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  1. Back to REALITY! Following the bombardment of names-scenarios for the three positions that we need reinforcement during this transfer period (or as we call it in Greek, "periodos metagrafopaparologias"), the everyday fan comes back to reality... Centerback: Antonsson Left forward: Pap Right forward: ? (since we saved some money in the other two positions, I think that we will get Giuly or maybe Ljungberg <_<)
  2. It seems that I will keep my avatar ;)
  3. Seric makes 550K according to "TA NEA" and he's much worse than Pap. One cannot even attempt a comparison
  4. FYI Full name: Peter Løvenkrands DOB: January 29, 1980 Birthplace: Horsholm, Denmark Nationality: Danish EU passport: Yes Height: 181 cm Season---Club-------Country--Apps--Goals 2004-05--Rangers--SCO------17------3 2003-04--Rangers--SCO------24------9 2002-03--Rangers--SCO------27------9 2001-02--Rangers--SCO------19------2 2000-01--Rangers--SCO------8--------0 1999-00--AB----------DEN------14------5 1998-99--AB----------DEN------18------2 Full name: Dennis Rommedahl DOB: July 22, 1978 Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark Nationality: Danish EU passport: Yes Height: 177 cm Season---Club-----------------Country--Apps--Goals 2005-06--Charlton Athletic--ENG------21------2 2004-05--Charlton Athletic--ENG------26------2 2003-04--PSV Eindhoven----NED------19------4 2002-03--PSV Eindhoven----NED------33------6 2001-02--PSV Eindhoven----NED------34------12 2000-01--PSV Eindhoven----NED------31------5 1999-00--PSV Eindhoven----NED------23------0 1998-99--PSV Eindhoven----NED------19------2 1997-98--RKC Waalwijk-----????------34------5 1996-97--PSV Eindhoven----NED------2-------0 1996-97--Lyngby FC---------????------17------4 1995-96--Lyngby FC---------????------9-------0 (possibly a Danish club)
  5. ^^^ Whoever Tzigger brings, will not satisfy me. I want Tzigger to keep Pap and bring another excellent forward for the right wing. Rommedahl, as I've written last year (because his name came up last year as well if you remember), is a very technical player and I like him a lot, but according to his stats, he doesn't score very often. Although I'm sure that in Greece he will score more often than in the Premiership. I haven't seen much of Løvenkrands. Ena einai sigouro... ean o Tzigger ferei duo paixtarades gia ta akra, oloi 8a kanoun kwlotoumpa kai 8a ksexasoun ton Pap. H ousia omws den einai na sugkrineis ton Pap me tou paiktes pou 8a ferei. O Pap einai meros ths omadas kai prepei na meinei. Einai Ellhnas kai kserei pou vrisketai. Gia mena o Tzigger prepei na krathsei ton Pap kai na ferei Rommedahl kai Løvenkrands. Alla kounia pou me kounage :rolleyes:
  6. Cyberfish, the point is not whether Pap is worth 800K (for me he does), but the fact that our management should KEEP THE PLAYERS THEY WANT as Tzigger has said in the past. Our management has clearly expressed (Livathinos etc) that they want Pap in the team. Now according to most sites, Pap was offered 700K including bonus (which, unless he gets injured, he will receive). Is it worth ruining the deal and allowing Pap to go to the red fags for 100K??? Kai sthn telikh: DOES ANYONE DOUBT THAT PAP* IS NEEDED TO OUR NEWLY-FORMED TEAM? *Best player for 2005-06 together with Galinovic (imo)
  7. I should be in the same place as Irlandos (61 points), as I got 6 games!
  8. Another successful year for us came to an end. Our management must congratulate themselves for the organisational skills and vision they possess, culminating in this year's great achievements! The management should also congratulate our discerning coach, our expert technical team, and our reliable players (besides Pap of course, who will be soon baptised as traitor). 4 more years for completion of our strategic "5-year plan" Panta tetoia!
  9. A topic with Castijio in its title at the Panathinaikos forum?!? I think you got a bit confused buddy! <_<
  10. Another big mistake the managment makes. Let's see who they'll bring to replace him.
  11. Bakke wants Lovenkrands for the right wing as a better solution than Bides. We definitely need a player there that knows how to enter the opponent's area and score, unlike Bides who always crosses and rarely scores. Although Lovenkrands can satisfy PAO's need for that position, I think by spending 1,2 million we can definitely get a better player.
  12. crazy den einai gia gelia. O Ellhnas poliths viazetai ka8hmerina gia na konomane kati praktores kai kati Vardinogiannides. Giati ta Ellhnika noikokuria na plhrwnoun ton ka8e megalokarxaria? Kai h anakoinwsh to leei kseka8ara oti mia tetoia sumfwnia apotelei skandalo eite einai me Olumpiako, eite me Panathinaiko, eite me AEK:
  13. Eukairia gia epistrofh tou Alonso stis nikes B)
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