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forgive me if this a repost but I could not find his thread so I figured it might have got deleted!

he's one of the NT's best players gotta be on the board!

anyways wanted to note that he got an assist to De Rossi via a thundrous header saved by Buffon and rebound caught by De Rossi in a 3-1 Roma win against Juventus.

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Sad to see one of the most respected Greek players ever move to football's abyss in the prime of his career. He and Sokrati are Greece's biggest ambassadors, and now one of them will just disappear to Russia instead of moving to an even bigger club. Zenit plays in CL? Big deal! So they get a couple of games vs European teams at odd hours when no one is even tuning in. At this point, might as well sellout for even more cash in Saudi or China and be just as relevant. 

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13 hours ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

Nah. In Europe Roma is a meme. A joke proving how onesided Serie A is. Neingolan, Dzeko, Manolas were seriously their only players I rated 2 last seasons. Pjanic too did the right choice to leave.

Roma is consistently top 3 in Serie A. Bunlesiga is dominated by Bayern even more than Serie A is by Juventus, but German league is still revered.  

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The reason the German league is revered is because they have been doing really well in both CL and Europa.  Their international teams have been winning tournaments, they have top class infrastructure (from stadiums to gyms) and they sell out every game. The rise in coefficient points is evidence of this, both in FIFA and UEFA.


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From 2000 and on Bundesliga has won no Europa League and has had a Finalist twice.

Ukraine has the same stats in Europa with Bundesliga.

Portugal has much better stats in Europa than Bundesliga.

The Russian has better stats in Europa than Bundesliga.

Nothing too good. Apart from Dortmund and Bayern the other German teams dont bring success.

What I said was just about Rome Idk why you mentioned Bundesliga. Roma is poor as a team. Bad mamagement and no serious plan, for a team of their history and calibre. They re bad. They re , as you said, top 2-3 team in Italy, and look their European runs. Zenit has had much better runs. It really looks more than a fact than a personal Opinion.

The Russian Championship is a downgrade from Serie A, but the team is the same level.

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Bonucci is gone, his replacement is Benatia (who is the guy who Manolas replaced at Roma)...They also have an Italian cb who is young and the next big thing....the truth though is that barzaghli and chiellini are not young, both over 30, Barzaghli is 36), but they still will feature in most games..

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