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  1. yeah same with me thanks for trying I think that is bullshyte though-- its on in the US live I'm going to enquire further
  2. I am hoping we will be able to get them to change their schedule to show the first game against Israel live on the 28th instead of on delay. Currently they are showing a friendly -- England vs Slovakia - at that time Fill out the request here Non-Canadians help us out too if you would http://www.setanta.com/ca/Contact-Us/
  3. cant get the game in canada -- are we in a 4-3-3
  4. 5-2-3 is probably a no-go with no rb-- considering how Otto doesnt want to toy withth Toro back there - ???? unless you see Patsa as RB with Sokratis --Aavram around Dellas in the middle and Toro on the left -- Kara and Kats in the middle of the field and up front Ninis, Lybe and Salp and Chalkias in net or a 4-4-2 Patsa -- Dellas - Aavram -- Toro -----Kats ------- Basinas Kara---- -----------------Ninis ------Salp -------------Lybe(Gekas) These are the lineups I think otto will use -- I'd like to see: ----------------------Tsorvas------- Toro------Dellas-----------Sokratis------Spyro --Ninis-------Pliatsikas(Tsiolis)---Kats---------Kara --------Mantzios-------Koutsiankoulis (why not-- are we going to learn anything new about the others?)
  5. tough match both ways Kara's balls were off today -- could have resulted in something early on when PAO pressured Too bad Mantzios didnt bury that one chance he had -- but overall Olympiakos played a tough tough match agaist us -- Aavram was all over the place One last thought I always thought he was a normal man prone to lapses but now I believe that Nikopolidis is a very high functioning mental deficient -- he runs out in the middle of nowhere in the 94th minute, lands on the ball with his hand (no foul given) and then after the ball goes out of bounds he chases it onto the track and kicks at it for no reason, earning a yellow, wtf? I think if the ref hadn't given him a yellow he would have kept doing m*****es until he got one, maybe pulled down his pants, maybe lighting a flare, who knows, but that dude is missing something
  6. Unbelievable :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:
  7. so the smae position that Aavram played the last few games for the NT, with 3 backs?
  8. well played -- too bad Tsorvas looked good Too bad Salpis blast styed out Anyway uphill now to say the least
  9. could be historic but not likely 4-0 sorry
  10. Trust me file we talked about 2-1 at the time. welcome to Phantis
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