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  1. its all about balance guys. The problem with the ethniki is that it doesn't and hasn't had any depth for years now. You've got to stick with the vets, in most cases, because they are your best players. I understand the way greece plays is archaic, and i agree that some of these players like tziolis have no place near the team.. but thinking about the last call ups, I think other than tziolis and maybe papazoglou, everyone else deserves to be there. I'm not against brining in new guys if they are good enough, but the problem is they usually aren't. when karagounis was playing in the nt, sure he had some elements to his game that drove everyone nuts, but the simple fact is we didn't have anyone who could play in that position ... now we have fourtounis, but greece just simply doesn't have the depth and quality. Just cause a guy scores a couple goals in a super league season does not make him worthy of an automatic call up.
  2. if this guy is playing and starting games in the premier league next year, i dont care how old he is, he should be in the ethniki team. the ethniki is not a platform for developing players, its about getting results
  3. fejsa only started the bayern munich games probably because hes a more physical, and defensive player... benfica had to try and find someway to slow them down and it actually worked out pretty good oh and by the way, mitroglou is in crazy form this year, playing for one of the biggest teams in europe
  4. can mitroglou keep atromitos up? he saved panionios all by himself last here..... im quite upset he left olympiakos , one of my favorite players :gr:
  5. well deserved win by apoel, good to see the cypriot teams doing good. i too hope they avoid olympiakos in the draw ( even though it could be a nice 4-6 points for olympiakos in champions league) . the cypriots have my support, like always in europe, im sure they can pull off at least one major upset.
  6. pao need to make some signings if they want to make the playoffs next year
  7. new season ahead, whos ready for 39! I think we have the team to win it again, its matches like these where we cannot drop points. Kavala like we all know are a good team and have taken points off of all the major teams over the past few years. i can see a 2-0 game , if the game actually ends up being played
  8. i'd be so happy if the abdoun transfer goes through.. -------fejsa--ibagaza- -abdoun--yeste--riera -------mirallas----- and we have so many options off the bench too, djebbour, fetfa and fuster
  9. Im not agasnt your opinion and I kinda agree with you, but you are contradicting your self. First you say that this is a weak Olympiakos and that the management have done so bad by weakening it. I agree with that. But now you are saying this is the best foundation in the last 15 years? I know thats not the point your trying to make but I dont think Valverede should be fired. Imo he is a great coach and knows what he is doing he just needs time. Time with the new life in greece, time with a brand league and time with the team that is still getting to know each other. Valverede should not be fired. He is a good coach and I like his rotation policiy and how he works set pieces. Imo he doesnt have that talented of a team to work with.
  10. We have to have a big game. I see it being a 1-0 game. Were gonna barly win this one. I hope we dont get back to our useual ways..
  11. Fact 5 and 6 are the most true things. Those are the reason we lose.
  12. Im glad to see our basketball team is getting the job done in Europe. I dont know why I dont support them more? They deserve it! They actally go out there and get good results and play good basketball. The owners deserve it too, they actally spend money to put a good product on the court unlike Kokklis ( who I must admit is getting better at spending). I wish i saw the basketball game today insted of the football.. Good for OLYMPIAKOS! :nw: And good for panionios too :nw: Tommorw Pao vs Zalgris.. Id like to see that one..
  13. Im not really bashing metalist. What I am saying is that we were absoulute crap, and lost to a team who imo we can beat 3 outta 4 times on the road in a game like taht. What I am saying is that we never showed up and the result is we lost to a team that was weeker than us. Nothing hurts more than that.
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