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  1. Ok. I see his resume still nothing to talk about but results count so lets see what he does and how long he lasts. I hoping for the best and want to be surprised.
  2. Basically this guy has no experience lol Hopefully he pans out
  3. Can someone explain to me why Ansarifard never gets the start? He can score goals and our last league match scored two off the bench.... Fortounis is playing scared last couple months the guy is shaky not impressed at all ...
  4. This has nothing to do with Lemonis we dont have a team. Marinakis is content with mediocrity so thats what we get. Let's focus on acadamies and stop signing fluff.
  5. Italy has always been helped by referees, they just chose not to this round lol just ask Juventus... I want Greek coach or at the minimum an assistant Greek coach who is actually a coach not a water boy...
  6. Santos and Karagounis and Katsouranis have nothing to do why we suck now.... its football culture and a losing mentality. Also Greece does not have professional structure for development. Iceland population is 335,025... Croatia 4.29 million. Whats our excuse? Maybe the passion to act like a hooligan at SL games needs to be converted into playing pro football....
  7. The fact that a smaller Balkan country can produce top quality players and play football is embarrassing to us. Like I have said before Croatia has a bad league but there players are good enough to get scouted from a young age... we should have fielded 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 in first leg... we played with such a complex its not even funny...Skibbe says we dont have enough strikers or midfield but it was shaky defense that blew first game and poor midfield choices. I still cant believe we lost this series like we are Moldova lol
  8. For me 4-1 loss in zagreb was skibbe. Forget the whole lack of attacker's line...we ate 4 which is unprecedented for this team....they looked lost.
  9. Croatia will park the bus for first 20 minutes and try to counter so we have to be careful.... We need more crosses in the box from the "wingers" skibbe will play and give mitro some service.... If i think if we get the ball in there box goals will come as I see them scramble quite a bit. For me whoever plays on the wings will make this game for the counter attack and crosses. We need to pressure them just as hard as they pressured us as they had way too much time on ball.
  10. Guys its simple. Inform players play and best 11 start. This closed team policy is nonsense.... you put your best out there and play to your strengths.
  11. If you call what happened yesterday steps forward your crazy! This team needs a Greek coach... I know some people dont think so but I do as there would be a different dynamic out there not like 1994 coach who was a moron but someone like donis or lemonis would fare better in my opinion. Skibbe needs a total recall lol. Lets hope we score two Sunday and after that anything will happen....
  12. Why didn't pelkas play? Is he not in form? I mean no creativity in mid gives you no creativity...
  13. We knew we would play defensively but we didnt even do that right...barely pressured Croatia giving them tons of time on the ball...we played this game with no true wingers...all they had to do is pressure us in our own half and we fell apart...tsiolis sucks... We didnt play with same intensity as we did with Belgium....this team cant make a one two pass if there life depended on it. This defeatist attitude is killing us no passion except from k.paps and socratis.
  14. Skibbe just had to follow same style we played with Belgium this croat side is no better....
  15. The reason defense is written in the DNA is because the youth academies not being top notch don't develop players properly. Also if you want to play midfield or striker in Greece there is a xenomania to play foreigners who are mediocre at best half the time. Any smart\talented Greek player gets transferred at a fairly young age or else he will be destroyed in the SL. Back to the Game we can beat Croatia. Like I said before Belgium are a superior side and we we had two tight games with them. Mitro just needs the service and we need to counterattack well and we will be fine. A lot of teams don't play with the heart we do that's our X factor.
  16. It would be interesting to see fourtonis pelkas and bakasetas on same line might work. Why no karelis? Too bad no Donis but if we make it he will be amazing.
  17. Elabdellaoui should have been given a penalty Umtiti didnt get ball and stopped him from getting enough on ball.
  18. I would like to say we will playing a counter attacking style with a focus on set pieces. I don't think we need to just park the bus. Croatia is good but they don't compare to Belgium who in my opinion are a superior side.
  19. I guess your right but we could not even muster a counter attack or try and hold possession... But when your losing to Atromitos its sad. Get rid of gillet and Durdevic. Keep same team for couple years.... This is sad
  20. Guys theres mid table teams from la liga that have upset Barca or at least gave them a run. This defeatist attitude is sickening..... Not saying we have the team to be on par with them but when they went down a man we didn't even try to capitalize just damage control. Were struggling in the SL so I guess it's very bad year to be in CL..... I dont like any of our signings all garbage....
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