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  1. my team winning is first, but if you think that this isnt a business or at least being treated as one, you have missed the boat my friend.The @@@@ have woken up & are checking out Govou, we should get him now, & not let this turn into a Mellburgh, at 2 mil he's a steal.
  2. selling Ninis shouldnt be something we look forward to. I would not be in favor of this, at some point yes. Now is not the time. Now we should be looking to replace Salpi, who will move on. Get someone like a Govou who has been linked to us & keep on winning. Yes it is a business, but first lets make some little fish [gavrous] suffer some, the little b*tches that they are. Replace Salpi, Keep Ninis, & get some central defenders, then maybe we can do some damage in the CL, while b*tch slapping the fish! :tup:
  3. read the same thing, it would be too bad for us & great for him. would love to see him play for us a little longer.
  4. Yes, a second striker. Like Samaras is normally all over the field, left right or center. I usually think 2 wingers, 2 strikers a #10 and 1 defensive mid is the balance you can have. Some coaches out there seem to ignore this completely though. Samaras is also on the outs at Celtic.. Green does suit him
  5. more importantly it was done on the pitch, not some boardroom,conference room or some lawyer's office. we did it on the field. Yeah baby :tup:
  6. you're probably right, with this defence he probably is the best defender :D but on a serious note, im glad to see that they finally figured out that this defence sucks badly & are willing to address this
  7. Cisse is a limited player. He's quick and he can come through for us but he lacks dimension; he loses control easily and he doesn't create on his own. Decent player but not great. he is a great goalscorer...maybe not great all around but we signed him up to score goals and he has done just that...its not his job to create, its his job to put the ball into the back of the net dont know if he's a good goalie either :blink: He has speed & can bury the ball, what more do you want from a striker. Lets face it, we are where we are because of him. Picture this team without him.. 4th place.Now l
  8. as of right now the Easter lamb will be tasting much better!!!!!!!!!
  9. bar7 lets not start a 10 round between us after so many years.... :nono: very funny..this was in the 1st half, & all games are live here. nice way to bounce back in the 2nd half, & get bounced out, too bad. better show than i expected
  10. in the USA the game is live on fsc. lifeless performance by the geys
  11. give Alefantos a 10 year contract
  12. we must win out & another gift wouldnt be so bad
  13. Really dude... What world are you living at... These guys (and any other team in Superleague) have the game at w/ Olympaicos circled on their calender everytime they come in and play them. You and I know that... you're so full of yourself... the only circle here is the big 0 that you scored.
  14. 1st place again.. hope for a gavro death vs iraklis
  15. need to put away all these chances
  16. when you look at the coaches before him, its hard to believe that he is on the list with the other scrap. To me he was a pro coach who was setting his team up for future success. Unfortunatly in Greece, it's what have you done for me lately. :tdown:
  17. you guys cant be serious, now you got a problem with Cisse? wtf is wrong with you!
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