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  1. Are we serious about this Hashi guy? Why cant we give Lemonis a chance? Personally I don't like this whats his pedigree?
  2. Of thats the plight of olympiakos then PAO is gonna in trouble.
  3. What happened to these forums so dead....I remember another site which I will not mention that was very popular....
  4. Its true the red towards Tachtsidis was very harsh she stepped in and didn't really touch him much or slide in from behind....
  5. No reason we cant win in athens vs belgium and beat bosnia. We defend well and will make the most of our chances. In todays game take out hatsh red to taxi and its a different game.
  6. Good choice. I have always liked him, has a heart for the team and we played well in CL other than crapping the bed vs Chelsea
  7. Giannotas too he plays with heart and can score goals
  8. All those players mentioned would make us better right now....
  9. The Problem Red Sheriff is we either want to play well in Europe or we don't. Your right were much better than Dinamo Zagreb all they do is develop talent and make money on the transfers. So to be successful we have to dish out money on real players (not leali, da costa, or figuerias) or we have to ramp up our development in the academies. I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle. We just lost to PAO so we are struggling at home never mind playing in Europe. We need a team and coach to be around long enough to have chemistry...
  10. Sime good points sherif. I still say its the Greek football system that has talent but dies because its not developed.... Again look at Croatia I reference them a lot they have great youth acadamies etc but they end up being world class by playing abroad. If were not willing to develop pay up for decent players...and throw in some youth and bleed them in where possible. Theres a reson greece only produces good defenders thay go abroad...it's due to lack of player development and professionalism.
  11. Even if marinakis is gonna be cheap put in a Greek coach and build s team that has played together for some time even giving young Greek okayers more playing time .... Throwing in inexpericed players at the wrong time kills there confidence especially toward the end of the season. And if your gonna go foreign make sure they are class nor the leali and figuerias of yhe world. The defense against Besiktas was amateur leaving players open all day.
  12. How when your gifted a red card you blow it!!!!!!
  13. We need one more goal and were through on away goal rule!!
  14. All those guys are young and inexperienced but it boils down to having poor academies and foot ball culture. Look at Croatia smaller country but produces top players that get transferred to big teams. In Greece too many people love to fanatically watch soccer instead of play at a youth level.... and the youth development is not there or the infrastructure to play and nurture talent. Back to the game Besiktas is a very average team with exception of one or two players so if we actually play with heart anything is possible second leg... but this teams form has been poor just ask Bento :P
  15. I am the first to say we sack coaches too easily.. But at the same time being top of the greek league and beating osman whatever there called isn't saying much. We have been playing poor football and the Cardozo and Diogo Figueiras favorites was getting old. The blame also goes to Marinakis as he is not willing to buy players of quality and bring them to this team so we can make a decent run in the CL and its easy to point the finger at the coach when you don't have the players to play quality football. So its not only a coaching problem but ownership as well...
  16. Any player who speaks Portuguese is gonna play... Figueiras is a garbage... 0-0 with Kerkyra... are you kidding me?
  17. The way Oly played against young boys was pathetic. Other that good free kick not much to say and our defense is the softest I have ever seen... This team needs and injection of life whether in real "BAM" signing which wont happen with current state or some talent coming up from the ranks. Its true Greek soccer jornaqlists dont ask technical soccer questions to point out incompetence they just fluff over everything...
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