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  1. Personally I'm finding it very hard to get excited about these transfers or the coming season... Diogo I haven't seen too much of, but if Arsenal had a
  2. I agree with Drakos, Genoa will not go down. They are a mid-table team. I think this is a great move for the kid and could lead to a major move in the next couple of years. I just hope he doesn't do the typically Greek thing of resting on his laurels and not developing any further <_<
  3. UEFA.com says England 22%-78% Greece
  4. Crooked ref or not, can someone please explain to me how on earth it's possible to have 78% ball possession and lose a game 3-0???
  5. Lua Lua expressed that he realised his mistakes and literally begged for one more chance. Although he was late to training, he always gave his all on the pitch, so he obviously didn't have motivational problems. As for Segura, we have no idea why they fell out, so we can't judge the player on that. And paying an extra 1.8m to keep one of your best players is nothing! Also, it's unlikely that we would have lost Lua Lua for nothing... he was desperate to stay and throughout his career he's shown alot of loyalty to his clubs, so there's no reason that he wouldn't have extended his contract.And finally, neither Chevanton nor Edu are better than him.
  6. Ninis is a big loss. I see a third a draw, which will eliminate us.Can someone also please tell me why Bouzanis hasn't featured yet?
  7. Please explain why Lua Lua was a liability.
  8. Baby of the Class Gets Top Marks For Greece http://www.uefa.com/competitions/under19/n...sid=733525.html
  9. There's no way Rafa will give us Lucas, and I doubt he'd leave Liverpool. We inquired about him, they said "no", and that's that. Wasn't there supposed to a be a big transfer announced yesterday? And what's happening with Lua Lua?
  10. I'm sorry but Ninis can't be blamed for that. There isn't one single sport where a player cannot protest against a refereeing decision. He didn't dive in the box or swear at the referee he protested against a tackle. Yellow cards are part of the rules of the game. A player is allowed to appeal for a penalty so he should be allowed to appeal for a yellow card. If player X fouls player Y and consistently gets away without a booking this will impact the game because player X will have the opportunity to continually stop player Y through illegal means.The ref is a m#$%!!
  11. The rumours are about a double swoop from Liverpool... Leto and Lucas.
  12. He merely got 6 goals in 21 appearances for Celtic, yes many were as a sub, but still, he's not exatcly taken the league by storm. So he's lucky to be given this chance. I hope he realises that and takes his chance to improve.
  13. Lua Lua hasn't travelled with the team to a pre-season camp. I've said it before and I'll say it again... The management is a joke and I can't wait to see the title at Leoforo this year, it's the only way these bastards will learn that they are a cancer in this club!
  14. Reyes a great player? Ti lete re? Please explain what makes him great exactly? It's this sort of inferiority complex that prevents Greek football from flourishing. I don't want Reyes because he isn't good enough, and you guys are worried because he's too good for Olympiakos? The guy has flopped wherever he's been and he sits on the bench at Atletico Madrid... and he'd struggle to hold a place with us too. This idea that mediocre players like Reyes are too good for Greece has to end, & for it to end the fans must demand more.
  15. cannot believe anyone rates lua lua more than reyes he did well for arsenal and real madrid but football is all about opinionsas for luis garcia he can play right left or just behind the striker and has an amazing strike rate. File, Reyes was abysmal at Arsenal, he couldn't handle the physicality of the premiership and spent most of his time on the floor. Luis Garcia is a good player, but where would he fit in? On the right he wouldn't get in. Behind the striker could be an option, but only if we play 4-4-1-1 and in that situation Oly would probably be happy with Beluschi. On the left Garcia is ineffective.
  16. Didn't you see Sergio Garcia against Greece? He's good, play's mainly on the right.Reyes is very talented and Wenger has big hopes for him when he bought him for Arsenal for
  17. Lua Lua may be on his way to Qatar from 3m euros... our management are so incompetant!!! PLEASE STAY LUA LUA!!!
  18. Sounds like a great young squad, but I wouldn't be too confident just yet! ;) Greece made the final of the u-19 European Championships last year, losing 1-0 to Spain in the final despite a dominant performance. Liverpool's Dean Bouzanis is in goal, the man Rafa Benitez rates as the best goalkeeper in the world younger than the age of 20. Kyriakos Papadopoulos is 16 year old centre-back who was offered a first team contract with Espanyol when he was only 15!! He wouldn't have been playing, but the fact that he would have been in this squad highlights the kid's talent. Instead, Olympiakos secured a deal with his dad and he's considered to be a fantastic prospect. He played for Olympiakos in December 2007 and became the youngest ever player to play in the Greek league. Sotirios Ninis is widely regarded to be the best player in the tournament. The attacking midfielder is a key fixture in the Panathinaikos team and has attracted strong interest from Roma, Juve & Real Madrid. He also scored on his senior team debut, but Otto controversially omitted him from the Euro 2008 squad so he will feature. Giannis Papadoupoulos is a combative midfielder that has recently been signed by Olympiakos from Iraklis. He was one of the stars of the tournament last year. Lefteris Matsoukas is an Olympiakos forward who scored 2 goals in 3 games in qualifiers and has a bright future. Michalis Pavlis plays for AEK and gained prominence in his very impressive debut against Sevilla this season in the CL qualifiers. A very neat and lively little forward. It's a shame there's no more Mitroglou or Papastathopoulos, but this squad is still strong enough to win it. Looking forward to the game mate, that's for sure. ;)
  19. Hi, and welcome.Antzas is a little bit inconsistent. He's either brilliant or terrible. He's very passionate and firery, but he loses concentration and gets caught out of position sometimes. He also likes to slide around alot. In the Greek league his performances were fantastic this season, in the Champions League he was good except for the Chelsea game in England where he was the worst player on the pitch. For the Turkish league he will be a great signing but he's not the sort of defender that will win a team a European trophy.
  20. :P Should be fun... the banter with all my friends will be great, but if we lose I'd probably have to emigrate to Fiji to get away from the stick! :P
  21. He should stay at Celtic. He already has tactical ability, he needs to learn to cope with physicality. Strachan will guide his game well and he'll develop there.
  22. But they may spend what Kokkalis would sell Nunez for. :P Btw, there's worse news... according to supersport.gr, Ledesma is also likely to leave... he'll be going to San Lorenzo. Our board have lost their minds completely.
  23. The article didn't say what the price would be. I agree with you, he's one of our more talented players and with Djole aging it makes no sense to get rid of a left-sided player.
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