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  1. Sad to see that about Sokratis. He is top level Greek talent, but the problem is with most Greek talent they don't have the mentality to succeed. On another note, funny to see Adrianno as the worse. Olympikaos is probably happy they never got him.
  2. Thanks for taking part folks. Irlandos had the big week with 6 correct picks. I'm hoping that next year we get a solid 10 participants. OVERALL STANDINGS 113---thrylos 107---Irlandos 106---Kanadezos 105---AEKPROTATHLIMA 99---athinaios 71---Euro2004 50---crazy 48---NikosVazelas 25---Genome 13---cyberfish PART 2 STANDINGS 53--thrylos 49--AEKPROTATHLIMA 49--Irlandos 44--athinaios 44--Kanadezos 35--Euro2004 5---Genome 4---Crazy
  3. K. Papadopoulos did what few have done. He had the guts to go outside of Greece and test his luck. With Olympiakos he would be on their bench still.
  4. Sarganis was a LEGEND. However, he was no Nikopolidis. Nikopolidis was amazing until he decided to play like a sweeper. Then they figured out Nikopolidis' biggest flaw. Set pieces (korner and free kicks)
  5. PAO needs to remake its roster. Too many mediocre foreign players. Ninis needs to go for the good of the player. He will never develop in Greece. Sell the guys that have value. It is interesting that all major teams sell their players to bring in cash and replenish their teams, however in Greece the mentality is the reverse. Look at Olympiakos with Castillo. That was a beauty sell. GOALIES: Let Tzorvas go. Keep the other two goalies and let them ride with it. They are both good. DEFENSE Reshape the whole D. That is your biggest problem. Sell, sell, sell... Keep Vintra, unless you get big time cash for him. Also keep Spiropoulos, Marinos and Ioannidis. MIDFIELD If Silva wants to go you let him go. You give him that respect, nobody else on your team. If he wants to stay you are lucky. Keep Lazaros, Karagounis, Simao, Plessis, Mavrias. Everyone else gets sold or released. FORWARD Keep both Cisse and Petropulos. PAO's strength for years has been bringing up youth. Do it again. You have some amazing veterans in place. So PAO keeps only: Karnezis, Kotsolis, Vintra, Spiropoulos, Marinos, Ioannidis, Silva, Lazaros, Simao, Karagounis (swan song), Plessis, Mavrias, Cisse and Petropoulos. Bring in Mellburg like player on D and go forward.
  6. Dudu always seemed a bit different than players like Diogo. More professional
  7. For some reason I feel as if Aris will get in. I like how strong Olympiakos Volou has been this year.
  8. Well folks, We are almost done again. One more week to go. OVERALL STANDINGS 109---thrylos 102---Kanadezos 101---Irlandos 101---AEKPROTATHLIMA 96---athinaios 66---Euro2004 50---crazy 48---NikosVazelas 25---Genome 13---cyberfish PART 2 STANDINGS 49--thrylos 45--AEKPROTATHLIMA 43--Irlandos 41--athinaios 40--Kanadezos 30--Euro2004 5---Genome 4---Crazy Final games are: --
  9. PS Mitroglou has been on fire. 8 goals in 9 matches for Panionios. Sad thing is he is going to go to Olympiakos and sit on the bench again.
  10. The reason he never left Greece is because of the Greek mentality. Most players would rather be treated like "gods" in Greece than attempt to become true gods in other leagues. The Greek league is second rate to the the big 4.
  11. I had the best week with 7 correct picks. athinaios was just behind me with 6. Two more weeks to go. Seems like Serres and Larissa are both done. Sad, as I really hoped Larissa would stay. The other team to fall down will be my Asteras Tripolis. Expect to see them back soon after the amalgamate with Kalamata. Here are the standings. Might as well paint it red right now. PART 2 44--thrylos 41--AEKPROTATHLIMA 38--Irlandos 38--athinaios 37--Kanadezos 26--Euro2004 5---Genome 4---Crazy Here are next week's games: --
  12. Samaras is a lot like Haristeas. They both read the play very well and do numerous things well to create spaces for their teammates and or set them up. True, it would be nice to see Samaras score more often
  13. I hope he goes to Germany. It seems that most of our top players are more suited for that league
  14. Diagoras is not a good choice unless both Rodos teams join forces (maybe they have and I'm a bit behind). PAS, Panaitolikos are good choices for the top league. OFI and Ergotelis need to combine their resources and make a top team as well. It will be nice to see Patra there as well
  15. All of Greece should celebrate his career. PAO fans and Oly fans. This guy has been one of the best Greek goalies of the last 25 years. Top 5 for sure.
  16. I remember there being a discussion about how Marinakis wants to build a champion based on Greek players. NOT A CHANCE with Belvarde there. I hope Mitroglou goes to play in Europe and lights it up. I hope Fetfatzidis goes abroad and becomes a star. I hope Torosidis goes to one of the really big clubs and gives it a go. He has all world talent. Sad to see him waste it in Greece his whole life. I hope Avraam leaves this summer. The guy is a good defender, but gets ridiculed for always covering for his mates.
  17. I wanted to include these for anyone going for the overall title. PART 1 62---Kanadezos 60---thrylos 58---Irlandos 56---AEKPROTATHLIMA 48---NikosVazelas 46---crazy 45---athinaios 36---Euro2004 20---Genome 13---cyberfish PART 2 37--AEKPROTATHLIMA 37--thrylos 35--Irlandos 33--Kanadezos 32--athinaios 22--Euro2004 5---Genome 4---Crazy Total-Unless I have made an error 97 thrylos 95 Kanadezos 93 Irlandos 93 AEKPROTHALIMA 77 athinaios 58 Euro2004 50 crazy 48 NikosVazelas 25 Genome
  18. Do you know what GLB is? They have a nice section of how their forums are run. http://goallineblitz.com/game/signup.pl?ref=22479974 Or yahoo Fantasy baseball forum. THere are options to find similar threads before you post yours. Similar to the posts since the last visit and a good search option. I just find it silly to have a discussion on Olympiakos-AEK in the Olympiakos forum and the same one in the AEK forum If you go to the main FAQ section you will see what I mean. I like the threads here. Just a thought. Maybe silly
  19. Updated Standings 37--AEKPROTATHLIMA 37--thrylos 35--Irlandos 33--Kanadezos 32--athinaios 22--Euro2004 5---Genome 4---Crazy
  20. I really want to see teams outside of Athens and Thessaloniki be strong. Greece needs this. Regional teams. I would like to see Asteras stay, but they need to go. (My dad almost killed me as Tripoli is near where he was born, Sitena Kinourias near Astros). Tripoli is too small to support this team long term. Tripoli will combine resources with Kalamata this offseason. 11. Kerkyra -- 30---too small to stay long term - . Panionios --30---i hope they stay 13. Atromitos --29---i think they are done 14. Asteras --28-----they are done 15. Larisa --24---I hope they stay 16. Panserraikos --20---they are done In my ideal world, 3 teams from Athens would get relegated. Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and AEK. On a side note, I would like to see Ergoteli and OFI combine resources and rename the team Iraklio FC. I would like to see Patra have a team again. Giannena seem to be back on their way. Larissa, Xanthi, Kabala and Olympiakos Bolos need to be here. Thrylos' amazing SuperLEague with himself as commish: OLYMPIAKOS PANATHINAIKOS PAOK AEK ARIS XANTHI KABALA OLYMPIAKOS BOLOU LARISSA GIANNENA IRAKLIO FC PATRA (PANAHAIKI) ----------HAVING THE ABOVE 12 MENTIONED TEAMS STRONG EVERY YEAR IS NEEDED Then the below mentioned teams coming and going. Six of them would be up every year. PANAITOLIKOS DRAMA TRIKALA SERRES RODOS BEROIA LEBADIAKOS IRAKLIS KERKYRA KALAMATA/TRIPOLI PANIONIOS ATROMITOS HANIA Anyways I went off topic and on a rant
  21. Been so busy I forgot about this. Athinaios with a big 5 correct picks this week. Here are this week's and next week's games. STANDINGS 34--AEKPROTATHLIMA 32--thrylos 30--Irlandos 29--Kanadezos 28--athinaios 22--Euro2004 5---Genome 4---Crazy Week 27 --
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