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  1. I think so ya, and top 2 nations league group winners that don't qualify for wc or the 2nd place playoffs also get a playoff spot.
  2. Who was asking questions?? His buddy??? Asks about Kourb moving back as if that was somehow the issue out there 🤔 🤔 Hey why'd you use Pavlidis as a LW today and not Tzolis? Also why did you wait till the 79th to bring on another attacking player when the team was clearly having problems breaking through their defense. Why do you keep playing Baka when it's clear Fortou is leaps and bounds better than him as evident in EVERY GAME HE'S PLAYED?!?! Like he's sitting there happy that our dancing monkeys were actually able to dance. "ya the pylons we put on the field who are only capable
  3. Baka can't play as the 8, he has -10 skill for that position. He's literally good as a 2nd st and that's it. The best thing he did yesterday was turn, take 2 steps and shoot the ball... Hardly a mind bending maneuver. 30 games and he's got 2 goals and 2 assists.... 1 penalty and a tap in from Fortou, and a 10 ft simple pass to Fortou for the assist. I'm still in fcking shock and awww that he put pavlidis on LW yesterday.... Like what on fcking earth was that??? There's something really fishy going on with this team and it'd be nice of the media actually did their fcking jobs and re
  4. First sub should have been tzavellas or hatzi off, Kourb to cb and tzolis to LW, instant 4-3-3. If still tied, then Zeca off, Pav or pelkas on and Kourb back to dm as a quazi 3 at the back and tsim has free reign up the left side while mavrias stays back a bit to guard the counter with Kourb and the other cb. Then eventually bakasetas or whoeves tired off, Rota or masouras in so there's 2 players and overlapping runs on both wings again to creating more speed and headaches for their tired d. We saw that Limnios and Fortou were able to make turns and get away from their defenders as they dribbl
  5. Guys.... What good soccer did he have us playing??? Like good soccer compared to before he came in?? Ya that shouldn't have been hard to do considering idk wtf we were playing beforehand, left handed tidley winks maybe, but definitely wasn't soccer. We played with big clunky goofy mids (including Baka) with zero forward vision, always looking for back passes and zero ability to take on defenders. Possession, pass% & shots mean fck all if you do nothing with it. We didn't play smooth flowing soccer today, idk what game some guys were watching. We have guys that are capable of it, but
  6. This game was absolutely the coaches fault. Plays the same stupid line up that only worked against Moldova because of individual efforts from Fortou and maybe a couple other. Bakashitas absolutely useless to life. Our mids were a joke against a joke Moldova team!! What'd ppl expect today playing an actual decent team??? We once again had nooooo LW for God only knows what reason. 4-3-3 worked so well when he used it that he did the only logical thing a coach could do... Go back to the 4-2-3-1 that doesn't work... Logic 101 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ Giak should never have been taken off, waste of a s
  7. I know he'll prob try stuff out tomor, but I hope he gives guys a legit look and doesn't do too many [email protected]@kies. I'm honestly more worried about the stupidities we may see the in the NL games. We really do need to win this tomor though!
  8. Honestly fck this coach! Complete and utter fckin moron!!! Goes to see kotsiras play, then calls up mavrias??? Guy hasn't played a single game in Europe this year, makes perfect sense 🤦‍♂️. Then calls up siopis because yes, keeping the ball out of our net has been our issue... 🤔 🤔 🤔 Then calls up only 2 wingers??? Ffs like this is straight out of a family guy episode. It's like we're on candid camera with these clowns and their call ups. I literally can't take a word this guy says seriously anymore. He clearly doesn't care about guys form if mavrias gets a call. Let's see what happens now that
  9. Boys let's get serious in here lol he's not gonna start fortounis no matter what. It'll be the same s%$#! he's been ramming down our throats for 6 of the last 8 games we've played. Gala and the D were the only differences in 6 of the last 8 games for starters. When we talk s#it about guys not in form being given time, it's usually guys that suck and not guys of fortounis caliber. The line up will more than likely be the same nonsense it's been cause he has no vision. His subs and his starters haven't made any sense and don't make sense at all with what's happened a
  10. I'm fine with Pav and Lim obv, they can start everygame. They're definitely not the issue out there. Those are all good line ups guys, problem is he'll never even attempt play them because these idiot greek coaches never do what makes sense. I think the friendly was a telltale sign of this coaches lack of anything. So many things could have been tried out, instead he just did the same s%$#! he's been doing. Like if course non of us are soccer mastermind(maybe some of us 😝), but we all know the game pretty well. And what's frustrating is is that we're not in here po
  11. Svarnas is just another puzzling issue with this team. He isn't awful, but we're also playing s#it teams. But aek fans sound shocked he's playing, so that's saying something, and he's not even their first choice. Bottom line this team is a fcking dumpster fire. He's started Pav, Lim, Baka, Mant, Kourb and Zeca 3 out of the 4 games and we've only scored 2 goals in those 3 games. Either this coach is a clueless dumba$$ or theres curruption worse than any of us could've ever imagined. And let's be real about Otto and Santos (aside from euro 04), we'd squeeze out 1-0 games in the 90th
  12. Also with Bakasetas, it looks like the majority of his production has come when he's used at a 2nd striker.
  13. Stumbled on to something today, not sure if guys have talked about it specifically or not though. I was going through google, looking at past line ups we fielded for every game and noticed a troubling trend. For the last 9 games straight, going back to the 2-0 loss to Italy - Bakasetas, Mantalos, Limnios and Pavlidis(didn't play against Italy) have been either starters or featured in the offense in all those games and have been the front 4 in a few of those games. Limnios and Pavlidis are fine, but seriously wtf is going on with this team??? I went back even further Stafylidis always see
  14. Guys, everyone needs to have a listen to "Gate 7 International Podcast" ! They're most recent podcast was about the NL games and they hit all the nails on the head perfectly! Talked about everything we've been saying in here. They brought up a very good pt as well - which is why on earth Staf and Baka have been wearing the captains armband... Neither of them have nay business being captain. They barely have business being part of the team. A while back guys on here brought up something about Staf, tzavellas and baka sharing an agent who has major pull with EPO. That could be what's
  15. I agree with both of you! jvs made a lot of well overdue changes, but there's still more work to be done. He said in the post gamer that that review and adjust after each game.... Well he better actually start fcking doing that cause that sort of logic and take on things looked non existent in the 3 games. Instead it looked like groundhog day with Bill Murray. I'm all for him trying things out, np trying a cb at rb cause you don't trust your young called up rb. Also np trying tzavellas at cb which has been his natural club position for a few yrs now, and nothing wrong with having a
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