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  1. his character seems to be an issue though. had an horrible exit at frankfurt where he didnt attend the teams end of the season party and went around in interviews claiming that the chapter frankfurt is finished for him although club and fans liked him. porbably he thought he would get a top offer at the euro which hasnt happened. had a row with his mnanager which led to them going seperate ways as well recently. an his manager quite unprofessionally making statements about a money-hungry kiriakos publicly. i dont know where he wille end up, but him resigning with frankfurt wouldnt have been the worst option IMO. i doubt he will make a MUCH better club. unless he returns to greece of course...
  2. the u19 team beat russia 3-1. pavlis and papadopoulos on the scoresheet. greece go thorugh to the euro finals as the game moldavia and netherlands ended in a goalless draw.
  3. they beat the netherlands today with 2-1. matsoukas scored the 1-0 lead. the dutch equalised 2 minutes before the final whistle. but superstar ninis sealed the game with a penalty in the 90.th minute .
  4. i have to say mitroglou doesnt impress me at all. being a greek from germany he does have a certain bonus from me but if i look at his play... i thought he sucked at the u-19 tournament and at olympiakos he isnt that great either. even today i saw great deficits. BUT he does score goals. although today he had more luck than anything..given how clumsily he gave away 100% chances...just not a fan of him. as for samaras best striker in greece...maybe i exagerated but i do believe him to offer a bit more than lympe, who i am a big fan of, salpi, papadopoulos, and co. choutos i do rate very highly.
  5. dude, i agree with much of your post but lets not go overboard here. mitroglou offers not very much at the moment. he is totally overated. samaras is much much better. if he would play in greece he' d be one of the better strikers there if not the best. he has great technique and he is not thaaaaat slow either. what he lacks is the passion and the killer instinct. i agree he is too soft. somehow he starts to remind me of lympe. in the positive but also in the negative sense.
  6. but thats probably the one they mean. seems aek and pao are also interested as always. apparently monaco and rangers had their eyes on him as well. never trust the rumours though...
  7. i may be wrong but wasnt bangura the kid from cyprus that attracted interest from top clubs after a great season but then sort of vanished.
  8. samaras scored a nice header vs hibs coming on as a sub marking the final score 0-2.
  9. kiriakos had a good game against adriano though. i still remember how the german commentators were full of praise for soto. one moment of brilliance by adriano made soto look bad. in any case i think kiriakos is a super player. what he lacks though is his ability to build up the play from the back. he tends to offer long balls and little less. if he could play some nice passes he would be much better and more interesting for the top clubs.
  10. aek66, would you say it was a mistake by ferrer to waive moras in the offseason and bring in ascarate as his replacement? would you say alves is better than moras? i know this is some armchair quarterback hindsight... i wasnt in favour of letting go of moras and tziortzopoulos. maybe thats another reason ferrer got sacked. he robbed the team of any depth. just one lb and no rb? its always easy to judge in hindsight though...
  11. samaras scored the fifth goal in celtics cup game vs a rather weak kilmarnock side. came on late as a sub and did look good in the game, had some nice scenes and the goal was a nice one. lets see how this develops.
  12. you guys shouldnt mix club and country. if samaras plays well on the ethniki i couldnt care less if he doesnt have a team at all. charisteas scored crucial goals coming off a garbage season at werder and being #4 striker there. he will be all the more motivated. dont forget his pass was half of amantidis goal in turkey. whoi cares for premier league football in comparison to that?
  13. he might wait all season... in dont care where he plays or if he plays to be honest, charisteas scored crucial goals for greece withvery few starts for bremen.
  14. leverkusen doesnt seem as pleased with their best scorer this season for whatever reasons: http://www.sport-fm.gr/article.jsp?id=114087
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