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  1. its all about balance guys. The problem with the ethniki is that it doesn't and hasn't had any depth for years now. You've got to stick with the vets, in most cases, because they are your best players. I understand the way greece plays is archaic, and i agree that some of these players like tziolis have no place near the team.. but thinking about the last call ups, I think other than tziolis and maybe papazoglou, everyone else deserves to be there. I'm not against brining in new guys if they are good enough, but the problem is they usually aren't. when karagounis was playing in the nt, sure he had some elements to his game that drove everyone nuts, but the simple fact is we didn't have anyone who could play in that position ... now we have fourtounis, but greece just simply doesn't have the depth and quality. Just cause a guy scores a couple goals in a super league season does not make him worthy of an automatic call up.
  2. if this guy is playing and starting games in the premier league next year, i dont care how old he is, he should be in the ethniki team. the ethniki is not a platform for developing players, its about getting results
  3. fejsa only started the bayern munich games probably because hes a more physical, and defensive player... benfica had to try and find someway to slow them down and it actually worked out pretty good oh and by the way, mitroglou is in crazy form this year, playing for one of the biggest teams in europe
  4. i'd be so happy if the abdoun transfer goes through.. -------fejsa--ibagaza- -abdoun--yeste--riera -------mirallas----- and we have so many options off the bench too, djebbour, fetfa and fuster
  5. Its all good though. I am glad to ssee scottish football fail. I hate it! I think it is poor and no way is it better than the greek league.
  6. ^ I saw a bit of the game today, 1-1 Bologna tied Roma But the comintartor was talking about how Moras is a really good defender and that his game has big time improved. He said that he is a big man thast got quick feet and defends well. What he also said is that he completly shut down Iaquinta last week vs Juventus? But I dont knwo. From what I saw Moras was not too bad and would make an excelent super league defender.
  7. AGAIN! :tup: This guy has more goals than xaristeas!
  8. I read that dimmi papdopoulos is close to comming too. That would really piss me off. THere would be nothing more embarissing than a player who got CUT from pao to come play for our team. Any player from pao is embarissing enough, but at leats make sure the player is good, like konstantinou. I really hope Gate 7 is in fulll force next game urging Kokalis and crew not to sign him. As for Gekas, it could be a good signing. Gekas is a really good finsiher, and a change of clubs would reallyt benifit him. But again, hes green, and i dont want us siging green players, thats embarissing. This Koutsianikoulis kid seems like it would be the right buy. I saw hes goals vs Pao and he can be somethign pretty good in the greek league. I think it would be a better siging then get an ex green. Abelairas I have never herd of, but if we wanted to lure him, im sure fernado belluchi could help. Again, we all know what rumors mean at this point in the year.
  9. Ya i was just oging to ask that. Theres no way Sokratis played as a wing back did he? Imo that is not his naturel position.
  10. Ya, your friend is right about somethings for sure. Its a shame that out siders have these kinds of views agasnt us. But I still think Karagounis should be playing 90 minutes. He is the only player on the ethniki who can create anything.
  11. Who was the keeper in the u19s this year? He was a good keeper? And what ever happend to Dean Bouzanis?
  12. panagopoulos must not be a kid anymore? well i think hes still young. He might be like 21? I have no idea. Ive never seem him play.
  13. allright lets hope we pass isreal this week.
  14. As much as I was beliving the article, the end really made me think? I kind of belive her if she infcat did have a lot of dope tests and didn't fail any. We all know how crooked the olympics have become.
  15. check out the cover of FOS! None other than LOMANA LUA LUA!! http://www.sport.gr/default.asp?pid=90&fp=15313 I know its early and rumors now mean nothing, but wouldnt that be great!
  16. Whats with these Greek CBs being so far up the pitch! :LOL:
  17. Very Nice goal! What is a center back doing that far up though?! :P
  18. ^ Nice pass... Imo Katsou has always had potential. His game just doesnt suit the role he is given on the ethniki.
  19. Funny how you started this topic, I was just talking about the same sort of subject in the Olympiacos - Panserraikos topic. I was talking about how it is not really Valverdes fault. We have 7 new players on our team, and our starting line up is completly differnet. Valverde cant be blammed yet. The team lacks chemestry. The players have got to get too know each other better. You put a new coach in a new system with a whole new bunch of players who dont know each other, it is going to be sloppy for a while. I hope Valverde is given time, because from waht i read he is a great coach. So far im not impressed with him, but you have to give a new team time. He will get sacked soon though. He will not survive at this club. Im pretty sure Valverded was not at fault for the departure of Lua Lua. I think he got in a fight with Kokkalis. Ledesma wanted out, nothing Valverde can do. And lets be honest, Nunez really didnt do muhc last year. Although I really liekd him, and he showed alot of potentinal, our team can do much better. From what I noticed, Valverde likes to play younger players and develop them, somthing I give him real credit for. He seems to really liek mitroglou and gives him alot of chances. Thats really smart, something coaches like Lemonis, and Otto would not do. On the flip side, I think Valverde is bad at motivating the players. He doesnt seem to ethusiastic, and doesnt show too much passion. He is always quite, sitting on the bench, with a straight face. He has got to start yelling at the players more and tell them to wake up. Thats just what I think of Valverde. Hopefully he lives up to his potential, and becomes a great coach.
  20. :nw: Good for him that he is scoring. But it looks to me that samaras always takes one touch too many. Agasnt a better opponent he would not have scored those goals. But good for him.
  21. Greece 1-0 Faroe Island This game ment nothing but experience. Imo 1-0 vs faroe island is pretty bad
  22. Castillo is doing to shakatar what toure did you olympiakos :P The guy is a jerk but you gotta love him :nw:
  23. Purly Academic, did that guy respond to you yet?
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