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  1. Had we played with more confidence we could have beaten the Germans. The Italians had a game plan and showed the Germans had a glass jaw.
  2. Karagounis retire, I mean I think it was plain for everyone to see what Greece is like without Karagounis. They were flat, lacked creativity, couldn't hold the ball for more than three passes, couldn't win free kicks. With players you have to take the good with the bad. It was insane not to give Fetfa a chance, but to take Karagounis out? That will require rebuilding the squad and throwing away qualification for 2014 to give chances to and experience to youngsters and that's not going to happen.I think he's a 60 minute player and we need his leadership for two more years. Just think, he's done two great things: 1. Score the goal that started Euro 2004 for us, let's not kid ourself we would have been knocked out in the first round with 2 points if he didn't score that goal. 2. He scored the goal which had us advance from our group and show that we are not a first week team, we can go past the first round.
  3. guys let us put things in perspective.The real Greek team didn't show up on Friday and we got two goals off the Germans. Sifakis had a nosebleed and probably wasn't seeing clearly. We had an excuse to lose to Germany, they have no excuse to give up two goals to a team lacking a natural left back, and our midfield general. Let's wait for four years and these Germans if they win nothing will be considered failures and our golden generation will have blossomed.
  4. Because many of these guys don't travel well. Giorkas was case in point, his move abroad doomed him.Look at Charisteas--he went from club to club and is now playing for a new promoted team. These guys think that it's better to be a star in Greece than a bench warmer in Germany or Italy.
  5. I know how certain things hurt, but it was a success which we should celebrate. there are regrets, why not play Fetzfatzidis, why not put Chiotis in rather than Chalkias, why have the refs against us when we could have if we qualified first beaten Portugal. Soccer is about luck and let's just say that in 2004 how about if one of those Czech shots went into the back of our net we wouldn't have won the final. We got lucky at times and it has been 8 years of at times poor skill and horrible luck such as (the offside call against a legit Gekas goal against Russia in 2008). Luck works for you and against you. But at the same time, I like Santos because this team has fight back quality, which we never ever had. In Otto's time except for that game against Nigeria, after giving up a goal we would implode. With Santos we seem to try to fight back. But he still did some crazy things tactically, and I think if he played his cards right and the referees were fair, we had a chance at making the final. Do I think we could have won again? No. But we had a good chance of reliving some of that 2004 glory. Whatever the case, good job. We have Vellios, Karnezis, Fetzfatzidis, Torosidis, Sammaras, Papa, Sokratis, Fortounis, Tzavellas, and many more young players. These guys are going to improve, the future is bright.
  6. I didn't see the game, I was too nervous so I won't comment. I can say a few things. Greece had what should have been a goal against the Poles, one was disallowed against the Czechs, and in addition to that 5 other goals in four games. That's 8 goals in 4 games not bad for only creating very few chances. If you look at our strike rate and compare it to the Germans we have a far better chance of scoring if we move forward. Had we not played with fear we would have won. A telling stat: When Greece played with a back four just made up of defenders, not midfielders subbing for defenders we had a very stingy defence. When we put Katsou in place of Sokratis, and then Fotakis in place of Tzevellas, we gave up 5 goals in 140 minutes. A few things: I think Chiotis needs to be our keeper, he isn't a cry baby and is brave and dynamic. We were missing our leader Karagounis, he would have tackled and won fouls and would not have surendered like Ninis. I think Ninis doesn't want to get hurt before he goes to Italy. The two failures in our team have been that German-Uruguayan Holebas and the Albania Ninis. You need players who are going to bleed for that shirt, both of those guys acted like they were on vacation. And not having Fetzfatzidis playing, that was insane. He could weave past defenders, instead they brought Lyberoupoulos whose days are over. Let us be happy we made it to the quarters, the refs were against us; maybe Platini will never forgive Gagatsis for doing that little dance of glory in front of him when Charisteas scored against Portugal. Let's put something in perspective, a quarter final spot is great. Michael Ballack, Maldini, Nistelroy, and Beckham have never won a Euro medal. It's no easy task and we did it. And we have qualified for four out of five tournaments and now we have shown we are not the whipping boys, but we can go into the second week of a finals and with some luck and fair calls by the refs we had a shot at the semi-final. Two goals against the Germans is impressive and nothing to be ashamed about. I would have rather lost 4-2 rather than 2-0 or 3-0. Go Greece!
  7. I don't want to be a prophet of doom, but without a leader we don't have a chance. Don't forget we had Zagorakis in the game against Portugal, he was our natural leader, made the most tackles, and kept us tight. Can Katsou fill in for him? I don't think so. Sadly in Euro 2008, we had a horrible game against Sweden, against Russia we played better in 2008 than we did against them in 2004. Gekas was called for offside even though that goal should have stood and Nikopolids acted like a maniac running out of his goal for a ball that his defenders would have no problem clearing and against Spain we had an aging Dellas slip and we were going home then. So let's put things in perspective. In 2008, we had a horrible game and two decent ones. Once you lose your first game you're always behind the eight-ball. If we want to have any chance. We have to attack early and play the most unpredictable game you can conjur. In Otto's match against England in the WC qualifier, we attacked and had the Brits flustered. My outside tip is that every team in this tournament will have a bad game, will Germany have a bad game and if so when? Salpi, Gekas, and Karagounis scored--isn't it time that Samaras gets a goal? How about Torosides, how about even Katsouranis, he has 9 goals for his country? Let's say Ninis dazzles. Let's say the stars aligned create having two of these players score and shutting out the Germans or resctricting them to one goal? I doubt any of this will happen but minute 70 if there is no score, the Germans will feel the pressure and know that they will be ridiculed if they lost to the Greeks, that type of pressure can make one make mistakes. Don't forget the burden of being a favorite is really heavy.
  8. I didn't think they could beat Russia and they did. But they have a few problems. 1. Ninis I don't think has been the same since he was injured in the Israel game. 2. I don't know why Santos won't play Fetzfatzidis. To suddenly throw him into the frying pan against Germany is going to be reckless. 3. Who will give us a spark? Torosidis might, since he's more offensively minded than all the midfield players who will start on Friday. 4. 25 year old Makos with very limited experience has to fill in for one of the greatest soccer players in Greek history? I don't like to blame referees, but honestly this has been crazy. Against Poland we had our cb red carded, he was missing against the Czechs and we had to have a midfielder cover for him and got ripped into shreds. We played full strength against Russia and won, but that horrible referee has made sure that in our game against Germany our midfield engineer is missing. Whatever the case, this to me is a greater triumph as 2004. We had referees who acted like they were ordered to make every call against Greece yet we managed to make it through to the quarters. This proves that Greece is among the top eight soccer teams in Europe, that 2004 was no fluke, and though in our lifetime we may never win another tournament, we are not one of those teams that just makes up the numbers and goes home.
  9. Also, Fotakis was not offside. ESPN showed a camera angle that showed his arm was ahead of him but the Czech player was half a yard ahead of him.
  10. Can someone answer why put katsouranis as a center back when you have so many other players who can fill that spot. I have never seen that.
  11. I agree about us being too critical, but can't agree that we played the right game against Argentina. The key to winning games is to keep the ball away from the other team and frustate them. Instead we rolled over and gave the Argentines several gifts. If we couldn't shut out Moldova and Latvia, it stands to reason that we couldn't shut out the powerful Argentines. I am not saying go for an all out attack but if Samaras had Salpi as his strike partner we could have sprung a surprise.
  12. I never said we beat Russia, I know they beat us, but we managed to pull a goal back, I felt we were in control of things, we didn't crumble and if you'll recall Tsartas nearly tied the game. The 2010 team doesn't have that fight in it.
  13. I agree with you 100% on that one.A
  14. I agree good riddance, but Greece did not play destructive football in 2004, they had a midfield line, they fought, and after six games playing some of the best teams they were never shut out.In this tournament Greece played boring soccer, except for the game against Nigeria.
  15. I am not being a wiseguy when I ask this, but would you have played with 6 or 7 defenders? Let me know how you would have done it. I would have put Giorkas, Ninis, and Salpi in from the start.Best, A
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