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  1. Any player who speaks Portuguese is gonna play... Figueiras is a garbage... 0-0 with Kerkyra... are you kidding me?
  2. The way Oly played against young boys was pathetic. Other that good free kick not much to say and our defense is the softest I have ever seen... This team needs and injection of life whether in real "BAM" signing which wont happen with current state or some talent coming up from the ranks. Its true Greek soccer jornaqlists dont ask technical soccer questions to point out incompetence they just fluff over everything...
  3. Belgium has not played one team so far with good defense including bosnia. If we had more attacking minded midfield we could have scored at least 2-3 against them... Belgians will have hardest test yet with us if we show up on D and mitro hits the net.
  4. Problem is our midfield doesn't know how to hold the ball and create quality chances. Second we need to break on the counter attack faster our transition game is too slow. As far as the second game with Bosnia we will win due to the fact we defend better and hopefully mitro wont miss sitters or have concrete legs. K.Paps reaction was wrong period but with that said you don't know the smack talk that's happening down there and some players let it get to them lets not forget Zidane famous headbutt. Still wrong regardless....Also with the amount of strikers we have playing out of position like
  5. I see Greece winning in Bosnia because Bosnia will leave a lot of gaps at the back trying too hard to press for a goal that fits our style of soccer perfectly playing the underdog role although to be fair were not under dogs we just have a inferiority complex that plagues Greek soccer. Once the red cars were distributed the anger came out and intensity which gave the tie.
  6. Depite Djeko and pjanic Greece still are the better team. They just cant play chicken football but play with nerve. When we play belgium it will be all tactical counter attack style but we dont need to play bosnia that way.
  7. To win this game we will need the most inform players no loyalties to dead weight... Karelis needs to start and we may need a 4-3-3 again with karelis mitro up front fortounis just behind them. I guess it coukd be considered 4-4-2 diamond center.
  8. LW spot should go to Karelis. RW to mantdalos and ATM fortounis end of story.
  9. Why didnt fortounis play? I would have liked mantalos play rw with fortounis playing behind mitro. I dont mind karelis on lw. Bakesetas why does he always get the start?
  10. Maybe skibbe doesn't want to cop early goal and will sub tachtsidis in later? To be honest against Cyprus no matter who plays we are a better team so no excuses
  11. With that line up we got the win. I think Gianniotas should come in at some point bring some energy.
  12. It not a secret Oly fans mad because of losing to Ber sheva and apoel....
  13. The problem with us is marinakis didnt spend money on players or have an academy that is taken seriuosly. Currently we dont have a good team sold manolas and torosides holebas and never got comparable replacements.... I still believe in fortounis but hes a play maker on a team with poor strikers ideye is not my favourite.
  14. well I hope Fortounis gets a transfer because cambiasso isn't a young guy so I'm not sure why were starting him. For me cambiasso is a off the bench player.
  15. That makes sense because Cambiasso is not a ATM. Good win though but the competition isn't really there to judge correctly.
  16. Holebas needs to realize we are desperately missing wingers and needs to be a team player. When Mantalos is playing RW that tells a story..... cant karelis play the wing?
  17. Not to burst any bubbles here but Arouca is a bottom feader in the portugese league.....We still have a long way to fo and this current form/squad will not cut it. Need wingers and a striker
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