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  1. http://www.uefa.com/footballeurope/news/ki...sid=664149.html There is this apparent belief that Greek refs will do a much better job than Cypriot refs. hahahahahhaha &nsbp; &nsbp;If they really think that Greek referees are so much better I have to say there are two concerns: 1 - How bad are the Cypriot refs, and 2 - Is EPO is such a state of denial that they do not see what is going on in the Super League.
  2. TheCity1924

    Of course he should be concerned with the team but the fact of the matter is that the officiating in greece is horendous. Every weekend on Athlitiki Kyriaki that guy, the professor of officiating (sorry i forgot his name) constantly defends the refs decisions when they are clearly wrong. He admits that everyone makes mistakes but does not recognize or at least admit that there is an apparent problem with the officiating. Of course it is his job to protect the refs and privately reprimand them for their inconsistent work but at some point you cant close your eyes to the fact that poor offici
  3. TheCity1924

    How can you judge Pliatsikas on this one performance when the kid hasn't been given chances to get a few solid games under his belt. Training is one thing and playing real matches is another. He definitely didnt provide any offensive help on his side but he was solid defensively.
  4. Until we re-sign him every team in the world is going to have an interest in him. When is his contract over with AEK?
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: And what's even funnier is that some papers in Greece and people in this forum completely agree with your assessment. BRAVO Niko by far the funniest thing on this site. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I just dont see how a Demi would put himself in such a difficult situation economically on the grounds that a few players complained. Also, from what i remember, the board had discussed the issue of losing faith in Ferrer and that he had lost control of the lockeroom about a month ago.
  7. aek66 do you really think that the players went to Demi, complained, and he fired Ferrer. I'm sure the complaints were long in the making and were only the cherry on top of this meltdown. And as a former player himself he knows exactly what happens in the lockeroom between players and a coach. There has to have been a severe breakdown of trust on many front, management, ownership and players.
  8. there is no way he's getting all of his money....at least not for a long time. It took Tsiartas a few years to get all his money Ferrer will have to wait if he wants everything. And besides AEK doesnt have any money to give him right now...he should know all he spoke about was the budget.
  9. aek66 being arrogant is certainly not a valid reason for sacking a coach however, it appears that there have been issues within the team caused by Ferrer's character. After a tough loss it is often good for the team's morale to have the coach go out in public and take the blame. Ferrer clearly thought otherwise. He undoubtedly brought many positive achievements to the team and i fully agree that the timing was completely off, but, I am not that surprised or upset that he is gone. I think Demi and the board have to take some time and think about what the team once was (historically) a
  10. thecity1924-i respect your posts and football accumen. i have to tell you that i have a problem with this statement and what it represents. nothing is a given. nothing is assumed. you see, this is how olympiakos operates. 'we are a big side, we are the most popular side in greece, we deserve calls and deserve to play in europe every year'. this is why olympiakos doesn't invest in it's 'academy' and does tpixes-level greek transfers - IT DOESN'T HAVE TO. IT WINS THE LEAGUE YEAR AFTER YEAR - IT WOULD BE A WASTE OF MONEY. ok fine, for the most part, that's the greek way. well, the greek footba
  11. Can someone explain to me what has to happen to make who ever is in charge understand that Blanco has to start!!!
  12. Yes but realistically who brought in Alves, Azcarate, Manu. Ferrer made the poor decision to not start Blanco in games where we needed his goal scoring ability. He starts the game against Larisa with three defensive midfielders. Lets also look at his attitude towards AEK and his mistakes: 1 - Ferrer has not once taken responsibility for any of the teams losses or shortcomings. 2 - He continuously refers to AEK's budget or lack there of as a reason for their losses. Was AEK's budget at fault when we lost to Irakli at home, when Panionios scored 2 goals in a span of 5 minutes, when R
  13. I agree that the timing was a little off. Ferrer should have finished off the season and then leave....but on the otherhand, if Demi finds a new manager, one that is a proven winner, it may be better to have him now in the middle of the season so he can be prepared to clean up the team before the summer. Hopefully we can get a good greek manager who will play the Greek young talent we have. The team doesnt have chemistry. They haven't bought into Ferrer's tactics.
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