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  1. the club fan shop is definately open at leoforos, you can go there and buy shirts, scarves, jackets, etc. as for stadium access for photos, last time i was there i just found an entrance open, walked in and took some photos. i even managed to get on the field and no one noticed i was there. i dont think anyone would of cared really. i believe the basketball courts and pools are still used, and possibly other facilities as well but not really sure. going to painea was harder though. i know they have a museum type gallery there with trophies and memorabilia but i couldnt get access....i went there after i found a taxi willing enuff to drive me there (after half an hr of looking for one in centre of athens) and all i got to see was a bit of the training pitch and that was it but worth the drive as i prolly will never do it again!
  2. I absolutely agree - I really want the new stadium to have its fans as close to the pitch like at Leoforos! Thats why leoforos became such a hostile home ground for us! Fans a couple of metres away from you is very intimidatating!!! ANyways as fro design! Panathinaikos_Trifilli dont worry too much about that link - wait till official designs come out and anyways thats just an artists impression Im sure the new stadium wont look as ugly as that! or as Kokalaskaki! lol I for one would like to see something modern!
  3. From what I understand isnt Goudi like 15-20 minutes away from Leoforos at the moment. Like as you keep going up Leoforos Alexandras. Correct me if Im wrong. And what about Hellinko? Where is that? How far from Leoforos is that?
  4. The stadium issue is something I am not quite aware of. I know of Goudi and of Hellinko been the options and I know the most basic facts. But why is everyone so against Hellinko? And why is Goudi what everyone wants and how are there two options in Goudi and neither are good enough.
  5. Leoforos has alot of inside facilities. Basketball courts, swimming pool, gym. Dont know what the press room is like but it isnt that bad. And if lighting is a problem it can be improved. Parking is a problem though - and if you were to build an upper deck there is no room though. Where would you build an upper deck?
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