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  1. Great and unexpected win! Still guarantees nothing but it is a good start. Hopefully they will continue with the next game in Sweden.
  2. This is a tough group. Athletico Madrid plays very tight and has tough defense.Juventus has some great quality players that can score. I don't know much about Malmo. Originally I thought we can fight for 2nd with Juve but after all the changes these last few weeks: Manolas, Samaris, Holembas and now Avraam Papadopoulos!... I'm not quite sure anymore... I didn't like that Manolas left but I understand the situation. Avraam, one of our captains is also a huge loss. I really liked Holembas as well. Samaris may be a huge loss really in a couple of years if he plays solid at Benfica. Because our defence is really depleted... Ok we have Abidal, Siovas, Botia and Avlonitis... Which is much weaker (IMHO) than previous seasons. I believe as of now, 3rd place would be the best they can do.
  3. I know it's only a friendly tournament but wow...Olympiakos played very well. They just need some help up in front (offence). It should be an interesting year, especially in the Champion's League.
  4. You know, I still haven't been contacted by them... Quite ridiculous. Oh well, they may have lost a few potential customers! :tdown:
  5. Thank you for the info. I did contact them yesterday and I have yet to hear from them... :(
  6. Greetings everyone! I'm inquiring about the Ellastv and was wondering if I were to purchase the etv-503 box could I get just the Sports pack? If so, how much would it cost? I live in Toronto. Thanks
  7. Abdoun signed with Nottingham Forest (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23447613) but Tzibour has still not signed with another team and he still has a contract until the summer of 2016. Right now he isn't even training!
  8. Hi everyone, I've been quietly following the team and its signing of players etc. One thing that doesn't make much sense to me, is that Tzibour apparently is in Greece and he is dining, eating and swimming... I know that he was told to try and find another team to play, but all he has done was knock down opportunities from some teams such as Nottingham etc. Then I read that he called Marinakis a "god"... He still has 3 years on his contract and it doesn't seem like he is interested in playing anywhere else. Mitchel doesn't want him and it seems he is enjoying the finer things in life. Is it possible that he may actually stay with the team?
  9. The only negative thing about 18 teams is that for National team players, they would get really tired. Playing the domestic league, Cup, Champion League/Europa and of course for the Ethniki would get the players a bit more tired and with a better chance of injury. England plays way too many games in their season. I mean they play even during holidays. This is why I believe they never can perform well for their national team. Players are not robots they need to rest too. As a fan, 34 games would be better I suppose. But if they do this, will they still have the playoffs for teams in position 2 thru 5? Then they will play another 6 games on top of that all the way thru June, so that is 40 games! I don't like that and I think its quite ridiculous! Just have a baraz 2 knock out games, for example, #2 plays #5 and winner meets #3 vs. #4 winner and thats it.
  10. I think this was more reasonable and of course AEK should have no suspension at all. Good verdict.
  11. I agree with pao123 that they should of suspended him for the rest of the season with a big prostimo but not for life! Yes what he did was ridiculous to do, to say the least, banning him for life is way too excessive... I believe and hope that they (EPO) will retract the ban when things quiet down and the season is over and at least reduce it to a year or two. But regardless, Katidis really "hurt" his career for that one stupid moment of "celebration."
  12. Just like the regular metegrafes, the same thing now for the coach... we will hear a lot of names on a daily basis... Emeri, Mitchell, Mantharo, Martinez, Pinto etc. until finally it's actually announced! ;)
  13. Here is the link (in Greek) to a very informative financial description for the players they bought, released and sold... http://www.katimagiko.gr/article/26609/o-t...kos-isologismos Also, here is a comment from the same page with some more interesting info that wasn't included: 1.000.000
  14. Just to follow up... Nemeth, Galitsios, Soiledis and Leonardo have all been let go and they are now free agents. They obvioulsy got rid of Hurtado and acquired Pablo Orbaiz on loan for a year with an option to purchase. Lastly it looks like Riera will most likely go to Galatasaray for anywhere from $3 to 4.5 Million Euros and he will get a 4 year deal making 3.1-3.5 Million Euros a season. If/when he goes, the team will try and sign a Free Agent, however he will not be eligible to play in the Champion's League until January (I believe)... Personally I don't think it's a good idea to get rid of a player, this late just before the Champion's League starts. Also, I think they gave up on Nemeth too quickly... I'v seen Soiledis play some matches and he had looked pretty impressive but I'm assuming he is not a steady player... Don't know about that one... Thoughts?
  15. Well today, they signed Makoun for one year and the option of buying his rights next year. I believe, they also signed Abdoun as well. -Mitroglou is playing with Atromitos for a year. -Vasiloyiannis is going to Cyprus for a year to Apollon Lemesou. -Leandro & Wanderson (2 yound Brazilian players) will be on loan to Doxa Dramas. -Soubinio is going to OFI for a year. -Niklitsiotis is going to some team (Helmont Sport-not sure what division) in Holland for a year, but if the team like him they can buy his rights next year. Source is from here: http://www.gavros.gr/article/9485/sthn-kyp...-basilogiannhs/ *What remains to be seen is what will happen with Hurtado and if he leaves they will get Obraight (sorry not sure of spelling). Galitsios may be let go as well. Rommendahl is another one. Not sure about Soiledis, Katsikoyiannis... and I don't know if I left anyone else out. Marinakis also claimed that there will be another "BAM" signing, which I assume will be a "big name" striker... We will see.
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