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  1. Great game by Greece today. Massouras definitely man of the match even though he missed a chance that he should have finished. KPaps was a beast! Kyriakos of old and he looks very fit for the first time in a while. Not a fan of Tzavellas but he was rock solid today and I love his I dont take crap from anybody attitude. Galanopoulos was very good also. I hope he pencils in Fortounis for Bakasetas going forward and Tzolis instead of Giannoulis and we're good to go. All of you JVS haters please take note that we are undefeated in our last 13 matches (7 wins and 6 draws). I don't even know if Rehhagel and Santos ever accomplished that. We're on the right path to getting back to major tournaments again. We need two wins against Sweden. Makynia out!
  2. This is lineup I would like to see on Sunday Vlaho Bakakis Hatzidiakos Tzavellas (not really but who else?) Yiannoulis Kourbelis Bouchalakis Limnios Fortounis Fountas Pavlidis Obviously can't wait til Restsos, Mavropanos become available. Where are these two? Are they close to getting back? Tsimikas is crucial for me, need this guy playing for us. Also Donis up front. Is he injured also? He has to start sticking to a core of 26 players and letting the team gel and build chemistry. Too many new faces all the time. I guess he wants to decide who he will go with come World Cup qualifying.
  3. Job well done boys! Talent is definitely there. EPO will surely schedule friendly matches in March and June.
  4. This is my lineup for Bosnia gm Vlahodimos Retsos Hatzidiakos Siovas Koutris Zeca Kourbelis Mantalos Limnios Donis Fetfatzidis
  5. Jimmyp we currently have Basinas and Stelios both from euro 2004 team and it ain't doing jack s%$#! for us. We also had Karagounis when Markarian was coach and where did that get us? When the players stop playing for the coach which is what it looks like happened here ain't nothing the technical director or assistant coach gonna do to change it. I say we go with Jimenez first choice and the Australian second choice.
  6. Guys log off for 5yrs and wait for a new generation of players to come in. At this point we would require a complete overhaul coach, system, and every member at EPO. Pathetic.
  7. Why not Bouchalakis instead of Kourbelis? Kourbelis hasnt looked too good last two gms.
  8. Bro not goalies fault. We have three world class cb's and we're playing like s%$#!. Anastasiadis said my players will leave everything out on the pitch! a*****a!!!
  9. Dean97 Mavrias is good? Did you watch friendly vs Turkey? He didn't stop giving away the ball.
  10. OFIMTL your lineup is good. I would put in Stafylidis at LB and Zeca at RB. I would go with Vlahodimos at goalie
  11. Guys in all honesty what did you expect from that starting lineup? Like the radio broadcasters on sportfm said "Did Anastasiadis see this lineup in his dream?" I'm sorry to say but a lot of you guys on these boards ask all the time why doesn't EPO schedule more friendlies? In all honesty this was one we could have done without. What were they thinking scheduling a friendly when they knew they wouldn't have Zeca, Donis, Manolas and Sokratis and to top it off no Mitroglou and Torosidis. Anyways RELAX it's just a friendly! No more Mavrias please!!!
  12. Georgelaz I agree with your lineup I think that is the strongest lineup we can field based on the call ups. I would go Samaris/Siopis vs Liechtenstein and Samaris/Zeca vs Bosnia.
  13. Zeca even sings the National Anthem while Mitroglou doesn't. That really pisses me off.
  14. I'm an AEK fan. Angelos please for the love of God don't ever start Mantalos again. He's so s%$#! for the NT. Garbage.
  15. Probably going with a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 with Koulouris and Mitro up front. I like the selections personally. Would love to have Holebas back as well. No Tziolis and Tzavellas! What a breath of fresh air!!!
  16. I hope he calls back Holebas and calls up Klonaridis for the next two games.
  17. He has to call back Holebas and call up Kloranidis. Hopefully Klonaridis' paper work is done and he's good to go. He will also be calling up and starting Vlahodimos in nets.
  18. Skibbe and Tsanas must go. If you guys remember correctly Tsanas was canned a few months ago only to be brought back again. Why? What has he done? I'm sure he helped Skibbe with player selection and was the one always pushing for Tziolis and Tazavellas. We need a clean slate. New coach and let him bring in his assistants. Be nice if they cleaned house at EPO at the same time.
  19. Skibbe to be let go very soon. To be replaced by possibly Anastasiadis or Boloni or foreign coach which they have yet to release his name. Good riddance!!!
  20. This should be our list of players moving forward. Vlahodimos, Barkas, Pashalakis Bakakis, Torosidis, Manolas, Sokratis, Retsos, Siovas, Stafylidis, Holebas Galanapoulos, Kourbelis, Zeca, Mantalos, Pelkas, Fortounis, Fetfatzidis Lazaros, Donis, Klonaridis, Karelis and Mitroglou That's it!!!!
  21. This could be a blessing in disguise. Fire the coach, replace him with someone capable, bring back Holebas!, call up Vlahodimos and Klonaridis and STOP with Tziolis and Tzavellas. I never want to see these two near the NT again. Start calling up Galanopoulos and we'll be fine in Euro qualifying.
  22. I'm sorry but last two matches are Skibbe's brain dead selections and lineups. Continuously playing players out of position and not using any natural wingers when we have a plethora of them sitting on the fu**en bench!!! Ena m@l@kistiri!!! Maybe he can get a job coaching in Saudi Arabia and take Tzavellas and Tziolis with him so they can toss his salad!!!
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