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  1. These are the away games you need 3 pts to win the protathlima. Veria were totally outplayed in the 1st half . We had countless chances and that gave them enough oxygen to work their way into the game and share the points. Makes it even crucial now to win the upcoming derbies.
  2. ........ and in the end that's what happens Veria equalise 1-1. Ti na peis ?
  3. Encouraging to see Wakaso doing well in the middle and behaving too.
  4. True, they haven't been but his reflexes have allowed him to save when needed the most. Any other keeper may not have had the same anticipation and instead of 0-1 it might've been at least 0-2.
  5. Cannot believe how this isn't 5 or 6-0. Totally dominated the chances on goal with some really nice ball movement by our forward 1/3rd. Their keeper is playing out of his skin which isn't a rare thing for bottom/middle tiered teams when playing against us. Hopefully the 2nd will go in early after the break.
  6. Thanks guys for your input, I'll ring around to see what I can find.
  7. I think so too. I'll try some of the Greek bookshops in Australia to see if they may have it.
  8. I recall a sports store in Sydney called Gol where the owner was an AEK fan and I think he was authorised to see AEK merchandise however the store shutdown a few years ago and I don't know if he has relocated elsewhere.
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows where in Australia I might be able to purchase the AEK '90 Year History' book. This is the link of the book from the AEK E-shop: http://www.aekfc.gr/bdp/90-chronia-aek-i-istoria-tis-aek-45974.htm?lang=en&path=1275353269 I only have until the end of the week to find a copy so going through them will unfortunately be too late. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. The 'new era' announcement is the new website .... my opinion !!
  11. During the week, it was reported in the media that certain members of the organised fans went to Paiania to offer encouraging words to HTC & the coach for this match. Their main message was something along the lines of 'as long as you play with heart & passion the result will come by itself'. Well, I don't think anyone can bemoan the work effort put in by the team but it obviously appears we lacked the necessary potency in attack to get the desired result. Defensively we did OK without being troubled too much by PAOK. Matos worked hard and Simao picked up his game in
  12. At least this means that PEK & Tzigger will sit at the same table and discuss things - which is what Vgenopoulos asked for in the 1st place. Hopefully they can put their minds together and come up with a model to elevate us where we belong. Personally, I think the Vardinogiannides are eyeing the new stadium and the business opportunities it offers them moreso than the financial gains from the team itself. If they can compromise with who's entitled to what and who'll be responsible for the team affairs, we may get a decent outcome. The ball is in PEK's court and if they f
  13. Clearly this team cannot play with a clear mind when faced under considerable stress & pressure. This boils down to player quality, their psychology & the coach. The past couple of years we've had a lineup that's had players such as Morris, Vyntra, Tzioli, Goumas, Salpi, Paps, Nilson, Galinovic. Some of them have had very good games, others not. But, they don't play with a consistent winning attitude & when the water reaches boiling point and we need some leadership to pick up this team when needed, then sadly we lack that player quality from our game. We
  14. It appears another season gone wasted. 2nd successive match where our opponents conversion rate on limited chances is high whilst we have 20+ and can't finish off the game. Officiating was suspect and Iraklis were denied a legit goal. Personally, even if we somehow miraculously manage to clinch the title it'll feel a hollow victory with the only consolation being seeing our rivals spewing. As for Peseiro - ante geia & don't bother writing gia ta idia sk*ta: (i) 2 DM's again (ii) Simao on for Nilsson (by this moment evala to straight-jacket kai thlefwnisa na mou pane st
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