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  1. ela file Kolossos...ok i am in melbourne.... do u know of any dish places that i can goto??? i want to go there and say... this is the channel i want.... come and do it :LOL: which dish do u recommend i get??? i want a dsih that wont be useless after Ertsat isnt fta anymore.... any info will be appreciated B)
  2. if i wanted to get a dish on my roof and get ERt Sat fta in australia i would be able to??
  3. so ERT sat is no longer available FTA from optus B3???
  4. hahahahahahahhahahhaa i saw that... it was on channel 9 i think :LOL: :LOL:ELA MARCO.... u can do it.... :gr: :gr: :gr: i will say though.... it will be very very tough against Federer.... but i think.... like the EURO... this is fate!!!!!! :gr:
  5. biggest comebacks in tennis EVER??? hahahahaha now thats pushing it.... dont get over emotional just becoz marco won.... :P comebacks from 2 sets to luv down are quite common these days..... i watch and play alot of tennis.... so i know what im talking about :) goodluck to marco in the final.... against federer... he needs it <_<
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