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  1. I want Holebas back guy is solid right now even if its not long term option he can take on players and has play making ability from the back.
  2. Its funny throughout the years different coaches players and we have same problems no creativity in midfield, cant hold up the ball under pressure and struggle against lesser teams. Whats the problem? I think EPO and lack of player development..
  3. Unable to pass at all when under pressure except pass back. Van schip was supposed to change our style but not sure if we have talent or will.. no urgency either team pathetic
  4. I liked fortounis he is playmaker this team needs cant understand why he is not aways on the 11. Tsioles misses made this game closer than it should have been. Positive note lots of balls played into open player's instead of floating hopefully crosses.
  5. On Google it has Bakasetas as striker up top of 4-3-3 is this guy for real must be EPO or money incentive
  6. Even a win would be good for morale but its gonna be very hard to come out of this tie. I hope I am wrong.
  7. So Masouras doesn't miss easy opportunities on regular basis? I'm not delusional fan that only seems good sorry..
  8. In press conference Martins said we dont change playing style for anyone or something to that effect. Today shows against better quality teams not practical defense was tragic didnt contest when we should and Sa has to stop balls coming right at him two hands not one..Masouras from what I have seem is not clinical finisher needs to improve or be benched, make the pass or at least finesse shot dont kill ball..Arsenal made woeful mistakes at back and we should have scored at least two. We needed Semedo baldy today.
  9. Fortounis has to be more aggressive.. guy is afraid of his own shadow. He does okay with good ball here and there and I do still think he is one of talents on team, but he is mentally soft..
  10. Ref cost us game... goes to show VAR can still be manipulated...favouritism
  11. I'm saying we have to be be better to compete in CL. That's reality. Maybe transfers or change of tactics
  12. The score line does not highlight how badly we got out played. We had zero shots on target and they had 11. Team not good enough for CL.. fortounis should be in midfield and soudani up front...we really needed Hassan and el erabi. Sa made score respectable for us.
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