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  1. i agreed with some of your analysis paxiotis7, our biggest reason that we sacked lemonis is that the team wasnt playing well. i dont think rotation is a bad idea, but you have to build a team first, then rotation starts slowly right after you think the team is gelling and playing well.
  2. It has been a wierd 2 months, knocked out of champions league, our team is not playing well, and we seem to struggle to score goals in the 1st half. Ernesto Valverde is as reported from his country of spain an up and rising coach. a new breed. But is he the right man for a club that has been through more than 10 coaches in 8 years ( estimated ). my opinion is simple, Ernesto Valverde is still an apprentice in coaching, and has been given a task to steer a giant club to success, high expectations, and till now has already failed, and not only on the pitch, but in my eyes he got rid off three players that still had plenty to offer to our club, Lua Lua, Nunez and Ledesma. cmon is Patsa better than Ledesma.?? now cast your memories to 12 months ago, everyone was well prepared of what was expected, european success and the title. a technical director was installed in explayer Ilija Ivic, the man with many contacts. Takis Lemonis a greek coach who had plenty of passion and love for the club knew what was expected from olympiacos. A model was produced, this is what was needed for the club to compete and this is what was expected. ie 4-5-1 , we decided to buy players from argentina and off we went, it was no surprise we achieved our targets. now back to this season. we spent almost 25 million euros on players, sure we need two strikers another centre mid and in my eyes a left mid that has the ability to give us answers ie Galletti style. Ernesto has no excuse but to start preforming as a coach and prove that he is a coach with vision, stability and KNOWLEDGE. cause without the last my friends we are doomed. I guess by monday all will be forgotten cause we will be playing a team in my eyes we should be able to knock 5 past them. but the big test is in a few weeks when we play Aek at home. and future games away to paok, aris and pao. and interesting 2 months await us.. time will tell. not a bad idea to start searching for the next mourinhio. :LOL:
  3. boys there is only one thing that would make me happy ' castillo ' amd we are sitting there watching him getting ready to go to another club.. why why why ?
  4. lua lua signed a one year contract,, with saudi arabian team. after that he will be back.. trust me..
  5. There have been a few things that have bothered me. not in order, 1. Leonardo, finds himself out of position all the time. few examples. against aek last year, and anorthosis this year. he doesnt stay in line and keeps other players onside, 2. Why we dont buy Castillo. ? I would rather spend 10 million euros and bring edu and castillo or bradao and castillo. but time is running out and teams will be reluctant to release their stars as they wont have enough time to purchase replacements, 3. Our players look confused and maybe changing so many coaches over the past few years is the problem. Torosidis has lost his identity as a good right back. instead has been used as a right mid, right back, centre back, centre mid, and left back for national team. 4. Kokkalis must decide that maybe he is at fault, and like Torosidis has lost his identity. he has made technical decision, president decisions, marketing decisions, and all is not thought out carefully. - iam one that has come out and abused Valverde, but now think of it, he fielded a weaker team to the one we had last year. ie. nunez, lua lua, ledesma, all gone and hasnt really started any of the new comers. - now not renewing the team is a punishment, and we get everything we deserve
  6. anyway !! im excited about our transfers
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diogo_Luis_Santo
  8. reply to Nikos Vazelos lets not forget. dont try to dampen our moods but dudu is currently a brazilian international. gilberto silva. how many games did he play last year and is he in the national team currently. leto will be a killer on the left hand side.. you wait and see.. you think liverpool would want to keep him if he wasnt good,. or great !!
  9. Now the Diogo transfer has taken a new twist as his club want 10 million Euro. even though we put out the biggest offer at 7 million Euro . This so frustrating, we still need 3 more players. two strikers and a centre mid to partner either stoltidis or Dudu, personally i would get Cardoso from Asteras, he is an animal. as a strikers go. Id love to see Djibour from Panionios and Diogo. Djibour scored 14 goals in the league.. so wouldnt have a problem getting adjusted in greece, -- to the earlier question s from DUDE Question 1) Did Lemonis acheive the targets set to him by Kokkali in pre-season No. And Yes. he acheived alot in champions league but couldnt get the team to perform in the greek league. ie draw to ergotelis 3-3, loss to asteras at home, so kokkalis acted like he normally does and sacks the coach to get the league. is it harsh well yes.. did it work.. you know the result. Question 2) Did Ivic significantly improve our squad by securing the services of top players? like Alefantos said in an interview. Ivic is a perfect player manager, but not a technical director. see ivic wanted his own coach, own players and wanted to control all. kokkalis didnt agree with this as it was conflict of interest. the only signings that i like from Ivic was Galletti and kovasevic. and Leonardo but that was niniadis recommendation. r.bravo. lua lua, nunez, ledesma, belluschi for me turned out to be inconsistent and always injured. are they good players for sure.. but we needed consistent performers. belluschi wasnt worth the money we paid. Question 3) Was Lua Lua one of our best players, who gave his all for the team and was desperate to stay? lua lua was the fastest player in our team, gave us another dimension. so his pace was valiable. but was an entertainer a performer of hollywood standards. people enjoyed more his back flips than the goals itself. :nw: Question 4) From what you've seen from Leto is he better as a left-forward than Lua Lua different postions.. lua lua is more behind the striker player than a left forward, besides hope im not wrong but lua lua is a right footer and was bastardised in a position where we really needed a player to take over from djordjevic, Is Leto a good player, you bet. will he get better for sure. he will give us competition in a spot where we havent had for 10 years. and the difference is our coach trusts him, so thats a great start.
  10. this is a really good sign.. but every time we are close or have signed some one,, wikipedia updates its records,, ie lua lua, raul bravo, leonardo.. its has updated olympiacos page with bradao, leto and dudu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympiacos_F.....#Current_squad
  11. well aparently he always turned up to training late. he had a fight with segura before the cup, sometimes during the game he was very selfish and didnt pass. afte this year he would of received a large sum of money and then would of been on his final year and we may have lost him for nothing.. but the reality is i think we have already secured a player that is better that him.. and that is either chevanton or edu .. so with the 4 million we were offering plus 3.2 we got for lua lua this will be used to purchase one of these players !!!
  12. look lua lua was a good player,, but a liability,, and they would of had to pay him $1.8 million by next season for contract promises etc etc so they turned a 1.8 mil deficit to a 1.8 million profit..
  13. we are trying to set a bench mark the only team in europe with 11, 35+ year olds kovasevic djordjevic stoltidis makelele pantos antsas oh why not bring stellios back
  14. i dont understand why it takes so long to sign players... gilberto silva would of been a fantastic signing.. i dont like our propects for this year.. people seem to forget we were coming third for some part of last year.. we need players that have pace, and very good techinal players that can open closed tight defences ie Asteras Tripolis last year.. we need a defensive mid like ie Ze elias, Karambeu some one who will do all of our dirty work.. ledesma although a good player at his peak fit.. looks like a liability cause he gets injured too much.. stoltidis,, is a good player,, but wont last the whole season... torosidis,,, is not a mid.. but a right back / right mid thats it... and pasta the same.. why dont we go after recoba for left mid and crespo for strikers.. then look for players that will do the job for us in the future,,, casue time is running out..
  15. the bottom line is we need to sign 2 strikers, left mid, and centre mid at the moment our strongest team looks like this -----------------------kovasevic ---------------mitroglou---------------------------------- ---djordjevic---------stoltidis------------------belluschi------------------galletti---------- ---leonardo----------antsas---------------papadouloulos---------------torosidis--------- bench: oscar. ledesma,pantos, galitsios, zevlakow. bravo, mendrinos, katsikogiannis, patsatsoglou
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