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  1. I haven't been involved in this conversation, mainly because some of the comments are ridiculous and I don't know where to start. So I'll address some general points: 1) This team can go to South Africa, but let's face it, we have the weakest group in qualifying, IF we make it there it's not exactly a stretch. 2) Kyrgiakos is the best Greek defender and the best defender in Greece. He's aerially superb, passionate, and deceptively sharp in the tackle. He's also not as slow as people make out. As for the Sweden game, which you guys are criticising him about, he was superb! It was the best ce
  2. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :gr: :gr: :band: :band:
  3. According to Sportdog.gr Panionios are very close to signing Anorthosis' Polish forward Lukasz Sosin. Over the course of the season his game has dropped an awful lot and I think the 32 year old is starting to show signs of aging. He should have been signed by a Greek side 3-4 years ago but everyone was sleeping. Now I'm not sure how good he'll be by next season, but I'm sure he'll be a major upgrade as a target man than Delura. Therefore this will be a good move by Panionios if it's true.
  4. I've got to say I'm shocked that so many here don't like the play-offs. Aren't you excited at the prospect of playing in the CL?PAO = Anything other than CL football will be a failure. Possible consequences: Another crack at the CL which will mean PAO has more chance of holding on to its big play. If PAO doesn't make the CL I wouldn't be suprised to see HTC and Simao leave, and the prospect of signing any "big" players as has been promised will evaporate. AEK = AEK is the most in form team in the league as we approach the play-offs. Possible consequences: If the club makes the CL AEK's f
  5. As you know I'm one of the biggest critics of Greek teams, especially PAO which I consider to be a sleeping giant yet everyone (the board, the fans, etc) seems satisfied that the giant is asleep as long as he stirs every now and again <_< BUT, since the Ira game where PAO where abysmal I've seen enough promising things to know that PAO is moving in the right direction. I've read things in the media that suggest otherwise but I'm confident in HTC's ability and I think it's imperative that he stays. If he doesn't I'll give up on this club once and for all!
  6. Good points Cyber, but the fact remains that Gilberto will probably only be able to play at this level for one more season, the same probably goes for Karagounis. So if PAO allows Tziolis, Mattos and Simao to leave then the team may be in crisis in 2 seasons. If Mattos and Tziolis are to go then I'd be happy with Katsouranis as the replacement. (But that would also mean PAO would have to be prepared to spend more money again a year later, and as Drakos has said PAO's purchasing record isn't exactly great). However, if Simao is the one to leave then Katsouranis won't be a sufficient enough rep
  7. Although I agree that Otto overlooks players I'm afraid that I strongly disagee that any of the players you mentioned are good enough to play at NT level.
  8. Derbyshire's goal was also offside so Panionios did indeed deserve more from the game.
  9. Well why not? Gilberto isn't getting any younger, he has one more season at best so why not rotate him and play Mattos against the "easier" opposition in the Superleague. In 2 years he'll take Gilberto's spot.I virtually guarantee that Simao will be sold and Katsouranis will be brought in as a replacement though <_<
  10. The Daily Star chat more rubbish than any other newspaper in the UK. Ignore it.
  11. Very true! Although I want to keep Mattos too.
  12. Keep them! They're great. They're so exciting and they add some extra spice to our monotonous league. Plus, the winner gets to go into the Champions League, and bear in mind that the Champions League is a cup competition. So we want teams that are strong in those types of "knock out" scenarios to be in the CL.
  13. Re are you joking?Agritis? Are you talking about Anestis Agritis? :blink: Dimoutsos is a right sided midfielder, not left and he sits on the bench at OFI, a team on the verge of relegation from the superleague. Papas as in Haris Papas of Xanthi? This team would struggle to stay up in the Superleague, at international level we'd finish bottom of the group.
  14. Dipped? Form is temporary, class is permanent. He's gone through a couple of spells in his career when he was on good-ish form, i.e. he showed promise in his final season at Heerenveen, he had a good first couple of months at Man City, and he started the first 2 months well this season, in the end though his laziness and limitations always win the day. <_< Playing the way he is let's see how long that lasts. Nikopolidis has won a goalkeeper of tournament award and has a Euro 2004 medal. Yes he's made calamities, but he's also acheived things that have made him a legend in Greek
  15. Why doesn't he call Mantzios then?!Can't Otto just step down and let someone else take over? <_<
  16. Yes he played his part... he had 2 touches (both good chances and he missed them both!). He's a lazy bum and an embarassment to Greek football. He's scored 1 goal in his last 14 games playing against teams like St Mirren and Motherwell.
  17. I had no idea you were such an alcoholic! :P
  18. Not only would it be a mistake but it would confirm that Pateras is not at all ambitious. An ambitious club doesn't sell its best players. Mantzios is nothing special and can easily be replaced. I'm all for this. He's the best defender in the league, period. :tup: Not so sure about this, there are better players in his mould. Yes, theoretically he could have alot to offer off the bench, but in reality he'll probably require a big-ish salary and Pateras will try and portray him as a "bam". PAO need a proper proven goalscorer, a targetman, a Kovacevic if you will. If not, I'd like
  19. It was you're bday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :tup:
  20. Yes, congratulations for losing your place and sitting your arse on the bench for the biggest game of Celtic's season! :LOL:
  21. Oh my goodness. I honestly don't know what to say to you if you disagree with the kid! PAO dominated possession and the general play but apart from the penalty (which was never a penalty!) PAO had 2 good chances to score. Thrasyvoulos had 4 sitters!: Chloros all on his own from 7 yards, Ambramovic off the post, Manolas' header that was clawed out by Galinovic, and Barrientos' header from 5 yards. PAO had the penalty which wasn't a penalty (Salpi overan the ball and clearly dived), Ninis' goal which only God knows how the linesman gave that as offside, and Hristodouloupoulos' "header" where he
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