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  1. give Alefantos a 10 year contract
  2. the rules change the game... bring'em to Greece so they can get their asses whipped
  3. he should get a contract extension
  4. for all you Lemounis haters... Where are you? :whistle:
  5. Great job by Lemounis in a skillful coaching excibition vs ofi
  6. i think i'll take the long shot.. he will last the year at least i hope so, so i can keep posting Lemounis :LOL:
  7. Classless? It was against England ffs!!! :LOL: In that game Maradona scored the greatest goal ever... he also scored the second greatest goal when he dribbled past their whole team! :P yeah re its classless to score with your hand punching a goal in to win a game... Where do you think Messi learned that from????I think it was in the 3-2 win vs Germany!!!! PELE over that CRACKHEAD ANYDAY!!!!
  8. Emanuel de Jesus Bonfim Evaristo.... will they spell his entire name on the jersey???... Was aek looking for the longest name available???
  9. PELE not even close What year was it that Maradone scored with his hand in the WC??? Classless
  10. alonso wins in the race which i think is the most boring on the cicuit... Montreal is next... hopefully i'll be able to go
  11. i dont think he was a flop at PAO... youre wrong about that.. Go back & look at his stats.. His last season at PAO he had scored in 8 consecutive games.. He has always had a knack for scoring goals
  12. the logic makes sense.,,.Good luck to Gekas next year as well. Prove all the doubters wrong again :tup:
  13. alot of gavri last year were saying that he wasnt good period.... they really must feel dumber now
  14. this is the biggest Greek soccer story of the year...Good for him..
  15. i do believe that paok will profit from Gekas a lesser % than PAO
  16. i dont see Gekas coming back to Greece anytime soon...Happy for his fortunes Within 3 yrs he went from Kallithea to possibly a great european carear... keep it going :gr:
  17. another goal for Gekas... up to 10 in the Bundesliga!!!!
  18. from the games that i've seen, it seems that man city is more dangerous with him in the lineup, even if he does nothing
  19. he came in as a sub vs portsmount in the 84th min.... At the half the commentator said "they have the 6 million pound transfer on the bench i wonder why" why???
  20. stability in the coaching department.... great move ;) enjoy next years CL... HO HO HO :LOL: :LOL: this is how the champs present themselves in the CL???? LIKE A BUNCH OF LEMONS :gr:
  21. how's that??? & how much would they get & Pao too???
  22. at the moment he's impressively tied in 4th with Bremen's Diego,& Klose with 6 goals :gr:
  23. this scoring machine just keeps it going as Gekkas is doing Greece proud in Germany with another goal today vs Shalke in a 2-1 loss for Bochum
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