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  1. Gekkas scored again in a 3-3 draw at Hertha
  2. none of the above carry soccer...Dont think many would leave Dish... ERT would be the big catch
  3. in a recent interview, Gekkas critisizes the Greek league & the crap that takes place in & around the stadiums. Also put down the police at the stadiums
  4. he's leaving the sport & he's still on top of his game :tup:
  5. he has 2 goals of the 7 the team has scored & tied for the team lead with Fabio Junior. the team is in last....
  6. it would be nice to see Michael win the championship in dramatic fashion
  7. they were unable to defend him all match...nice goals
  8. scored the 2nd goal vs Hamburg... good for him :tup:
  9. What a bummer. No way I'll get up at 2:00am to watch the game.....but I probably will.Why do they feel they need the time change I wonder (probably mind games to establish who calls the shots even before the game, or is it to do with Las Vegas gambling)! To return the favor I think drug tests for all USA palyers should be requested from the Hellas side. This ought to send them scrambling ;) maybe the time change was done for better ratings in the USA...who knows..its always about money at some point Drug test the Americans, would be awsome... half the team would get benched :D
  10. another good win.. we trailed once at 0-2 & never looked back.. impressive... the gap between the USA & the rest of the world has closed drastically & anything can happened especially since we've improved so much.. Let's not forget we are the defending Euro champs :gr:
  11. if hes facing Agassi, you can bet thats a night game thats prime time & may be Agassi's last match
  12. what a joke!!!good win boys... time to take care of the frenchies again
  13. with the recent history they should drug test the americans
  14. another great win....making a mark on world basketball :tup: :gr:
  15. hopefully your team peaks & sparkles during the pre-season :tup:
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