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  1. is a punk, has always been a punk and will always be a punk. this player cares nothing but for himself and will never settle into a club. skilled player, but good riddance.
  2. was hoping he would succeed at roma but moved on to sign with catania joining leto.
  3. updated some...more to come!! Since more and more are going abroad, ill stick with permanent moves and not track the loan moves.
  4. The controversial midfielder has signed a deal with Novara who were relegated from Serie A. He will be joined by ex Olympiakos defender Giannis Potouridis.
  5. Looking forward to seeing him play in Germany. He will surely blossom at Bayer if he can stay fit. Returned from his one year loan with PAOK to fulfill a 5-year long contract with Leverkusen
  6. voted player of the season for celtic winning his 3rd title for them. http://www.sport.gr/Article/%CE%95%CE%B9%CE%B4%CE%AE%CF%83%CE%B5%CE%B9%CF%82/%CE%A0%CE%BF%CE%B4%CF%8C%CF%83%CF%86%CE%B1%CE%B9%CF%81%CE%BF/%CE%94%CE%B9%CE%B5%CE%B8%CE%BD%CE%AE/%CE%A0%CE%B1%CE%AF%CE%BA%CF%84%CE%B7%CF%82-%CF%84%CE%B7%CF%82-%CF%87%CF%81%CE%BF%CE%BD%CE%B9%CE%AC%CF%82-%CE%BF-%CE%A3%CE%B1%CE%BC%CE%B1%CF%81%CE%AC%CF%82!/28-168947.html
  7. has had a very good season so far, starting whenever he is fit. monaco are leading ligue2 by 5 points with 7 games left in the season.
  8. played 86 minutes vs. torino today in their 2-2 tie with kone registering another goal.
  9. http://www.sentragoal.gr/article.asp?catid=16489&subid=2&pubid=129336579 would be a nice move for him.
  10. has been in very good form for Bologna this season. 23 appearances in the league (18 as a starter) registering 5 goals and an assist including acouple great last minute game winners. apparently he is being tracked by Inter and Lazio. At 25, lets hope he continues to improve.
  11. greuther are in last place in the bundesliga and will most likely be relegated. petsos has appeared in 9 matches starting 5 but scored an absolute cracker of a freekick this weekend in their 2-2 tied away to werder, playing a full 90. he played opposite sokratis who also featured for the full 90. the guy is only 21, so hopefully still room for improvement.
  12. sat the bench again as roma beat parma 2-0. has been far from a successful season for him as he has only appeared in 10 league matches, with only 3 being as a starter. parma sit tied in 10th place with 6 teams at 35 points. wonder what his fate will be.....
  13. was a regular under zeman but has rarely played since his sacking. he strengthened his claim this weekend after putting in a 70 minute shift in romas 2-0 win at home to parma. i wanted the match, he played very well, stabilizing the midfield. roma sit tied in 5th with lazio and inter at 47 points 4 points away from 4th place fiorentina.
  14. scored another lovely overhead kick to win the match in the last minute in a thrilling game that ended 4-3 vs aberdeen. takes his talley to six in the league and 5 in european competition.
  15. scored in the 89th today to win the match and take his club 4 points away from safety. thats 5 goals in 6 matches i believe....
  16. honestly, i never liked this kid to begin with. 19-20 year olds who are just starting their career should not be fixated on their looks, their hair, their tattoos, their clothes, watches etc. i never expected him to turn into much bc his attitude appears to be all wrong. i knew one day his talent would be washed away by his poor attitude. i see alot of young greek players who are now professionals (more through necessity than ability) who act like him and think their sh*t doesnt stink bc they play pro football. hopefully he serves as an example to these kids. to plead ignorance in this case is stupid. he is 20 years old, not 15. if he didnt know what that meant, than instead of football, he should be attending grammar school. i dont think he meant it as a facist/nazi salute, i doubt he is either. he just thought it would make him look cool, to take his shirt off, show his tattoos and act like a tough guy. serious mistakes warrant serious consequences, which i believe should and will come. but i also believe in second chances. he is young and has alot to learn about the world. a life time ban from the ethniki before even any judgement proceedings is a bit pre-mature and unwarranted. ban him for the rest of the season and make him pay a fat prostimo. if they find true malice in his actions, extend the ban. aek also should not be punished bc of one players personal stupidity. its unfair to the team and especially the fans, who have a history as refugees and obviously very much disagree with his actions.
  17. a great move, however, too late as js pointed out. at 27/28 he can still improve but he will never excel into the player he could have been. a move like this at 24 would have been ideal. roma is a good fit for him, although he might run into some trouble if zeman gets dismissed. always a risk transferring into a team when the managers job might be in jeopardy. i think he will do well there tho and establish himself into the 11 as long as he stays healthy. good luck to him, good news for the ethniki and his career. have always rated him
  18. congrats to him. although i hate seeing the most promising young talent of the team go, juventus will help him develop his talent and hopefully become a mature talented footballer. as good as pao's academy is, juventus is a huge club.
  19. very good news for him and the ethniki. zeman seems to put alot of trust and attention into tachtsidi. i watched him tonight vs liverpool and he looked sharp on the ball and assured in possession. his distribution also looks quality and most importantly, his attitude has improved. his posture and work ethic have increased. im glad to see him make this transfer and hopefully play a big role this season. he has a very long road ahead and must continue to work hard and maintain a good mentality. this could be good news for the national team.
  20. being linked to ROMA. would be a great move after a VERY solid season with verona. he featured in almost every single match and really drove the team to fight for promotion. apparently zeman, who has taken the reign at roma, is very impressed with him http://www.goal.com/en/news/10/italy/2012/...ason-objectives glad he seems to have recovered from his stutter steps when he first began his career. we almost lost hope for another talent. hope he makes an impact in Serie A :gr: :gr:
  21. his goal http://www.footytube.com/video/hellas-vero...io-feb11-104511
  22. scored again in his clubs 3-1 win, but was sent off after a second yellow in the 57th minute.
  23. has actually been playing a pivotal roll in veronas fight for promotion. has played 25 times (23 as starter) in a total of 27 league matches as hellas sit tied for 3rd. apart from their goalkeeper he has the most league appearances for the team. he scored his first goal of the season last night vs ascoli in a 2-0 win. i have a friend from verona that supports hellas and he has been telling me how great tachtsidis has been...good for this kid, he finally started focusing on football..lets see if he can compete in serie a i also did not realize how fierce the chievo/hellas rivalry was in verona. my friend talks about it like an oly/pao fan would...
  24. oly official signed kazim today on loan for 6 months with the option to buy in the summer for 2 mill. hleb was released from barca so he has until thursday to sign onto a club as a free agent... i searched some forums to see what gala fans reaction was to this..this is what i found: http://forums.soccerfansnetwork.com/showth...rds-2011/page13 seems these guys dont like him ver much, i know we have some turks in this forum, how do you guys feel? im sure you have a better idea of what kind of player he is than we do...
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