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  1. Thanks guys for your input, I'll ring around to see what I can find.
  2. I think so too. I'll try some of the Greek bookshops in Australia to see if they may have it.
  3. I recall a sports store in Sydney called Gol where the owner was an AEK fan and I think he was authorised to see AEK merchandise however the store shutdown a few years ago and I don't know if he has relocated elsewhere.
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows where in Australia I might be able to purchase the AEK '90 Year History' book. This is the link of the book from the AEK E-shop: http://www.aekfc.gr/bdp/90-chronia-aek-i-istoria-tis-aek-45974.htm?lang=en&path=1275353269 I only have until the end of the week to find a copy so going through them will unfortunately be too late. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi all Can someone pls confirm rumours from Oz Greek media that ERT-SAT will be available as pay-per-view and not a free signal as of 1st Sept ? If so that'll peeve off many Greek-Australians who have the luxury of watching this channel for free. Isn't it a government channel and shouldn't they be ensuring that it always remain FTA (free-to-air) ?
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