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  1. so the smae position that Aavram played the last few games for the NT, with 3 backs?
  2. I'm watching the Steelers game today -- and I say to myself -- did Troy Polumalu do his stavro? Three times? Well what do you know He was already my favourite player
  3. Says she was set up -- hard to believe -- but I'd like to believe it???
  4. they don't get easier than that I dont remembe the game -- but he got a NT call up in 2006 -- anyone remember?
  5. I think that is part of it -- and I think Dude hit on the other part the lower tier Scotish teams stink
  6. 1ST goal was ridiculous. Sensational I sing to you Giorgios
  7. nice to leave on a high note :gr:
  8. Nikolaidis 80+kg taekwando is on to the 8, more matches later today
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