Thats our problem its grass roots issue. Young kids in greece have a passion for watching the game more than playing. In Argentina there are tons of local leagues for amateurs to pro because people love to play soccer there and talented players get scouted young.
  6. If we don't concede 2 goals in 5 minutes we can win...... :nono:
  7. Germany NT success was a bayern Munich that had a lot of german representation same goes for spain with Barca....when you see less national on these two teams you will see there respective NT go down like england the most overrated team in the world. Anyways this is a transfer thread...but you get the point
  8. ^ I am an Olympiakos supporter but I disagree with you.... look at England, the league has some top notch players and top teams in the world but the NT sucks because they buy best players as there sole solution to success. Thats not always a bad thing in sports but I believe the lack of Greek players becoming quality is again not due to poor academies and football teams that are willing to develop these players....that's why the youth never live up to the hype as they get benched or shipped off to oblivion in some random second division tam where to stand out is a touch task.Even with the cur
  9. our amateur deveopment sucks in greece for one big issue and any any desire to playNT football. As well the teams in greece have no interest in player development but buying ready made players
  10. one two soccer we don't understand it.....shoot outside the box cant score from wild free kicks in the box.
  11. one two soccer we don't understand it.....shoot outside the box cant score from wild free kicks in the box.
  12. one two soccer we don't understand it.....shoot outside the box cant score from wild free kicks in the box.
  13. Throw players in the box mitro all upfront on there own....no passion .....
  14. gs.com? Why would he chase them? Why did they shutdown?
  15. He nailed it. The NT politics are coming back something otto fixed....you could tell there was zero heart no drive to win this game, a game we needed to win while faroe played like it was a final even though they will never see one.......if we played with the same heart as faroe it would have been 3-1 us maybe 4. Sokratis is one of the few who played like he cared.
  16. Big loss with fortounis. I like karelis hope he seems some time and nins should be in the 11. Regardless this is faroe islands so nothing but a big win is acceptable. They will park the bus so we need to be prepared for that
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