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  1. Nothing is easy and no team will "give" us the game! We have to play like AEK and WIN!!! Bottom line! No excuses!
  2. We have a long way to go if we want to talk about protathlima. You cannot loose points to Iraklis and Panionios at home and still believe that you have a chance. As much I hate PAOK they have a better and faster team from us! We need allot of work and some better players.
  3. I think we will win this game. Kodrero is back and so will Mantalos. But I have to agree about the fans. I don't expect more than 9000!!!!
  4. I think that we will finish this season undefeated as we should. The announcement of the new stadium is what really has made me excited and will make this season go by with less pain!!! And like always AEKARA SE AGAPO!!!!!
  5. We are looking good but still need allot of improvement! I think advancing to the 2nd Division want be an issue, but will like to see some new players made and play some good soccer!
  6. This is our time!!! Just have some patience and we will return stronger and better!!!! :D
  7. Great win for us but still have allot of work ahead of us. Now we need to get the British boys in our club and keep winning. Good win!!!! :tup:
  8. Just wondering if you guys will be intresting in doing this again. I am willing to take care of it again this season.
  9. Here are the final standings after Week 30. Great season and congrats to IRLANDOS for been the 2011-2012 PRO-PO CHAMPION!!!!!!!! 113---IRLANDOS 107---AEKPROTATHLIMA 41---ATHINAIOS 40---EURO2004 39---WARZYCHA
  10. Here is the final Week. Week 30. WEEK 30 --SKODA
  11. Here are the standings after Week 29. 111---IRLANDOS 105---AEKPROTATHLIMA 41---ATHINAIOS 40---EURO2004 39---WARZYCHA
  12. Here are the standings after Week 28. did not count the Aris -Asteras game. 107---IRLANDOS 101---AEKPROTATHLIMA 41---ATHINAIOS 40---EURO2004 39---WARZYCHA
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