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  1. Not sure his move from Bochum was a good one. He seems lost in the numbers and for some reason has lost the confidence of the coach. Anyone with knowledge about the Bundesliga care to comment on what is happening to him? My concern is that he is such a key component of the NT that a loss of confidence with his club will result in subpar performances for the NT.
  2. Euro2004, nice to read about your exploits and sorry it didn't work out.
  3. Samaras played a good game; he was fluid, active and had some good runs. I hope this is a confidence boost for him and that he will continue to work hard to keep his place in the starting 11 but more importantly score goals.
  4. It was on Italian tv but then again, that doesn't help unless you're in the footprint.
  5. Limp game by the boys. Defensive football, a la Otto, which once again proved useless. Alexiou failed in this game as he did not set the tone early in putting ENG on their back heels. We were lucky to only lose by 3 as our goalie made some great saves, which may explain why Bouzanis did not play. No fault of the goalie. Header off a corner for the first ENG goal, penalty (stupid play by our defender) for the second and turned off the tv in disgust and so missed the 3rd. All in all the loss of Ninis was a triple whammy, lose the best player, lose the game and had we even tied Italy in points, we would have not qualified based on ITA's fair play advantage. Great coaching job Alexiou....
  6. Ninis collected two yellow cards. His second was pure stupidity as after being tackled, he jumped up and motioned to the ref to pull a yellow card. Of coruse the ref turned around and gave him one which was his second. Stupid, stupid, stupid move by Ninis which will cost the team dearly. What lack of discipline and leadership from someone from whom so much is expected. Now we need a win vs Eng to be in while a tie may or may not suit us depending on what happens between Ita vs CZ.
  7. agree w/Dude. This is his chance to get his groove back. He was a prolific scorer in the Netherlands and was a promising talent who now has to live up to his potential (i.e. get serious) or be just another bit player on smaller and smaller teams.
  8. Agree with all you said Dude. A naturally gift is not enough nowdays, you have to dedicate yourself to making something of it. If Samaras takes it seriously, it will be a blessing for the NT.
  9. The boys were beyond expectations. They fought like lions (if only the senior team would learn) and kept pressing forward, but it was not to be. I was impressed with the sang froid of the players taking long shots, which also our senior team lacks. All this shapes up for hopefully good times for the future of our NT. On the negative, the goal was really worthless and Mitroglou needs to finish. The second sub (blond hair?) did nothing with the chances that he got even though they apparently played to his stregnth, the high ball.
  10. What a game & what heart the boys showed. They fought and played their attacking game in the 2nd half as if they were the ones playing with a man advantage. Bravo to them and of coruse to da man Noplias!!
  11. Agree, searched in vain for the game. Left watching the score on the Supersport betting channel and listening in on Eurosport which game commentary updates.
  12. Whenever I watched him play, he made an impression on me. I see him as being a very raw player with potential but needs to be an in the right situation to fully develop. I hope Bologna provides a bit more of that than Greece. Good luck to him.
  13. Agree w/you PAO. Samaras is a finisher but without any lead in passes it is a problem. That said, Samaras needs to be more convincing when he gets the chance, he's missed a few that should have gone in. Lack of concentration, or whatever, he needs to make them. As for Barton, Dunne et al, they are just punks who find it easier to blame others when things don't go their way. Samaras needs to move on to a coach who will fine-tune that goal scoring acumen that he has. Arsenal may not be the right place, I was thinking more the Spanish league..
  14. PAO screwed up with a lot of players. It's a two-bit outfit run by misfits who know nothing about operating a football team. There was a time when foreign teams were wary of PAO and espceially so when coming to Greece. Now we can't even compete in the national league and are viwed as the weak link when we go to Europe. What a waste, but until the fans stop going to the games, nothing will happen. Money talks and a serious drop in fan support will either cause the collapse of the team or will force the tight-fisted ownership to open their wallets. If they're not willing then sell th team to someone - anyone - who will. Dropi that a team like PAO is falling to such disgrace. Na xanathoune oli tous.
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