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  1. Where are all the OLYMPIAKOS supporters??? :whistle: Tonight we will play to our full potential and destroy the frogs 3-1 :gr: :nw: :nw: OLYMPIAKARA OLE OLE OLE :nw: :nw:
  2. Happy New Year to all fans RED GREEN YELLOW etc fans :tup: I was wondering whats happend to all our THRYLOS fans.The second round is only 2 days away and they must be still stuffed from all the food and cakes during the break :P KOKKALHS will bring a big name player to our club in the next couple of weeks so log back in ASAP :LOL: :LOL: Castigio would be nice with a Brazilian no 10 All the best for 2010 to all Phantis fans ELLAS will also kick arse in the World Cup :gr:
  3. Olympiakos to get a 3-1 victory over the vazelakia :P Sas perimenoume kotes :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Eisai toso sigouros oti 8a mas kerdisete????To Karaiskaki 8a einai KOLASH kai sas perimenoume Bazelakia :LOL: :LOL: Olympiakos 3-1 me ton Diogo na sas petaei 2 ballakia :1eye:
  5. We smash Benfica 5-1 everybody keeps quite B) As soon as we fall in a form slump bcoz our players are burt out all the M#$#kies come out about corruption kokkalhs and papparies. :whistle: Olympiakos go undefeated for 40 games at Karaiskaki in both Greece and Europe and after playing disgraceful soccer against St Ettien people want to crucifyus :box: Warzycha I say bring it on this Sunday vs the BAZELINES NO mercy on our best PELATES :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Its not the end of the world guys :whistle: We have fallen in a whole since the Hertha Berlin 4-0 win and are struggling big time BUT obviously depending on Galletti , Diogo and Dudu to get us out of s#@t every week hasnt worked because these guys are burt out :tdown: It is obvious that our roster was short on one striker (like Kovacevic to partner Diogo) a defensive midfielder like Ladesma and a centre back to replace Antzas who is washed up. Since kokkalhs and the committee didn't act accordinely we have reached the point were our squad cannot compete as they did 4 months ago because
  7. I can't wait till the KOTES eat a fat ... :ph34r: I need to see the excuses after this one. :LOL: Nothing less than 3-0 :1eye: We will destroy the kotes like we did 5-6 years ago at Rizoupoli 3-0 :LOL: Only 13 days to go...Bring it on :box: :box:
  8. Kick us out of the comp :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Our team will do the talking on March 1 vs the KOTES :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Im as passionate as the olympiakos supporters come and i have to admit that antzas should have got sent off in the 80th with a second yellow and Gallettis goal should have been dissallowed for offside plus..As for Jorjevic's goal i have to say that the linesman can see Jorjevic trying to score and could have missed the little pass from Diogo...:whistle: As for the game Arhs deserved a draw.. At the moment Olympiakos are struggling and they need to snap out of it quicky bcoz they have UEFA matches and big derbys coming up :whistle: I believe our team should play 4-4-2 :tup:
  10. Paok will come to Athens with lots of confidence and wanting to avoid defeat in order to stay in 2nd spot B) I believe it will end up 1-1 with lots of controversy :P
  11. He might surprise us all and score the winning goal against AEk :LOL: Only time will tell B)
  12. It was a very tough game with both teams playing good soccer on a bad field :whistle: It was a penalty but all the non olympiakos supporters may have some fresh evidence :LOL: :LOL: All that counts is the 3 points and aek taking points off the bazelakia tonight :P
  13. Basinas to score the winner for aek in the 93rd minute :LOL: AEK 2-1 :P
  14. Its getting a bit boring with all the bitching about penalties given NOT given , send off given NOT given e.t.c e.tc :whistle: On a positive note I would like to wish everybody that participates in our forums a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may santa be good to everybody this year :P Im hoping santa can bring us Olympiakos supporters a striker to partner Diogo and a midfielder to partner Dudu :LOL: :LOL: All the best for 2009 :tup:
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