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  1. out of europe (both CL and Europa) by November.... worst CL showing i can remember from recent memory (2 points).... id say this sums up the current affairs of our club at the moment and greek football in general....xalia tonight wasnt really an embarrassment compared to coming last in a group on 2 points with teams like copenhagen and rubin kazan
  2. i think its BS to think we would even consider selling leto and ninis in the winter who would buy them in the winter transfer period if they have been injured this season for so long? it would only devalue them regarding ninis, i honestly think this kid has not progressed physically as he should have and he will be injury prone like this. i think this aspect of his game/fitness will slow down his career progression thats just the way it seems to me
  3. all good.... to be honest i didnt want ten cate to be sacked either, i think he should of stayed to finish his project....for which nioplias went on and scrapped through to the title. ten cate was definately a much more disciplined coach then nioplias but even with nioplias, i believe the guy understands the game and is good with our younger players, esp from experience with the NT youth teams, i think he has the potential to become a great coach, only thing with some fans is there not happy with him using pao to gain the experience necessary to become a good club manager,
  4. wats worse is we could of freed ourselves of sarriegi this summer as he's contract expired instead we renewed it i think that and signing luis garcia and plessis were the dumbest moves of the summer .and look where its taken us i reckon that when we had ten cate the team would always enter the arena with much more of a purpose and with a plan
  5. lol wat a goalara!!!!!!!!!!!! vyntra!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. is patera president as of today or at the end of season? also heard antoniou is back
  7. i didnt see crappy transfers i said its been an average transfer period for us....very average we had a grood squad last season and i think we have not added to it nor weakened it....were probably just about the same whereas if the ppl responsible for such off field matters had done the hard yards since spring we would of developed a great squad capable of competing in europe.
  8. a few bits of news 1. mavrias has signed a new contract till 2013 2. cleyton confirmed to metalurg for 1 season loan. pao takes 300k for this. no mention of option to buy, metalurg will cover his wages upto 350k http://www.sportdog.gr/v3/article.aspx?id=144077 3. byasmir has said he wanted to stay but needed first team football and this is the reason for him leaving. he also took a pot shot at nioplias saying the only way he would play at pao is if he left. http://www.sportdog.gr/v3/article.aspx?id=144075 4. damien plessis signs a 3 yr deal with us, and seems like there was no fee or a very little one paid to the pool which is a plus. seems like he was brought in as cover to an ageing gilberto and also could use kats as centre back. hes very tall, 190cm, seems like he has a bright future so maybe he may turn out to be some good bit of business http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/290130 not sure on the details of mantzios and melissis to maritimo but i heard both on loan as well seems like we have a problem with just selling players.
  9. wats with all the liverpool rejects??????????? lol another defensive mid? i thought that was our strength not to mention mattos is on loan in brazil is also a more than capable DM does anyone know anything about this guy? can he play centre back?
  10. i would of liked bjarsmir to stay i personally dun see how we have improved on defence this season sure we have added boumsong but im still not convinced he is the solution. we loaned out bjasmir who was not proven yet but given his age, build, and recommendation by henriksen could of made a good career at us. we resigned sarriegi which was a terrible decision, we could of let him go and bring in someone as an upgrade. has sarriegi featured much in the new season? i just read that bjasmyr had a 4 yr contract with us - or still does, so perhaps we mite see him back next season. rosenborg also have option to buy as well so we shall see how that goes for them. in short, the transfer season for us has been very average. i still dont know what all these scouts we have are doing
  11. the only good thing about signing luis garcia is its a 1 yr contract valued to 600k and hes been told his back up to govou but i do rem he had some skill when he was at liverpool.
  12. http://www.sportdog.gr/v3/article.aspx?id=143595 luis garcia??????? really wat for?
  13. i was just on the barca forum they are only talking about rubin kazan and pretty confident of 1st spot i agree they will go through 1st spot but they do not think much of us....they are out to get revenge on rubin who took 4 points off them last season
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