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  1. Those rankings were a bit of a stretch. At no point was Greece ever really a top 10 team. Probably not even top 20. And they probably won't even be top 50 soon enough.
  2. The Greek NT as currently constructed is a disgrace and even worse than the pre-2004 decades. The players don't care, the management doesn't care and the coaches don't care. We're still hiring Greek head coaches like a third world country when it's obvious the Greek coaching mentality will never win anything ever. And it seems we're doing that before we are poor as s%$#! and can't afford to find better coaches. What happened to all Euro 2004 money and good fortune? Pissed away over the last 15 years with absolutely nothing to show for it. No investments in our youth systems to help our future. Just the same old s%$#!. Countries like Belgium are building talented young teams and we're still here twiddling our thumbs. We are so far backward that it's not even worth discussing anymore. The whole thing is a disgrace. No garbage coach is saving the NT. Fyssas is not saving the NT. We're back to the stone age. Maybe even worse than before. It's over. I throw in the towel on EPO and the NT.
  3. Very happy for Santos. this could've been us. If only we played with some national pride and didn't have corrupt dickheads running the organization.
  4. Can we get Santos back? I apologize for all the negatives I said about him. The man know how to win.
  5. If Katsouranis and Karagounis start at midfield again then it's an automatic loss. Santos' tactics remind me of Otto post-2004.
  6. What's with this Home2Us stuff? I went to their site. It looks very cheap and lame. I wouldn't get their service. They don't look like a legitimate company. As for Olympiakos, someone told me Ert World is no longer going to air Olympiakos games. Can anyone in the know here tell me if Antenna will get their games or not? I really would like to know so I can sign up to Dish without feeling paranoid about missing my team's games next year. I am not interested in any IPTV. I feel any IPTV services, specially the ones the Greek channels are on, are all just a ripoff.
  7. So from what I gather in this topic, ERT is not available on Direct TV and basically nothing else but Dish Network. Am I right? BTW, how does NGTV (run by Kastana) show ERT shows/Super League matches, among other things, on his channel?
  8. Otto being reasonable and doing the right thing? Never! He'll start the worst defender we have too - Vyntra - just to shove it all in everyone's face.
  9. Malakes oloi - Otto, I should've seen this coming you F***er. I woke up for this anti-futball bullshit...Ante xese mas m#$%!..esei kai o Charisteas, Seirtaridis, Karagounis, Tziolis, Vyntra, Avraam, Kapetanos, Patsa, kai olous tous malakes pou eitheles na valeis simere re kologero! Hopefully Alefantos comments on this so I can enjoy another laugh. We need an Alefantos-Charisteas rematch. He was right of course. Especially about Mitroglou! Greece is not a defensive team. We have good defenders but we have a one-dimensional coach. It worked in 2004 when nobody saw us coming but people know our game already. They know how we play. Our coach cannot make adjustments and it shows now. We have no offensive game plan. Absolutely none. Just long balls all game and hoping for a miracle goal. And the players chosen were pitiful. He's 71 years old. I think he is just in advanced stages of dementia or a one hit wonder coach. Charisteas, Tziolis, VYNTRA, Avraam Papadopoulos were all garbage. Katsouranis lives off his past name meanwhile my grandma shows more passion for her country than he does. He's a piece of s%$#!. Seirtaridis is useless and doesn't even play for Panathinaikos in Greece. Then the subs were real doozies. Patsatzoglou for Karagounis! Yeah, put in a defender/defensive mid when we're down 1-0 and need some creativity. Not Ninis, but Patsa. Nice. Then Kapetanos was another amazing ###### sub. Some scrub who plays in the Romanian leagues get the opportunity to play. Listen, I don't think Greece is some amazing team. They're average. but they're style of play is a loser mentality. They go into the game scared and with no confidence in themselves at all. The coach hammers into their heads that they are best off playing that ugly defensive style and hoping for long balls to get through and get a lucky goal. Otto Rehhagel cannot make and has not made any adjustments to the team since Euro 2004. Same old style of play that everyone knows by now. How can we win like this? It's not about losing. I don't care if we lose but play with pride, passion and at least look like we belong on the field. But to play like this? Learning nothing from 2004? Same shitty tactics? Unacceptable. Greek football took 5 steps back since Euro 2004 and it is primarily the coach's fault.
  10. Are there any pay streams available for this game?
  11. Cyprus has no chance at qualification. Shame, since I thought they would have a decent chance this year.
  12. Against the Turks especially.
  13. Playing with Basinas is like playing with 10 men.
  14. If he's not national team material and Charisteas is then you must be nuts.Samaras has that raw skill. He was never able to properly use it at Man City but he's really a good player and he has the potential to b the best player for Greece. Right now he isn't but if he keeps up this form, his future is very bright.
  15. Isn't a part of Italy a former part of ancient Greece? Or am I mistaken?
  16. 3-0? Heh. More like City will win 0-3.
  17. 0-0 historic result for Anorthosis! Good job guys!
  18. Ouch. The match in Germany will not be pretty.
  19. He's scoring on 2nd division players. Hardly a big deal. He shouldn't even be on the NT right now.
  20. Really really demoralizing result for the Cypriots.
  21. Big signing and congrats to you guys. Panionios?? Who knew!?
  22. Why should Patsa be there? He hasn't done anything at all in a long time. Same with Charisteas. Both have been poor for quite some time. Tziolis is less than 50/50. He isn't NT material. Christodoulopoulos would be better served taking his place.
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