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Leading Goal Scorers in Germany:

Player Team Goal Penalty

T. Gekas VfL Bochum 17 0

R. Makaay Bayern 13 0

K. Kuranyi Schalke 04 13 0

M. Gomez VfB Stuttgart 13 0

S. Radu Cottbus 13 0

M. Klose Werder 12 0

A. Frei Borussia 12 2

Diego Werder 11 1

M. Pantelic Hertha BSC 11 1

N. Takahara Eintracht 10 0

V. Munteanu Cottbus 10 3

C. Giménez Hertha BSC 10 0

M. Zidan Mainz 10 2

A. Voronin Bayer Leverkusen 9 0

J. Cacau VfB Stuttgart 8 0

M. Hanke VfL Wolfsburg 8 1

A. Hunt Werder 8 0

I. Saenko FC Nürnberg 8 0

Y. Amanatidis Eintracht 7 2

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Diladi 40% apo 2ek... = 800,000

e kati kai auto..

PAOK is not getting any money from this transfer. Read the article on Sportfm and you will see that PAOK gets no money.
Here is the story. No where does it say that PAOK will get some money:
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PAOK owes 40% of Gekas's contract. It was part of the Salpiggidis between Goumenos and Panathinaikos. As a result PAOK will receive around 300,000 Euro from Panathinaikos, although I believe Goumenos allready collected 50,000 under the table from Panathinaikos from that portionof the deal.

As a sidenote, Panathinaikos really screwed up with Gekas. Here they had a player, who is worth 3.5 million, and they will only get 400,000 for him.

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PAO surely screwed up with Gekas. He was consistently scoring last season and he continued to perform this season.

Gekas showed that he could perform on two different level teams. He was able to break down a teams defense when he played for PAO a superior team compared to other greek teams and he was able to do the same when he played on a smaller team compared to the rest in Germany.

PAO would have definitely been able to benefit from Gekas this year, as Pap wasnt in form for much of the season. Instead they were left with Mantzios who has no sense of where he is on the pitch and couldnt score a goal if his life depended on it.

Bravo to Gekas for adapting in germany and showing his worth. I hope he continues his great performances next season.

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PAO screwed up with a lot of players. It's a two-bit outfit run by misfits who know nothing about operating a football team. There was a time when foreign teams were wary of PAO and espceially so when coming to Greece. Now we can't even compete in the national league and are viwed as the weak link when we go to Europe.

What a waste, but until the fans stop going to the games, nothing will happen. Money talks and a serious drop in fan support will either cause the collapse of the team or will force the tight-fisted ownership to open their wallets. If they're not willing then sell th team to someone - anyone - who will.

Dropi that a team like PAO is falling to such disgrace. Na xanathoune oli tous.

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As a sidenote, Panathinaikos really screwed up with Gekas. Here they had a player, who is worth 3.5 million, and they will only get 400,000 for him.

its easy in hindsight. one year ago no one would have paid 3.5 millions for gekas. no one expected gekas to score in double digits in germany and with bochum. if pao would have demanded 1 million for gekas in the summer of 06, bochum wouldnt have taken him. pao wanted to get rid of gekas at any cost. 99% of this forum thought gekas was garbage. now the pao owners are the only ones that look stupid...

aek sold katsouranis for 2,5 millions. now he would cost some 8 millions. if aek would have demanded 8 millions, katsouranis would stay in greece all his life. sadly, this is the way the market works.

as for the pao owners being tight-fisted. thats just plain wrong. look at paos transfers over the years and olympiakos transfers. who had the more expensive transfers this season? last season? look at what pao paid for konstantinou, pao outbided olympiakos for salpi. konstantinou and nikopolidis now earn less than at pao, etc. but rumour has it paos owners are not spending. think first...

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