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  1. PAOK played the counter attack game and left us open at the back. Also I dont know why when we needed goals we didnt play Masouras... when you play away from home you have to be more cautious I saw us try to force the run of play too much while PAOK just sat back and waited for a mistake
  2. Big win! Why didn't Lazaros sub on for Guerrero?
  3. I've said this before and I will say it again. Greece play better against better teams as there is no need to play possession game and break down defense which we are not very good at currently. Since there is only one big name in the group we need to find an answer to this problem fast..
  4. I even thinks Manos will be good he he starts getting service from OLY midfield....
  5. So true, and the reason for that is we cant play offensive balla we just like to absorb pressure and score on counter which is why we suck against lesser opposition. Still not holding my breadth but lets see...
  6. You can see from players except a few socratis being one of them that they dont care. If they played like the way they did at club level they would be on the bench.
  7. Been to Greece many times... the problem I see is Greeks have passion for watching there favorite team but no passion for playing the game... it's a generational issue.
  8. These guys couldn't play one touch soccer if there life depended on it.... even with current talent pool we should always beat Finaland, Hungary and estonia no excuse it's a cultural issue... look at empty Olympic stadium... the players played with same apathetic attitude. Ange just brought more apathy I dont see any fire in anyone...
  9. Lazaros should have started or be substituted in at half when we needed a goal. Mantalos,Pelkas and Zeca were mediocre we need them to be better. Torosides was our best player but at his age tats a problem.. Not having Donis doesn't help either. Mitro had no service so its hard to determine how he did as he needs service to play well hes not going to run 30 meters.... I dont accept goalie passing does nothing and just proves this team cannot play tet a tet football if there life depended on it. No urgency for the goal and I am still yet to see the passion from this team coaches job to light t
  10. Lazaros actually played well yesterday but couldn't find back of net.
  11. Spot on Toure should be DM and fortounis ahead of him its a no braine.r I am really disappointed with lazaros he has struggled for while now....
  12. Why is Ya Ya playing attacking mid? He is a defensive kid in my mind. This team has no striker....
  13. Stop foreign coaches it as failed after Santos
  14. I still like Lemonis just because of his time at Olympiakos but anyone cat do worse than this guy right now.
  15. Skibbe said in post interview we had injuries, what crap if we were that bad play more conservative to hold score and counter. Greek media asked him if he thought Finland was Brasil hahaha it's about time gets some heat. This team struggles when any team packs the back one dimensional balls in the box come out...
  16. Team had no chance playing non our starters. I get it they lost to PAOK but you have to play your best for Milan...
  17. I dont know about you guys but I think we would do better with a greek coach..... most of these guys like Skibbe its just a paycheck
  18. The way Lazaros is playing I feel pelkas should start over him.
  19. Lazaros is non existent right now it's like he lost his confidence... they played tight defensively and we needed better one touch football that didnt happen. Fortounis and Hassan have zero chemistry, I found Hassan playing too deep and not looking to receive through balls. Podence was amazing but no help. PAOK won because we have no offensive threat they did nothing all game and we scored on our own net..this team needs some more quality especially one good striker.
  20. You are actually right.... cant be denied he was on side.
  21. Yes average for me they didn't show anything special other than typical Spanish ball possession except with no finish they finished 15th in 2017 season...
  22. Couple things. Feta is back playing well. Lazaros lost form dont know why maybe lack of starting time.... We need a striker dont rate Hassan at all... Betis is an average team and we made them look better than they are. If we dont pick it up against Milan were in trouble. We need better CM's to create from the middle and drive up pitch. Hassans sitter and Podence not scoring almost one on one highlightsneed for in form scorers...
  23. Ok now.makes sense why his touch was so heavy hes not a.midfiled player...
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