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Kialo krisimo paixnidi to Savvato ektos.

Kalh efkairia na shnexisoume me thn 'kalh' emfanisi

os twra xwris na paiksoume kai ekpliktikh mballa.

Apousiazei o Bides kai o Darlas.

Gia ton pitsiriko ikanos na doume ton Seric na paizei

(kai epitelos sthn kanoniki 8esi tou).

Gia tou Bidh th 8esh egw leo as valei ton Geka deksia

(pou den nomizw teriazei alla pion allon exoume ?) kai na

mbei o Mantzios sth korufh ths epi8eshs me ton Dimitri aristera.

Se afto to stisimo 8a eipa kai ton Tziolh (h mallon ton Vyntra) na paiksoun

ligo pio psila deksia na voithisoun ton Fani giati amyntika o Gekas

den ta pianei kala.

H endekada ws gnwmh mou:






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First of all the team name is P.A.O.K. B)

The game will be behind closed doors, as will the next two home PAOK games. If you believe that the fine will be overturned on an appeal, then you have not realised how the Greek league is run. As it is the appeal will not be heard until next week. By that time the Saturday's game will be history.

I see PAOK giving PAO a hard time, as we always perform better without fans.

1-1 tie is my prediction.

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Nothing is Greek football surprises me EVER. How can they make PAOK play behind closed doors when the final decision hasn't been made!!! The final decision comes AFTER the appeal, not before. What if the appeal decision is that there shouldn't be a punishment? Won't it be too late if PAOK have played a game behind closed doors already?!!!

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Well the appeal will be heard next Wednesday, and the game will be on Saturday, so the PAOK-PAO game is definitively without fans.

I really doubt that they would completely overturn the 23 game ban. At best I see them cutting one game from the ban.

On the other hand, Xanthi today won their appeal and their 2-game ban was wiped out, but let's not forget that Xanthi is pro-Super league and PAOK is not.

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I think PAOk will play well, the refs shouldn't be a factor because OLY has it wrapped up pretty much. PAO need the points for 2nd place and PAOK need them for UEFA.

1-1 is the score , but perhaps PAO will score in the 94th minute!!

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the refs shouldn't be a factor because OLY has it wrapped up pretty much.

I think the refs have allready done their job in the game with Ionikos, when Zagorakis received a yellow card for no reason and will now miss this game as a result. Reminds me of the Spathas and paranga days of the past.
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At Toumba, its always a tough game.. no matter what kind of shape PAOK is in...

unfortunately, this year has been a lackluster year for paok at home... dropping points to many teams including larisa...

i dont see PAOK winning.. and im not just being an optimist...

i see a 2-0 or 2-1 win for PAO....

but thats why they play the games... for fear of guys like me being right...

i know AEK fans are hoping for a loss for PAO... but that will have to wait for xanthi or hraklis...

later skaters..

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It's going to be a tough game for PAO, I think they will win with a goal in the last minutes, Olisadebe style.

I don't see PAO letting the chance for the 2nd place slip, especially in the condition AEK is at the moment.

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that was the most boring and worst half of football i have seen...lets hope the second half comes to life and someone creates a goal bc im struggling to stay awake

did the players go out and get smashed last nite or something bc they all look lik ethere playing hang over!

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