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  1. Those rankings were a bit of a stretch. At no point was Greece ever really a top 10 team. Probably not even top 20. And they probably won't even be top 50 soon enough.
  2. The Greek NT as currently constructed is a disgrace and even worse than the pre-2004 decades. The players don't care, the management doesn't care and the coaches don't care. We're still hiring Greek head coaches like a third world country when it's obvious the Greek coaching mentality will never win anything ever. And it seems we're doing that before we are poor as s%$#! and can't afford to find better coaches. What happened to all Euro 2004 money and good fortune? Pissed away over the last 15 years with absolutely nothing to show for it. No investments in our youth systems to help our future. Just the same old s%$#!. Countries like Belgium are building talented young teams and we're still here twiddling our thumbs. We are so far backward that it's not even worth discussing anymore. The whole thing is a disgrace. No garbage coach is saving the NT. Fyssas is not saving the NT. We're back to the stone age. Maybe even worse than before. It's over. I throw in the towel on EPO and the NT.
  3. Very happy for Santos. this could've been us. If only we played with some national pride and didn't have corrupt dickheads running the organization.
  4. Can we get Santos back? I apologize for all the negatives I said about him. The man know how to win.
  5. What's with this Home2Us stuff? I went to their site. It looks very cheap and lame. I wouldn't get their service. They don't look like a legitimate company. As for Olympiakos, someone told me Ert World is no longer going to air Olympiakos games. Can anyone in the know here tell me if Antenna will get their games or not? I really would like to know so I can sign up to Dish without feeling paranoid about missing my team's games next year. I am not interested in any IPTV. I feel any IPTV services, specially the ones the Greek channels are on, are all just a ripoff.
  6. So from what I gather in this topic, ERT is not available on Direct TV and basically nothing else but Dish Network. Am I right? BTW, how does NGTV (run by Kastana) show ERT shows/Super League matches, among other things, on his channel?
  7. Otto being reasonable and doing the right thing? Never! He'll start the worst defender we have too - Vyntra - just to shove it all in everyone's face.
  8. If he's not national team material and Charisteas is then you must be nuts.Samaras has that raw skill. He was never able to properly use it at Man City but he's really a good player and he has the potential to b the best player for Greece. Right now he isn't but if he keeps up this form, his future is very bright.
  9. Actually Bravo is one of our better defenders. It's just that Valverde thinks Patsa deserves to play over Bravo for some reason.
  10. It's not great at all. Basinas sucks ass.
  11. Garcia is the one that's old, not Reyes. Either way, none of those guys are coming.
  12. Good signing but we actually have to develop our young players and not bench them in favor of Kovasevic.
  13. When the owner is Kokkalis, it doesn't matter who you hire.
  14. Wow, we fired Lemonis? LOL.
  15. He would grab bench on Chelsea anyway but it would have been cool to have the first Greek to play for a prominent club in the Premiership.
  16. This guy is in 3rd division France. Are you kidding me?
  17. Ne is always injured and Leozinho sucks. Konstantinou isn't even part of the team anymore. He barely plays.
  18. What's going on with Almiron? What about Kyrgiakos?
  19. This is a re-hash of the same articles that have already been mentioned. We'll see.
  20. I want to see him in Greece signing the contract before I believe Greek media.
  21. Porto is buying this guy. End of story.
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