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  1. When you're winning 3-2 until the 82nd minute at home, you should not lose in an important game as this. This loss basically eliminated Greece from advancing to the 2009 finals.
  2. Agrotikos Asteras - PAOK 0-0 PAOK lineup: Fernandes, Sznaucner (46. Udese) (67. Delibasis), Melissis (80. Malezas), Knol, Konstantinidis, Vaggelis 46.Moumin), Orfanos (80. Pechlivanis), Baiano, Lakis ( 57. Athanasiadis), Salmon (46.Iliev), Gonzales (46. Charalambous) Lackluster display by PAOK in the friendly with Agrotikos Asteras Euosmou. The team is having problems scoring and creating scoring chances. At least last season we had Mieciel. Best players according to reports were the youngsters Delibasis and Pechlivanis.
  3. Next Friday PAOK will play a friendly against Agrotikos Asteras at 17:30 GR.
  4. PAOK will play Larisa at 17:00 GR and AEK at 18:00 GR in Sunday's torunament for the fire victims. The games will be televised opn Supersport 2. Those are the first games under the new coach Fernando Santos.
  5. It's only getting fixed because there is the long break in the Superleague, which gives them enough time to have th efield ready for the next home game. The field got burned during the heatwave in early July, when the sprinkling system malfunctioned. There was not enough time to do it then because there was the Women's Champions League tournament scheduled at Toumba in August, as well as two international friendlies.
  6. :LOL: Good one yesterday I was watching the Bears - Bengals pre-season game at Soldier Field in Chicago, and the field was horrendous. A lot worse than the one at Toumba for the Spain game. Why am I bringing this up? Because next week at the same stadium, the US will host Brazil with all its superstars.
  7. This is how Toumba looks these days. The new turf should be ready for the game with Iraklis.
  8. The turf at Toumba was removed yesterday, and withing few days a new turf will be installed. The hope is for the new turf to be ready by the game with Iraklis, which will most likely take place on September 22.
  9. Looks like Toumba will be getting new turf:
  10. Unfortunately PAOk did not make it to the next stage. PAOK's women's team finished in 3rd place intheir group. Results and standings: August 9, 2007 NSA Sofia - Parnu FC 3-1 PAOK Thessaloniki - Universitat Vitebsk 0-4 August 11, 2007 Universitat Vitebsk - Parnu FC 6-0 PAOK Thessaloniki - NSA Sofia 2-2 August 14, 2007 NSA Sofia - Universitat Vitebsk 0-2 PAOK Thessaloniki - Parnu FC 3-2 Standings 1. Universitat Vitebsk - 9 points 2. NSA Sofia - 4 3. PAOK Thessaloniki - 4 4. Parnu FC - 0 More information about the competiution here: http://www.uefa.com/competitions/womencup/index.html
  11. The PAOK women's team is takling part in the qualifying round of the UEFA's Women's Cup as the champion of Greece. PAOK plays in Group A8, which consist of 4 teams. The group winner qualifies to the next round. All the games of this group will take place in Thessaloniki at Toumba Stadium and Stavroupolis Stadium. Here is the schedule: August 9, 2007 NSA Sofia - Parnu FC PAOK Thessaloniki - Universitat Vitebsk August 11, 2007 Universitat Vitebsk - Parnu FC PAOK Thessaloniki - NSA Sofia August 14, 2007 NSA Sofia - Universitat Vitebsk PAOK Thessaloniki - Parnu FC Standings PAOK Thessaloniki Parnu FC Universitat Vitebsk NSA Sofia
  12. Here is a link for the game: http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/ver/234/popup...3972&t=em&sid=0
  13. Silly goal let in by the Greek keeper. 1-0 Spain.
  14. You're right there are no PAOK youngsters on the team, which is quite suprising, since the PAOK U-19 won the Greek title with quite an ease. You'd think few of them would have made the team, but than again managers with close ties to EPO probably have a say which players get called up and which don't. Anyway good luck to our guys today, and I hope you're not too drunk to write us few lines about the game. Hopefully you'll be drunk and happy. :D
  15. Deicide you're so lucky to be able to go to the game. I hope you can give us first hand report on the match.
  16. Spain wins the penalty shootout 4-2.
  17. Finas score: GREECE - Germany 3-2 Final here we come. Good job by the youngsters.
  18. 2-1 Mitroglou in 65th minute
  19. 1-1 with Ninis. Let's go Greece. Two minutes before half-time.
  20. 1-0 for Germany in the 30th minute.
  21. That's 15:30 GMT, which means it is 18:30 GR time. Eurosport and NET will televise the game.
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