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  1. IF he isn't playing an aussie??? What's that all about? Cypriots are Greeks ffs!
  2. Last time i checked Cyprus was its own country with its own government with its own identity.... or r u that dumb that u cant Distinguish between reality and personal preferences? look it up in a map, Cyprus isnt a greek island no more, ur people/government made sure of that... so how about u go ram some of ur fellow Muslim natives.... i could be half chinese and im still more greek then you... truth hurts doesnt it... u dont belive me, then look it up... Greek wanna be!!!! Hollywood your outburst is disgraceful. Cypriots are Greek in blood, religion, culture, and mentality and the fact that the Western powers have forced them into a sham independence is irrelevant. The arguemnt you make appears to depend on place of residents. So are the Albanians living in Greece, Greek? I don't know if your outbursts are just to win an argument with Bidis or whether you actually believe what you say. If it is the latter then I'm afraid to say that you are a disgrace my friend, and most true Greeks would be ashamed of your views! :gr: :gr: :gr:
  3. Hi loup,Samaras's main weapon is his pace, he is very fast! He's also full of energy so his work rate is high. Heerenveen don't really start him but he always comes on and makes a huge difference (bit like Solskjaer at Man Utd). His finishing isn't great though. He needs quite a few chances to score. Has alot to learn but has alot of potential. :gr: :gr: :gr:
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