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  1. We won't, I guarantee you that! I agree it's going to be very difficult, still this should be the minimum expected.The new coach (probably after having a chat with Ivic) has decided to change the formation to 4-4-2, i.e. just one defensive midfielder. Sounds naive to try changing the way we play in a week. Pleasing Kokkalis seems to be priority number one at the moment. Some articles implied that Kokkalis was very unhappy with Lemonis after disagreements they had over contract renewals (Kovasevic?) and transfers (Torosidis?).
  2. This is another dissapointing decision by Kokkalis. He couldn't stand somebody else getting the credit for the good performances in the champions league. We'll have to wait and see what's the effect on the team. Next year in the CL will be quite interesting as we should expect at least getting through the group stage.
  3. Also on British Eurosport
  4. Olympiaocs cancelled the friendly against West Ham this Saturday, they will play Ethnikos in Karaskaiki instead. Sport-fm
  5. The Mallorca match was much more competitive than the rest of the friendlies. We did OK under pressure in the second half and Castillio's goal was a bonus. Still think we need a first team addition in the midfield, someone who could play Kafes or Stoltidis's position.
  6. Really good jod by Sollied, the four defenders looked very confident and our midfield found plenty of ways to create chances. The forwards could have scored a few more goals but I suppose after you score 3-4 times you lose you concentration a bit.
  7. I think Sollied wouldn't want him back after all the trouble Dusan had with him. However I think he could be extremely useful, probably playing 20-30 mins when we need these last minute goals. I am sure Zio would be happy with this and he could just train for this role. Zio is, together with Anastopoulos and Djorjevic, one of the most important players in recent Olympiakos history, and he should be given the chance to make amends for last year.
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