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  1. Well if you say he's the best in terms of class then it's down to opinion, if you think he's the best in terms of form then I'd disagree because he's in the weakest league of any other striker we have. Regardless of weakest league or strongest league. He has among the best skill sets out there and he produces when given the opportunity. Kind of like Gekas.Top Greek Strikers and I'm sure I'm leaving someone out are in no order: MITROGLOU SAMARAS GEKAS AMANATIDIS
  2. He is the best Greek striker at the moment.
  3. what will happen when diogo and if derbishire come back?does mitroglou get the bench?
  4. AEK is 9th out of 16 teamsEverton is 16th out of 20 teams Both teams SUCK in hteir domestic leagues. The difference is as you said the Greek Mentality.
  5. the problem is that the Greek mentality is poor in these situations. No matter what there is always negativity. I've heard people saying that maybe Ziko is not the answer as the coach. WTF peoples. Sir Alex Fergenson's Manchester United LOST 3-0 to FULHAM. That is right 3-0. If Olympiakos lost 3-0 everyone would want everyone's heads cut off. Bring in younger players, Greek players and let them gel for a few seasons. You will see the results. No stop gaps
  6. I don't remember him turning down an invitation in 04. Maybe later on he did because he was overlooked for so long. And I do believe he got punishedImagine a central midfield that has two michanakia like zagorakis and stoltidis. WOW
  7. Georgatos is the guy that said something along the lines, "I'm not playing for not F*&^(^@@ Germano". He was amongst the MOST talented Greek players ever, but such a loser. Stoltidis never got a chance to play, I think most forum user will agree he should have been there, because of Zagorakis. Stoltidis and Zagorakis are the same type of player.
  8. the 4-2-3-1 has a lot of offense. the 3 mids have a lot of freedom to move up and attack as there are in essense 6 defenders.
  9. I would prefer more home grown Greek players on the team. Too many Xsenei. This team is not Olympiakos
  10. Thanks for the information GS1905. Good to hear it from a different point of view.
  11. This is getting a bit off topic, but unless you hear it first hand you cannot comment. I understand that.I personally know two players that were involved with the top teams in Greece (AEK and OSFP) Ballas that played for Olympiakos and my friend have both informed me of the way things go down. I'm not here to try and pursuade you as I don't have that much time.
  12. He flirted with AEK before he tore his knee up. He is a huge AEK supporter and watches Greek League soccer with my father every weekend via satellite. He hears the game in Greek and fully understands everything.
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: that is funny. basinas better than beckham
  14. Just thought I would share an outsiders point of view on the Greek National Soccer Team. I friend of mine who played professionally in Sweden and on the Iranian National Soccer Team watches a lot of Greek football (due to his friends being Greek) and know more about Greek teams than many Greeks do, told me today some of his thoughts on Greek football. Here is a quick summary as a mini dissertation is not needed. *The corruption at the top is too strong. *Coaches are getting fired for not playing players that the owners want to play. *Not promoting within. Trying to get a quick fix from different nations. Which lead to his comment on the National Team. He saw the game and he cannot believe that a good coach like OTO is making these moves. To have Basinas, Karagounis and Katsouranis on the field at the same time is suicide. Keep on of those guys and promote a couple of young guys. He uses Beckham as an example. Beckham is still a way better player than any of those 3 mentioned, yet he plays less on the national team than those 3 Greeks. He said Basinas and Karagounis are 35 minute players at the National level. He also said the the Greeks play scared. Only after the get scored on and fall behind in the game do they try to play offensive soccer. When they play offensive soccer they look good in his opinion. Just some of the thoughts a 44 year old ex-national Iranian player has on Greek football and the National team.
  15. The more greek players you get the better it is. There are plenty good greek keepers that are never given a chance. All they need is a chance
  16. HE has pace. He just looks slow because he is lanky
  17. I would liek to give the coach some time. Give him a year. I like what he is doing to build depth and team play.
  18. personality issues. he said somehting kokallis didn't like ...blah blah blah and then made an example of him.
  19. That's a very defeatest argument and is simply making excuses re file.Why are Olympiakos in a transitional period again? There was no need for it. It's impossible to be in a transitional period 3 times in 5 years. The fact is, whenever Olympiakos start to build a decent foundation, those crazy bastards that run the club destroy the fabric of the team. The answer is not to give Valverde a chance to build in the UEFA Cup. The answer is for Olympiakos fans to start demanding a team that will be in the last 16 of the CL every year! The only way to do that is to start protesting... Demand that Kokkali will either act professionally and build a team that will be kept as a foundation for a few years, or, sell the club like PAO fans did with Vardinoyianni. Trying to convince yourself that UEFA Cup football is a good thing is definitely not the way forward. Not a defetest attitude at all. The problem lies in management as you said. I'm simply saying that Olympiakos is not deep enough to compete year in and year out. Their youth program is week and there is no direction. They need to have a foundation and go from there. I like the coach. HE is trying to build a foundation. The team got results under lemonis, but there was ugly soccer out there. Give this guy time.Having the fans complain in order for the team to make improvements is not the way to go. THe impatience of the fans is the problem. Kokalis makes knee jerk reactions based on his mood that day and in order for him to appease the fans so they keep on buying his merchandise. Best way to stick it to an owner is to stop caring about the team directly. Don't go to the games, don't buy merchandise.
  20. guys look at the big picture. olympiakos would not do anything in europe in champions league anyways. the team is in transition for the 3rd time in 5 years. if they fail to qualify for the champions league, it gives velverde time to build a real team (it happens to bigger clubs than olympiakos so the world is not over if it happens to us). go to UEFA, gain points for greece, build a team that can compete and go forward.
  21. Scared of seeing too many non Greek players on the pitch.
  22. too many foreigners need some Greek blood in there to keep the identity
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