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  1. Dipped? Form is temporary, class is permanent. He's gone through a couple of spells in his career when he was on good-ish form, i.e. he showed promise in his final season at Heerenveen, he had a good first couple of months at Man City, and he started the first 2 months well this season, in the end though his laziness and limitations always win the day. <_< Playing the way he is let's see how long that lasts. Nikopolidis has won a goalkeeper of tournament award and has a Euro 2004 medal. Yes he's made calamities, but he's also acheived things that have made him a legend in Greek football. His name will be spoken about throughout the ages. Same goes with Haristeas whose goals fired us to the title, and Basinas who is a Panathinaikos legend. He's not only been a wonderful player in Greece over the years at all levels, league and CL, but he was loved by Mallorca fans for his performances in La Liga. Gekas has been top goalscorer in Greece and Germany and will prove himself once again. Even Antzas, who I think is a terrible defender, has played in a CL quarter-final for Olympiakos. What has Samaras acheived? Samaras wished he could have the career these guys have had. Yes, because he's arrogant, lazy and highly-rated by Greek fans, yet he's laughed at by foreign fans. P.S. he played a minor role in the league last year and his sole contribution in the cup final was to come off the bench and waster 2 big chances. Jonathan Greening was in the Man Utd treble winning squad too! :LOL:
  2. Yes he played his part... he had 2 touches (both good chances and he missed them both!). He's a lazy bum and an embarassment to Greek football. He's scored 1 goal in his last 14 games playing against teams like St Mirren and Motherwell.
  3. Yes, congratulations for losing your place and sitting your arse on the bench for the biggest game of Celtic's season! :LOL:
  4. Actually i can balme him.He is not a bad player but there are many moments that he has made mistakes that have cost the team.Also i dont think that he is better than Antzas or Papadopoulos.Antzas has a lot more passion on his game and he always gives 110%,he is nor Beckebauer but at least even at his age,he is showing a valid hard effort.Papadopoulos is still young but he is fast,has a normal size body and he can guard tall and sort strikers.Give him time and you will be suprised.Zevlakow,making those statements,especially after a defeat like that and in a game that he did not really proved his point that he should be our starting center back.I remember Antza trying to close the gaps on both goals that Saint Etienne scored but i did not see Zevlakow anywhere close.Zevlakow has also being linked to a move to Pao this upcoming summer so for me,personally, i dont give a f..k what he wants or says.Players should respect the money that the make,the teams and fans that they represent and the coaches that manage those clubs.Especailly when you are not even at a Giovanni or Rivaldo caliber player.Dudu and Diogo compalining because they have played none stop,yes i would agree,Galleti for getting injured because of playing all the games again yes,but after a defeat and bad performance and the upcoming derby,Zevlakow feeling humiliated that he does not start,sorry,not important at this time and day.That is my crazy input on this matter. I disagree re file. Avraam is no where near what would be considered "fast", Toro is fast, Domi is fast, Avraam is not fast. He isn't strong either nor is his positioning that good. In fact, apart from passion he doesn't have many positive characteristics at all. He's very similar to Anatolakis. Antzas is also very passionate but is fairly light-weight too for a centre-back and he's clumsy. So none of our defenders are great, but I think Zewlakow is better than the other 2. In reality, we need to buy 2 top class centre backs. So although I agree that his timing is terrible it's understandable as to why he's considering leaving.
  5. Zewlakow has started making noises about leaving in the summer. He was linked with a move to Hannover in January but Olympiakos weren't interested in letting him go. Now he's fed up with sitting on the bench, and who can blame him? When players as bad as Avraam and Antzas are ahead of you it must be frustrating! If anything, Zewlakow should be playing along side a pacy centre back. Antzas should be used in a rotation system in the league and Avraam should be shipped out to Azerbaijan asap. http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/Superle...cos/232061.html
  6. AEK has a good backline and a very good front line. The problem is you have no midfield. If AEK was capable of playing 4-4-2 Djebbour would be excellent, but no target man can perform without service.
  7. Derbyshire's a good player and it's always pleasing to see a Premiership player move to Greece. I like him as a player and his attitude seems superb, he referred to Olympiakos as "one of Europe's biggest clubs" and he says he "can't wait" to get started. That's always a good sign because it shows he's determined. However I have 1 or 2 concerns... 1) He's replacing Kovacevic and yet he isn't a targetman. So that means we haven't actually replaced Kovacevic will means the team will be required to change tactics mid-season. Not good! 2) Mitroglou is of course a target man but Valverde is reluctant to use him for some reason... Derbyshire's arrival will probably further limit Mitroglou's playing time and stunt his development. 3) Unlike Darko, Derbyshire isn't a proven goalscorer. We supposedly bought a striker to replace Darko in case Diogo gets injured. If, God forbid, he does can we really be relying on Derbyshire to bang in the goals in big games? (i.e. St Ettiene, Milan, etc)? The point is, Derbyshire is a good YOUNG striker, just like Mitroglou. He is not a season-winning striker and that worries me... Good luck to the kid. Hopefully he helps guide us toward UEFA Cup glory, however I disagree with Morphi's statement: Santa Cruz hasn't had a good season because he wants to leave Blackburn, McCarthy is past it, and the other striker ahead of Derbyshire in the pecking order is Jason Roberts, an average player at best. So no derbyshire isn't a great player, he's a good young striker with promise, that's it, and I was hoping for a lot more to be honest.
  8. We all know that Gekas is allowed to leave but only in an outright transfer, loan moves are not an option. Rumours have been flying around that Olympiakos are interested, these rumours further accelerated after it was revealed that Kovacevic may never play again. However Gekas has said that he has had no offers from Olympiakos.
  9. Really? I've not heard these rumours. In an interview he did say that he wants to go to a country where there are direct flights to and from Greece so he has easier access to his family. He also said that although he isn't interested in returning to Greece he would consider playing for PAO and spoke of his admiration for the people that run PAOK. But he said he has no interest in going to Olympiakos. Where did you hear that he may be going to Milan?
  10. 2nd half has just kicked off. Samaras did nothing in the first half but he wasn't really at fault. His movement wasn't too good, failing to get into dangerous positions when given the opportunity but Celtic didn't really create much either.A long ball, Samaras wins the flick on, McDonald controls, turns wonderfully and rifles the ball into the far top corner. Beautiful finish by McDonald but Samaras gets the assist: Rangers 0-1 Celtic, 30 mins to go.
  11. The Glasgow derby has just kicked off and Samaras is starting. It will be interesting to see how he copes away to Rangers in a fast and furious game like this. He struggled to cope with the tempo of the Premiership and imo the ability to play at a high tempo and in a tough-tackling match is the sign of a good player so let's hope he bangs in a hatrick! :tup: So far 7 mins gone, he hasn't had a shot on goal but seems fairly composed. A bit negative in his play though always looking to pass backwards when the chance to break is there.
  12. This is his 3rd game back, he's had time to get sharpe. Besides, an injury is no excuse for being lazy or for missing a free header from 5 yards.Btw, how old are you? P.S. Samaras has just been subbed off for a youngster (Sheridan). A team that is starved of strikers due to injury has had to take off their supposed star striker for a young striker because the "star" is too lazy. :LOL:
  13. Surprise, surprise, he's been abysmal and the pundits are laying into him! He's missed 2 big chances and Andy Gray said: "He's passing's been poor, his movement's been poor, and his finishing's been poor. He's not making any runs and he's not arriving in the box.". Gus Poyet said "When you're having a bad game the least you can expect is for a player to be running and trying, but he's not even doing that. He's playing like he was warming up". Charlie Nicholas said "He's been so poor that he has to score now! He owes his team a goal... Aalborg are the worst team I've seen in this competition, and there have been some bad ones. They are just waiting to get beat, and Celtic haven't capitalised. They've created chances, but Samaras up front has been so poor that they haven't converted any." The host then asked the pundits "He looks disinterested doesn't he?" Andy Gray said "Well I'd hate to think that. He just looks lazy."
  14. The following is an example of why I want to kick Samaras in the head: I'm watching the Aalborg - Celtic game. Just now it was showing the warm up of the players before the game and even there Samaras was so lazy that it was embarassing. Just as I thought: "koita ton m#$%!", Gus Poyet (who is now a pundit on Sky Sports) said "Let's just hope that Samaras isn't running in the game the way he is in the warm up", at which point Charlie Nicholas and others started pissing themselves laughing in agreement. This is why the guy is a bum that will waste away in shitty leagues like the SPL. <_< Anyway, let's hope he scores a hatrick tonight and we can all hail him as world class.
  15. Really interesting stats, thanks for providing the Aek66! They provide some great insight. :tup:
  16. Demirel is an absymal goalkeeper! The aim is to improve not to get worse. It would be typical of Kokkali to go for a cut price keeper like him though <_<
  17. Day of mixed feeling for Papastathopoulos today. The PROS: - Genoa beat Napoli 3-2 - Papastathopoulos scored the second goal of the game to equalise, 1-1! :tup: CONS: - He was in a defence that conceded 2 goals - He was sent off in the last minute of the game. :rolleyes:
  18. Inter are beating Bologna 2-1... but Moras scored Bologna's goal, hopefully they can claw their way back.
  19. Scored the 2nd in Celtic's 4-0 win over Hamilton. He's on fire right now!
  20. I started watching the game from the 60th min (literally 30 secs before Fiorentina scored). I tried to be a professional scout and instead of watching the game generally I was pretty much focussing on Papasta and to be honest I didn't like what I saw. He didn't make any catastrophic mistakes but the "details" of his game were a bit off. When he tried to press he'd give away a foul (got booked for it too), the movement of the forwards caused him some positional problems, he seemed a bit heavy legged, and he wasn't tight enough to the oppositional player, whether it was Mutu or Pazzini or whoever else (he played on the right of the back 3 and the coach deployed a zonal marking system). He did well when he was doubled up on because he didnt dive in or get burned, but if I had to describe his performance in one word it would be "inexperienced".
  21. Well said.Btw, he banged in another 2 today in the cup, the second was a penalty. He's certainly in superb form. :tup: Let's hope he carries that forward against Moldova and Switzerland.
  22. I disagree, I think he's def national team material (for our NT level anyway), but he still needs to work VERY hard to acheive anything at the top level. Look at his first goal today for example (the one the Genome has kindly provided the link for). It was very well taken but in what other league in Europe would you find a striker that isn't that quick (i.e. Samaras) pick the ball up from the right side behind the half way line, run past the full back then cut in where there is no centre-back and slide the ball in. Look at the replay of the goal (from 19secs on the video), apart from the VERY slow full back next to Samaras and the midfielder even further behind him, there is not one player behind the half way line in the whole of Kilmarnock's right side. It's a cliche, but in this instance, the defense is literally non-existant. That wouldn't happen in any other European league, not even in Cyprus. You don't even see defending like that on a Sunday league pitch in London. So although I agree that OFI would be one of the stronger sides in the SPL (probably finish 3rd), the fact is as a player you can only deal with what is in front of you. It's not Samaras' fault that the opposition is inept. He punishes them for that so bravo tou and he's still quite young so we can't write him off just yet, BUT before we all get too excited let's wait to see if he reproduces this at NT level or for Celtic in the CL. As Euro2004 and Drakos say, this is a great situation for Samaras at the moment because he is taking his opportunity and scoring goals domestically, boosting his confidence in the process. But I'm getting annoyed that he says m*****es all the time. He recently said that he and Shaun Maloney would tear Rangers apart, but Celtic copped 4 at home and lost. He also said that he's joined a mega-club that's bigger than Man City and he expects great things in Europe. Then they drew 0-0 at home with Aalborg. Re m#$%! leave the big words aside and concentrate on improving your game, because you may be talented but in European football you're a nobody!
  23. It has nothing to do with that. I do not hate Samaras, I pray he does well. I even have a
  24. It shows that this year's Olympiakos and AEK is miles behind last years Olympiakos and AEK... What's your point? Does that boost Samaras' acheivements? Scoring goals in the Scottish league will also put him in the shop window more than if he was scoring goals in Russia, but the Russian league is miles ahead. Every big footballing nation seems to have a feeder league. If a player plays excellently in Cyprus, the logical next step would be to move to Greece. A top North African player will probably be noticed by the French teams. The SPL is a British league and so the Prem (which is arguably the strongest league in the world) is the logical destination. Exposure has nothing to do with quality. Celtic and Rangers... I said that the Scottish league without the top 2 is weak. If anything this point adds weight to my claims. If Celtic and Rangers are soooo good and the rest of the league is s%$#! then of course a striker for Celtic is going to get goals. That doesn't make him top class. What makes him top class is to finish top scorer and produce internationally and in Europe (like Henrik Larsson used to do). Samaras is only scoring goals in Scotland. And Rangers got KO'd by Kaunas while Queen of the South lost to Someshitdanishteam FC. :LOL: What's your point? You are essentially arguing that the Greek league is rubbish, that's a different discussion though. We are talking about the strength of the Scottish league, not relative to Greece, but in comparison to the rest of Europe. After all, we are discussing the level of Samaras' acheivements. The fact is he's scoring goals in one of Europe's weakest leagues while playing for its strongest team. When he plays against top quality opposition he disappears. This is worrying for us as Greece NT fans. I don't know what your predictions were, where they that Spain and Man Utd would pick up the trophies? WOW I'm sure you were the only one to guess that!
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