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  1. is a punk, has always been a punk and will always be a punk. this player cares nothing but for himself and will never settle into a club. skilled player, but good riddance.
  2. was hoping he would succeed at roma but moved on to sign with catania joining leto.
  3. has sign for apollon smyrni this season. topic locked!
  4. updated some...more to come!! Since more and more are going abroad, ill stick with permanent moves and not track the loan moves.
  5. The controversial midfielder has signed a deal with Novara who were relegated from Serie A. He will be joined by ex Olympiakos defender Giannis Potouridis.
  6. Looking forward to seeing him play in Germany. He will surely blossom at Bayer if he can stay fit. Returned from his one year loan with PAOK to fulfill a 5-year long contract with Leverkusen
  7. voted player of the season for celtic winning his 3rd title for them. http://www.sport.gr/Article/%CE%95%CE%B9%CE%B4%CE%AE%CF%83%CE%B5%CE%B9%CF%82/%CE%A0%CE%BF%CE%B4%CF%8C%CF%83%CF%86%CE%B1%CE%B9%CF%81%CE%BF/%CE%94%CE%B9%CE%B5%CE%B8%CE%BD%CE%AE/%CE%A0%CE%B1%CE%AF%CE%BA%CF%84%CE%B7%CF%82-%CF%84%CE%B7%CF%82-%CF%87%CF%81%CE%BF%CE%BD%CE%B9%CE%AC%CF%82-%CE%BF-%CE%A3%CE%B1%CE%BC%CE%B1%CF%81%CE%AC%CF%82!/28-168947.html
  8. it is sad because the decision just came out today and aek got a -3 point punishment and starting the next season down -2. aek will appeal, but i dont not think it will do anything. this is a sad moment for greek football. the problem is made worst bc aek will not be able to pay back its debts with the esoda from the b ethniki...triitsoni was on a mission to not finish the match but aek fans ultimately prevented their team from one last chance vs an atromito team that has already made it to the playoff and have not been doing well.. the powers that be seemed to have gotten what they wanted...
  9. has had a very good season so far, starting whenever he is fit. monaco are leading ligue2 by 5 points with 7 games left in the season.
  10. played 86 minutes vs. torino today in their 2-2 tie with kone registering another goal.
  11. at this point, given the "plan" of the team to develop young greek players and mix them with young foreigners and a handful of experienced guys, we need to go with someone who knows the league, the players, the youth, the system etc. its funny how we hire a coach, fire him, then replace him after another coach with the original managers assistant. its comical really. i believe we should have stuck with rocha and never gone with fabri, a man who did not know our players, our league, our history and our current state. anastasiou has been rumoured, as has tsioli who has had a great season with asteras. my ideal hope is that doni leaves paok over the summer and comes to us. chances are very very slim as despite the guff from the fans about the whole garcia issue, savvidis is determined to keep doni. for me, he is currently the best greek manager at the moment and better yet, he is one of us. a foreign coach w/o history in greece is a waste of time. if our plan is to develop young players, then build around that concept
  12. http://www.sentragoal.gr/article.asp?catid=16489&subid=2&pubid=129336579 would be a nice move for him.
  13. honestly, between karnezi and sifaki we have the gk position covered sufficiently, why not give the kid a chance to train and prove himself. he is 22 and has actually had a pretty decent year with xanthi. although born in russia, he has been in greece since childhood and has made a handful of appearances for the youth side. who else would really be called in that 3rd GK spot? another youngster with limited experience.....so why not give him the exposure, see how he reacts. other than him, no real questionable calls. ninis and fetfa havent been playing regularly (or really at all), so i think santos is right in not calling them up. k. pap will definitely be missed. this is a very important game. assuming slovakia beat lithuania at home, we really need at least a point here to keep the advantage. bosnia have some great players, so this will probably be the most difficult match of the group.
  14. was frozen out of the team by magath but has since been restored by their new manager, making 2 appearances in the last 3 match days. at 33 he still has acouple good years left in him, hopefully he spends them playing ball.
  15. has been in very good form for Bologna this season. 23 appearances in the league (18 as a starter) registering 5 goals and an assist including acouple great last minute game winners. apparently he is being tracked by Inter and Lazio. At 25, lets hope he continues to improve.
  16. back in greece playing for atromitos. topic locked.
  17. now playing (and actually pretty well) at pathrakikos...topic locked.
  18. has been praised left and right by fulham fans and the english media. played a great 80m minutes leading fulham to a 1-0 away win at spurs. fulham lie in 10th place. so far, kara has features in 17 league matches (13 as a starter). glad he is representing us well in england!!
  19. greuther are in last place in the bundesliga and will most likely be relegated. petsos has appeared in 9 matches starting 5 but scored an absolute cracker of a freekick this weekend in their 2-2 tied away to werder, playing a full 90. he played opposite sokratis who also featured for the full 90. the guy is only 21, so hopefully still room for improvement.
  20. sat the bench again as roma beat parma 2-0. has been far from a successful season for him as he has only appeared in 10 league matches, with only 3 being as a starter. parma sit tied in 10th place with 6 teams at 35 points. wonder what his fate will be.....
  21. was a regular under zeman but has rarely played since his sacking. he strengthened his claim this weekend after putting in a 70 minute shift in romas 2-0 win at home to parma. i wanted the match, he played very well, stabilizing the midfield. roma sit tied in 5th with lazio and inter at 47 points 4 points away from 4th place fiorentina.
  22. played his first game for genoa of the season and conceded 3 goals. one of which was a huge blunder from tzorvas. i think we ll be seeing him loaned to a serie b side soon......
  23. we went down a man,and the game was over. like all the other "big" matches, fabris tactic has been to play conservatively in the first half, this cost us this time because after the red card, his plans got thrown and he didnt have a contingency plan. sissoko did not have the support he usually has with yiourka so he was not effective on the wing, running alone with the ball at his feet and losing it. fabri could have taken kajiyama out (who was absolutely abysmal), put in lagos or fourlano and push zeca back into a kofti role. sissoko could have moved to a more central role, with mavrias ahead of him trying to find space on either wing to catch paok on a counter. instead, fabri basically probably told the players, "pack in our half and try to do what you can going forward" that seems so bc thats exactly how we played. with no organization, no plan, no patience, no mind whatsoever. from the moment a team goes a man down, away in an edra like toumpa, unless the manager has a damn good plan and the players execute it, the match is over. right before sow got the red i remember thinking to myself, if we hold the X into halftime, we may very well win the match in the second half. despite playing very poorly in the first half, fabris mission was obvious. it has been the same for all the "big" matches. sit back the first half and try to weather the storm, then open up our shape in the 2nd to create more space and organization going forward. i dont agree with it, but thats his sxedio.... very poor match leading us to an awful position for the last 4 matches. props to paok who appear to be building a quality side. shame about what happend with donis after the match. he is a great professional and a manager i would love to see where he belong (with us!) the refs were also very very poor today, i am glad savvidis made the statement he did after the match. hopefully he can be a good influence on the league.
  24. HALFTIME 0-0 deyteri kitrini sto sow k paizei me 10 apo to 36o lepto o pao. lots of soft fouls given to paok. sow first card was abit ridiculous, poor tackle but you rarely see yellow cards in the first minute of the match unless its a REALLY bad tackle. second yellow started from a questionable Lino handball and the paok player came into the tackle the same as sow, obviously no card given to him. late tackle on figueroa outside the box, no yellow or even foul... overall, we have been very bad, too many simple mistakes. kaziyama needs to come out... i knew fabri would play super defensive in the first half which is obviously how he focused the team. now we will have trouble getting forward. we tend to play better in the 2nd half but with a man down, we have a mountain to climb. as i said before, a draw will unfortunately be a great result for us....
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